5 Tips To Look Your Best While Travelling

Travelling becomes hectic during summer, and this is solely because of the adverse heat and climatic change. Your skin gets dry, you get chapped lips, frizzy hair, tanned body and moreover, you are likely to become more tiring during summer, and this can also make you not to look your best at times.

Imagine you are traveling and you are feeling hot. But you must be worried about your looks through the journey. How can you look fresh and attractive even while you are on the go in this hot summer? Check out five tips to look your best while traveling during the summer. Try them to see the difference.

Wear Comfortable Dress

1TWDKI0XXAWearing the right costume is the foremost thing that should be taken care of while you plan any travel during summer. Make sure that you carry along with you only summer friendly fabrics, i.e.,, cotton! Yes, this exotic material makes you feel calm, warm as well as fresh and is regarded as one of the best material to make you feel comfy during the summer. You can buy fabulous cotton outfits online at low rates rather than spend loads of money offline. Check out Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. for some amazing collections on apparels. Make sure that you also make yourself comfortable with your intimate wear. Shop lingerie online from amazing online stores like Zivame, Prettysecrets, etc.

Remember, if you are not comfortable with what you wear, your beauty will never get glorified as well!

Less Luggage

5 Tips To Look Your Best While Travelling

Carrying a lot of luggage while you roam around to enjoy a vacation is a tedious task, and it will be a much harder task if you are doing it in a summer season. The very thought of such a thing can make you go panting. It is best to carry minimal luggage whenever you plan a trip irrespective of the season.

You can book comfortable journey with online travel sites that offer you great comforts at low prices. Check out Yatra, MakeMyTrip, paytm hotels, etc. for fantastic deals on various vacations and also for considerably cheap domestic flights/bus/train.

Minimal Makeup

5 Tips To Look Your Best While TravellingMake sure that you wear a minimal makeup whenever you are in traveling. Too much of makeup will make you feel and look odd. You get summer friendly makeup products from various brands that will aid in making you look best without overdoing. You are likely to sweat a lot during this season, and you cannot make yourself sound like an artist as well. So use only those products which you think will give you a simple yet elegant look. Check out Amazon India for such summer friendly makeup products. Explore the best beauty products on sale at Amazon India.

Comfy Footwear

T320J64GN4You must have planed for a vacation to an offbeat pace and chances are there that you might face situations where you are forced to walk long distances due to a sudden breakdown of your car/bus as you are traveling. To deal with such circumstances, it is better to have the foresight to make yourself comfortable. Wear shoes or flip-flops or ballerinas or in other words wear something without heels if you are a backpacker or if you are traveling during summer. Make sure you cover up your feet to avoid contact with dust and heat.

You can buy best shoes, or any footwear online, which gives you branded sandals at affordable rates.

Clean Your Face 

5 Tips To Look Your Best While TravellingImportantly, make sure that you clean your face to refresh yourself. It is good if you clean your face with a good face wash. You get variants in face wash from various brands as well. Choose the one that removes dirt and impurities from your face and cleanses your face, making it look fresh, soft, brighter and smoother. It is good if you wash it with cold water and dab the face with clean towel. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen after that and use a little of face powder and some work on your eyes and set your hair. There you go again with the fresh look!

by Gayathry Pillai

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  1. Minimal makeup is what I prefer during travelling in hot days and if there’s any function I set up my make up with loose powder/compact to keep it from melting!

  2. You are so right, I do exactly this – minimal luggage, a comfortable set of clothes and shoes and then it’s fine! Makeup must also be minimal, because it has to be practical. The single mention f travelling makes me feel happy to think of it again 🙂


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