Introducing – DeBelle Cosmetics | A Made in India Cosmetics Brand

True beauty is holistic, it is complete – that’s what AGS Inc, the company behind DeBelle Cosmetics India believes in!

This is the post where I am going to introduce you to a start-up beauty and nail care brand which is made in India and to put it in a few words, it has my heart!

About DeBelle Cosmetics – A Made In India Start-up Cosmetics Brand

DeBelle – meaning “the beautiful” in French, is a Made in India brand based in Bangalore which is owned by AGS Incorporation. I have been associated with the brand for over 4 years now and in this journey of being a #DeBelleGirl, I have seen them grow from a small beauty brand to one of the bestselling nail polishes brands in India!

DeBelle Cosmetics currently has over 50+ no-UV Gel Nail Lacquers in different shades and finishes (I have heard that the numbers are about to increase super soon!). Along with that, they also have Skin Moisturizers, unique dual use Facial Exfoliator + Masks, newly launched Hand Sanitizers, Fine Fragrance Body Mists and a lot more!

How DeBelle Was Founded

The company started off as a contract manufacturer for a wide range of personal care and cosmetic products  and eventually transformed into formulation, development, and marketing of its own brand.

With wide industry exposure in the field of cosmetics, AGS Inc. intends to deliver high quality cosmetic products to satisfy the needs of the ever increasing customer demands.

We have a strong mix of outstanding functional and technical expertise, dedicated workforce and strong liaison with expert contract manufacturers that has pushed us to establish own brand of products “DeBelle”.

Bring out the Beautiful you!

What Makes DeBelle Cosmetics Different From Other Brands


When I first came to know about this brand, these were the two products – DeBelle Fairness Cream and DeBelle Fairness Talc that I tried out from them and also reviewed them on my blog. After just a few months of trying out their skincare products, I got my hands on their (then) newly launched 5-free No-UV Gel Nail Lacquers and instantly became a fan of them.

The unique and one-of-a-kind seaweed enriched formula of their nail lacquers made me understand how unlike other brands, DeBelle Cosmetics pays a lot of attention to what goes into their beauty products. They are all about using nourishing extracts derived from the mother nature in their products that are beneficial for your skin as well as for your nails! And that is how this made in India brand stands out from the rest.

Furthermore, recently, they have also started using paper bubble wrap packaging instead of plastic bubble wraps to take a step towards being an eco-friendly brand!

My Views About DeBelle Cosmetics

I currently have around 10 nail lacquers from DeBelle Cosmetics and I don’t think that my collection is going to end here!

The seaweed enriched nail lacquers by DeBelle Cosmetics not only make your nails look gorgeous, but also protect them from yellowing and promote their healthy growth. The seaweed extract in their formulation allows your nails to breathe, thus preventing your nails from getting stained.

I have also tried one of their nail care products (the Top & Base Coat) and honestly, it is the best nail polish top coat in India that I have got my hands on so far. It is thick, glossy, and gives your nails a plump gel-like finish while also making your manicure long-lasting. Their nail care products are enriched with Argan oil – popularly known as “liquid gold” which gives your nails some extra shine along with lots of nourishment. You can wear the nail lacquers alone for a salon-like gel manicure finish at home, but to add some extra shine to your nails, don’t forget the top coat!

All of their nail products have a French formulation, however, they all are made in India and are cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and 100% Halal!

Talking about their skincare products, I have tried out a lot of them and I found them to be very affordable + value for money! You can check out my review of Blueberry Burst Skin Moisturizer and Moisturizing Lotion on my blog.

My forever favourite product from DeBelle is their Moisturizing Lotion which can be used on the face and body, both. I prefer to use it as a body lotion, owing to its thick and super moisturising formula. I rarely repurchase a skincare product, but there Moisturizing Lotion is an exception! I especially love using it during the winters as its cocoa butter and shea butter rich formulation gives my skin the essential nourishment it needs to fight against the dry weather. I also featured it in my post of 5 Best Chemical Free Natural Body Lotions For Dry And Sensitive Skin In India.

I am currently testing out their Apricot Bloom Facial Exfoliator + Mask which is a dual use product as I mentioned earlier. Along with that, I am also using their body mists in Miss Allure and Haute Noir fragrances as well as the Aqua Aurora Hand Sanitizer on a daily basis, I will be reviewing them on the blog super soon.

DeBelle products are available on all major online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Snapdeal, etc. You can also shop their products at discounted prices on their own online store –

P.S. :- This is not a sponsored post. The introductory post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated in 2020 with further information about the brand.

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