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Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava Flavour Review

Paper Boat is a brand which needs no introduction! Launched in 2013, This brand has been winning hearts of many people with their authentic Indian drinks and super creative advertisements which will replenish your childhood memories. Like really, whenever their ads come up on T.V, I always watch them with all the seriousness no matter how busy I am because they hit right in the feels! ☺

Few days back, I received a package from them which made me super surprised. The package contained their newly launched “chilli guava” drinks which came in a cute sack bag. I wanted to write a review immediately, but couldn’t due to my exams. Now since I’m done with them (yeah literally done with them!!!! ?), you guys will see a lot of pending reviews here in next few weeks. ? Today’s post is going to be all about this drink from Paper Boat, read on to know how I like it!

Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava Flavour

About Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava

The restless few minutes before the school bell. The thap-thap-thap of your black shoes running down the school steps. The old school guard pushing open the gate. You rushing to the aunty with her basket of guavas perched on her cycle.

Our chilli guava is like we took that memory, squished it, and put it in a pack just for you. And hey, here are more slow-mo shots for you to savour –

Imagine the way she slices open the guava and dunks in all that masala. Imagine you having to bite the collar of your uniform just so you don’t salivate. Imagine hitching your lunch basket between your knees so that you can partake in this glorious feast with both hands. Yaaas. That’s what we’re talking about.

functional benefits of chilli guava

Of all post-school snacks we’d squander our wealth (heh) on, Ma would object the least to the Maths question paper-wrapped guava/amrood/go-vaa (hey, we all pronounced it like this at some point). Guavas have four times the Vitamin C that Oranges do. That means, they’re four times better at boosting immunity. Oranges might as well seek training under Guavas. And while they’re at it, they might as well also learn how to be excellent at balancing the body’s Sodium and Potassium levels, treating tummy and tooth problems, busting stress, being good for the eyes and great for the skin — and maybe how to rock a PPT too.

Guava has enough iron that it could go to the gym and take a selfie even before stretching exercises. And it’s not all brawn – it’s also good for blood circulation to the brain, and is quite literally food for thought.

So the next time you’re out of ideas, grab a chilli guava. And don’t forget to thank us in your speech.

Price – Rs.30/- (per sippy) | Quantity 250 ml


Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava Flavour Review

Paper Boat Drink Chilli GuavaMy Take 
You guys probably already know from one of my previous post that I love authentic Indian drinks like Jal jeera, Aam panna, Sugarcane juice etc. I had never tried a Guava drink before I tried this even though guava is one of my favourite seasonal fruits. Every year during winters, my dad always ensures to bring them from market and my mom serves them to us after cutting them in small slices and sprinkling salt and chilli powder on top of them! ❤ I don’t know about other states of India, but in Chhattisgarh, we get guavas during winters only so I really miss their taste during rest of the year! So I became really happy when I received paper boat’s chilli guava drink in the mail. It took me no time to open the sippy cap (Ohk you can call me a 3 year kid for referring the packaging as sippy! ?) and taste the drink..
 Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava Flavour Review
It tasted EXACTLY like those fresh guavas which my mom gives me with a sprinkle of salt and chilli powder on them! The drink is a combination of guava pulp, sugar and spices which is just perfect for a person like me who prefers tangy drinks over sweet ones. One can add more sugar or spice as per their taste, but I liked it as it is. It tastes even better when it is chilled so do refrigerate it for a few minutes or half an hour before you have it! I won’t recommend having it with ice because ice will make it watery. I think this drink will receive a lot of praise in the Indian market because we Indians loveeeee having spicy food and drinks! ?


What I liked about Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava Flavour


• Tastes YUMM!
• Comes in cute, travel friendly packaging.
• Affordable price tag.
• Doesn’t contains preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
• It is gluten free!


What I didn’t like  about Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava flavour


• Nope. Nothing. Nada. ❤


Rating - 5/5

Final Words

To sum it all up, I’ll say that if you love tangy/peppery/flavorful drinks then you are definitely going to fall in love with this chilli guava drink from the house of paper boat! Wish I could give it 100s of stars! ❤

*PR Sample

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BTW,  do watch their beautiful short movie “Rizwan” 🙂


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  1. One of my brothers loves guava and I am sure that it would be great for him! I am not such a fan, only in sweets, but I would give it a try, since you said so good things about it and a drink your mother used to prepare 🙂 I loved the ad as well – I don’t understand much, but a little, but it was sweet to watch!

  2. I like paper boat drinks because they taste so natural and doesn’t contain artificial flavors. Nice review girl 🙂

  3. Since guava is my favourite fruit, I must check this out. It sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I love Paperboat drinks but not tried this one. Would definitely try this 🙂
    Nice review dear

  5. So sad I cannot buy it here, in Lithuania, it looks like really great product!

  6. Sounds yummy drink :)!

  7. Would it be a surprise if i say i haven’t tried paperboat drinks yet….but i love authentic indian drinks and i usually make them at home…guava and chilli sounds interesting combo so here comes my first paper boat drink 🙂

  8. Somehow I don’t like readymade drinks, due to their sugar contents and artificial (natural identical blah blah) substances. Nice clips Dipti 🙂

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