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About Gorgeously Flawed Blog | Indian Beauty Blog by Dipti Tiwari

Gorgeously Flawed
Gorgeously Flawed – Indian beauty blog

Gorgeously Flawed is your one stop destination for all things related to Makeup, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

What’s the motive behind  Gorgeously Flawed Blog? 

On this blog, we bring you the best and the latest buzz from the beauty town. Find out about the latest makeup launches, read honest product reviews, skincare tips, DIYs, and much more – only on GorgeouslyFlawed.com. You can subscribe to the push notifications of our blog to stay updated with the latest posts as soon as they are published. A couple of categories that you would love to explore on GorgeouslyFlawed are Dupes Corner, Mehndi Designs and Makeup.

Why “Gorgeously Flawed”?

I (the founder – Dipti Tiwari) believe that each and every one of us were created with flaws. Instead of picking out the flaws in ourselves and in others, we should embrace them. We all are gorgeous human beings, despite being full of flaws.

About the Founder & Editor – Dipti Tiwari 

Dipti TiwariHi readers! I am Dipti Tiwari – the face behind GorgeouslyFlawed.com. I am a young girl from India with a strong passion for blogging. I started blogging back in 2011 to share my love for makeup and beauty. Soon, it became my most favourite thing to do! 

My hobbies include blogging (of course!), playing with makeup and listening to music. When I am not blogging, I can be found watching dog videos on YouTube, liking food pictures on Instagram and having casual fights with my mom for making cabbage for dinner.

I love to learn something new every day and I try to spend most of my time in learning about digital marketing, makeup, science, psychology, and every other possible thing (but preferably, blogging – because it has my heart!). Aside from being a full-time Indian beauty blogger, I am also a freelance digital marketer/SEO expert in India. I provide digital marketing related services, especially to emerging start-up businesses or new bloggers. SEO and e-commerce management are two of my specialities.

I love interacting with my readers, so if you have any queries about anything, you can contact me on dipti@gorgeouslyflawed.com. You can also connect with me on my LinkedIn profile or follow me on Instagram @iamdiptitiwari to get the latest updates from my end.


Winner of The Indian Blogger Awards 2017 - Regions Chhattisgarh | Dipti Tiwari

Gorgeously Flawed was announced as the winner of the prestigious Indian Blogger Awards 2017 – Regions | Chhattisgarh. The #IBA2017 was organized by IndiBlogger.in which is the largest blogging community in India for bloggers from different niches.

I am really thankful to the IndiBlogger team for honouring Gorgeously Flawed blog with the award!