Review | – Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch

Nowadays there are so many different kinds of eye care products available in market like eye pillows, eye patch, eye creams, eye gels, etc. Out of all of them, I think the most innovative and most convenient one are eye patches! I got a chance to use the Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch few days back. It’s basically a single satchet with two hydrogel eye patches. Read on to know more about this product..


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And the winner is..

Heya people. Thank you so much to each one of you for showing such a great response to my first ever giveaway! I’m really overwhelmed with your love. ❤ Now it’s time to announce the winner.. are you guys ready??!!!


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Exclusive | Urban Decay Fall 2016 Collection

Hi cupcakes. Today I have some exciting news to share.. You all must be aware of this world famous brand called “Urban Decay” aka the creators of Naked palette series. They are now all set to launch their new collection! Yeah, I’m talking about the Urban Decay Fall 2016 Collection. Lets take a sneak-peek of this cool range of products which might hit the markets very soon!



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9 Beautiful Makeup Looks To Try This Year!

Wearing makeup is not just about applying foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara etc.. It is actually a form of art! Some people say that they don’t like makeup because they prefer looking like their “real self” while some people are so addicted to it that they refuse to come out of their homes without makeup. ? Makeup is very helpful when it comes to hiding flaws like blemishes, pimples, scars or even birth marks, there’s nothing that a little makeup cannot hide! It also helps to accentuate your best features,  be it your eyes, lips or sculpted cheeks. ? Applying makeup seems easy at first, but its damn tricky. Having good makeup products or brushes doesn’t mean that you can master the art of applying it, you also need to have very steady hands and a creative mind. Today I will be showing you 9 beautiful makeup looks that you can experiment with!


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Review | – Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask

My love for Korean sheet masks is undying! Sometimes I so wish that I hit some kind of jackpot and win an unlimited supply of them! ? It all started when I came to know about this lovely website called “Skin18”. The first-ever mask I tried from them was Mirium fresh fruit green tea mask which had managed to sweep me off my feet with its results! Since then, I have reviewed many sheet masks from different-different brands. Today I have the Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask with me for review. (P.S – this is almost 2 months old post . Sorry.. I completely forgot about it!?). Let’s get straight to the review!


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(CLOSED) Giveaway Alert! Win an Amazon Gift Voucher Worth Rs.700!

Hello my favourite people! ❤

Today I am SUPER EXCITED to inform you all that I’m organizing my first ever giveaway on! drum rolls ?

Gorgeously Flawed Giveaway | Amazon Gift Voucher Giveaway | Free Amazon Gift Voucher
Gorgeously Flawed Giveaway | Win Amazon Gift Voucher Worth Rs.700/-

This giveaway is just my way of thanking all of you for showering me with your love and support over the years! I wanted to do a giveaway since forever, but I wasn’t able to choose a specific prize because I had no idea what kind of product(s) my readers would like to win! So.. I decided to do a giveaway of a Gift Voucher, in that way, the winner can buy just anything he or she wants to! 🙂

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