9 Beautiful Makeup Looks To Try This Year!

Wearing makeup is not just about applying foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara etc.. It is actually a form of art! Some people say that they don’t like makeup because they prefer looking like their “real self” while some people are so addicted to it that they refuse to come out of their homes without makeup.

Makeup is very helpful when it comes to hiding flaws like blemishes, pimples, scars or even birth marks, there’s nothing that a little makeup cannot hide! It also helps to accentuate your best features,  be it your eyes, lips or sculpted cheeks. Applying makeup seems easy at first, but its damn tricky. Having good makeup products or brushes doesn’t mean that you can master the art of applying it, you also need to have very steady hands and a creative mind. Today I will be showing you 9 beautiful makeup looks that you can experiment with!

1. Pastel Eye Makeup Look

Beautiful makeup looks | Pastel eye makeup look

Create this funky eye makeup look with pastel eye shadows! Use a electric blue eye shadow / eye liner on your lower lid, pastel blue eye shadow on upper lid and pastel pink on the crease!

2. No-Makeup makeup look

Beautiful makeup looks | no makeup look

The evergreen No-makeup makeup look! Fit for office / college going girls.

3. Colour blocked eye makeup

Beautiful makeup looks | Colour blocked eye makeup

The trend of color-blocking isn’t reserved just to clothes! You can try colour-blocking with makeup too! Take multiple shades of eye shadows and apply them without blending them to each other.

4. Black Smokey Eye Makeup

Beautiful makeup looks | Black Smokey eye makeup look

Black Smokey eye makeup look can never go out of fashion! You can sport this look any day, with just any outfit!

5. Dark Lips With Bold Eye Makeup Look

Beautiful makeup looks | dark lips and bold eye makeup look

Pulling off a bold eye makeup look with dark lipstick is not easy! You can take some inspiration from the photo above. The model even has some intense contour on her cheeks, Still, her makeup is looking perfectly balanced!

6. Cool Toned Makeup Look

Beautiful makeup looks | cool toned makeup look

All the shades used to create this makeup look have cool tones in them.

7. Burgundy Glitter Eye Makeup Look

Beautiful makeup looks | burgundy eye makeup look | glitter eye makeup look

Burgundy or “Marsala” was the pantone colour of the year 2015 and it has been really popular since then!

8. Smokey Eyes Paired With Nude Lips

Beautiful makeup looks | black Smokey eye makeup look with nude lips

To balance out the Smokey eye makeup look, you can pair it with a nude / light shade of lipstick.

9. Dewy Makeup Look – With Strobing Technique

Beautiful makeup looks | dewy makeup look

Contouring is out and strobing is in! Unlike contouring. Strobing is a bit more complicated if compared to contouring because using too much highlighter can make you look like a disco ball! 😀
Hope you all liked this list of beautiful makeup looks! Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments below!

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  1. Oh, yes, the face is like a canvas that one can paint in many different ways! I loved the makeup ideas here, especially powerful eye makeup!


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