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Hello and welcome to my digital corner!

I am Dipti Tiwari, the Founder and Editor of Gorgeously Flawed blog.

Dipti Tiwari

From the tender age of 10, I found myself captivated by all things digital. As a school kid who had just discovered the internet and was navigating this realm, I was intrigued by everything – the powerful inner workings of search engines, how websites were made, how they were used to share informative content, and so on. This fascination spurred my early exploration into the world of digital marketing during my high school years.


To share my passion for beauty in the digital world, I founded Gorgeously Flawed blog back in March 2016. I have published over 400+ posts (and counting) on this blog so far. This blogging journey has allowed me to forge meaningful connections with luminaries in the digital marketing arena.

With self-learning and a relentless passion towards the digital marketing field, I was able to achieve the pinnacle of success with Gorgeously Flawed Blog which is now one of the top 100 beauty blogs in India and has won an award from the prestigious community – IndiBloggers.

I kept brushing up my SEO (search engine optimization) skills & overall digital marketing skills with my blog. Aside from my blogging career, I also decided to become a freelancer during the same year to explore newer sides of digital marketing.

I started working with an emerging beauty brand in India – from November 2016 where I executed my 360° marketing and e-commerce growth skills in the D2C (direct-to-consumer) industry. During my tenure in the company, I gained a lot of knowledge about the D2C industry and learnt all about its foundations and frameworks. I quit my 5.9-year-long stint in that company in July 2022 to expand my horizons and pursue something greater.

I am now working with different organizations in the D2C sector itself, helping them increase their conversation rate online and reach a wider audience which is relevant to their products’ niche.

My role as a digital marketer will continue, along with my blogging journey. On some occasions, I also mentor young people with the questions and doubts that they have regarding any aspect of digital marketing and its future in the AI world.

In the beginning, being an e-commerce expert in a start-up ecosystem was not an easy job for me – I had to go through countless days of restlessness and fear to see any significant results of my work. I believe, if you want to be successful in your life, you should learn the ability to be patient at all stages and you will get fruitful results every time. This is an important lesson that I have learnt through my life’s personal and professional experiences.

Get to know me better

A significant part of my daily life is dedicated to my work in digital marketing, where I am continually learning and growing. Whenever I get a chance to unwind, I love plugging in my earphones and enjoying hours of music. I am also a passionate food lover, and I have a well-known affection for Domino’s Pizza (no sponsorship involved here!).

In terms of my personality, I am quite introverted, preferring to listen more than I speak. I find joy in spending time with my parents and engaging in deep conversations with my closest friends. I am also a huge dog lover, the mere presence of a furry friend can brighten my day in an instant.

Being an Indian, I have a deep love for my country and its people. I am vocal about the issues facing our nation and take a keen interest in Indian politics.

I hope you will come on board with me on this journey towards exploring every nook and corner of the digital space that the 10-year-old Dipti was always fascinated about!

For any questions or freelancing queries, you can connect with me on my email – dipti@gorgeouslyflawed.com

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn where I share helpful content regularly – Connect with Dipti Tiwari on LinkedIn

I am also on Instagram – @iamdiptitiwari

Thank you! Keep learning, keep up-skilling yourself, and keep evolving as a human. The learning should never stop. 

About Gorgeously Flawed Blog | Indian Beauty Blog by Dipti Tiwari

Gorgeously Flawed
Gorgeously Flawed – Indian beauty blog

Gorgeously Flawed is your one-stop destination for all things related to Makeup, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

What’s the motive behind  Gorgeously Flawed Blog? 

On this blog, we bring you the best and the latest buzz from the beauty town. Find out about the latest makeup launches, read honest product reviews, skincare tips, DIYs, and much more – only on GorgeouslyFlawed.com. You can subscribe to the push notifications of our blog to stay updated with the latest posts as soon as they are published. A couple of categories that you would love to explore on GorgeouslyFlawed are Dupes Corner, Mehndi Designs and Makeup.

Why “Gorgeously Flawed”?

I (the founder – Dipti Tiwari) believe that each and every one of us was created with flaws. Instead of picking out the flaws in ourselves and in others, we should embrace them. We all are gorgeous human beings, despite being flawed.


Winner of The Indian Blogger Awards 2017 - Regions Chhattisgarh | Dipti Tiwari

Gorgeously Flawed was announced as the winner of the prestigious Indian Blogger Awards 2017 – Regions | Chhattisgarh. The #IBA2017 was organized by IndiBlogger.in which is the largest blogging community in India for bloggers from different niches.

I am thankful to the IndiBlogger team for honouring Gorgeously Flawed blog with the award!