About Me

Hello stranger, welcome to my tiny corner in this giant digital space!

I am Dipti Tiwari, the Founder and Editor of Gorgeously Flawed blog, and here’s a little about my journey…


How I Discovered Blogging

From the tender age of 10, I found myself captivated by all things digital. As a school kid who had just discovered the internet and was navigating this space, I was intrigued by everything: the powerful inner workings of search engine algorithms, how websites were made, how they were used to share informative content, and so on. This fascination gave birth to my early exploration into the world of digital marketing during my high school years.

To share my love for beauty on the internet, I launched the Gorgeously Flawed blog back in March 2016. My aim with this blog has been to talk about my favorite beauty products and share insightful content around makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and health niches.

With self-learning and love towards this field, I was able to achieve newer heights with Gorgeously Flawed Blog, which is now one of the top 100 beauty blogs in India and has won an award from the prestigious community – IndiBloggers.

So far, I have published over 400+ posts (and counting) on this blog. My blogging journey has allowed me to create meaningful connections with some of the most successful leaders in the digital marketing arena.

While the world has moved on quickly with bite-sized video content to learn about the latest beauty trends, I still prefer this “old-school” way of bringing new content to my readers through my blogs.

Start of a New Journey – How Blogging Became a Launchpad for My Career in Digital Marketing

When I launched this blog, I was still learning the basics of SEO and the ways to produce meaningful content that would be loved by both the search engines and my readers. I kept advancing my SEO and content writing skills, which later helped me to get freelance opportunities. These opportunities accelerated the career growth for me at a young age.

I started working with an emerging beauty brand in November 2016 and ended my stint in July 2022, which was my longest stint as a freelancer and an employee in a D2C firm. During my association with this firm, I learnt about the workings of D2C businesses and the startup ecosystem in India from A to Z.

What is Dipti Tiwari up to now?

I am now working with several clients to craft their digital marketing strategies, use their brand identity to sell their products and services, generate leads, identify potential markets, and more.

So far, I have worked with clients from beauty (skincare), colour cosmetics, travel and tours, and crypto industries. I look forward to broadening my clientele and exploring different niches to utilize my marketing strategy skills.

The best part of my career is working with the clients involved in the beauty and makeup segments as I understand this niche very well. It is all about discovering new innovations in these two industries and presenting them to their potential buyers in the best manner. This experience is truly fascinating as a beauty lover!

Being a digital marketing strategist in a start-up ecosystem was not easy for me – I had to go through countless days of restlessness and fear to see any significant results of my work. I believe, if you want to be successful in your life, you should learn the ability to be patient at all stages and you will get fruitful results every time. This is an important lesson that I have learnt through my life’s personal and professional experiences.

Caught in Politics! When & How Did I Enter the Indian Politics Scene

Politics has been a prominent part of my life as it is one of my true passions.

Being an Indian, I have a deep-rooted love for my country and its people. I am vocal about the issues facing our nation and take a keen interest in Indian politics. It actually started when I was merely a kid, I would always see my father following the Indian political scenario in great depths. He would spend countless hours solving people’s unemployment and wage-related issues, and he has been a staunch labor law reformer. That is when politics piqued my interest, though at that time I didn’t know if I would ever join it in the future.

Fast forward to 2024, I am now an active volunteer of the Indian National Congress party and also a part of the Indian Youth Congress. I believe in the visionary leadership of Rahul Gandhi. I have been his ardent fan ever since I have known him. His prophetic nature, coupled with his aim to bring along all countrymen to participate in India’s growth, and ensuring that everyone gets to live a fair life in our country is what attracts me the most about him. Rahul has always had a positive impact on me throughout my life and I consider him my mentor. Dipti Tiwari and Rahul Gandhi could be two entirely different people, but what unites us both is the ideology of the revered Mahatma Gandhi, which is ingrained in our hearts as Indians.

While I am unsure if my work constraints would ever allow me to be in active politics, I am currently trying my best to do my bit!

My Life Outside Politics & Work

Once I am done with my work, I spend a significant amount of time in my day-to-day life following politics. If not that, you may catch me unwinding with my earphones plugged in, listening to Hindi songs.

I like to catch up with the latest series and movies, whatever I am made to watch due to peer pressure from my sweetest friends! I also try to block my time for online courses or videos to enhance my skills. In this competitive world, it has become important for one to keep working on oneself in order to adapt to dynamic technologies and trends. However, I also believe in taking care of your mental and physical health, keeping them your priority at all costs! I strongly advocate for mental health and well-being, I look forward to starting a separate blog once I have enough time to spare for it.

I hope you will come on board with me on this journey towards exploring every nook and corner of the digital space that the 10-year-old Dipti was always fascinated about!

For any questions or freelancing queries, you can connect with me on my email – dipti@gorgeouslyflawed.com

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn where I share helpful content regularly – Connect with Dipti Tiwari on LinkedIn

I am also on Instagram – @iamdiptitiwari

Thank you! Keep learning, keep up-skilling yourself, and keep evolving as a human. The learning should never stop.

Dipti Tiwari