Review | DeBelle Fairness Talc

Talcum powder is a great product which helps you to control excess moisture on your skin and keeps it oil free for hours. There are a lot of talcs with different fragrances available in the Indian market. Today, I will be reviewing one such fragrant talc from DeBelle. I have already reviewed the fairness cream from this brand. Read on to know what I think about this product from DeBelle!

DeBelle Fairness Talc
DeBelle Fairness Talc

About DeBelle Fairness Talc

DeBelle Fairness Talc, is a unique product, enriched with Pearl Dust, for Radiant Glow and even skin tone. Turmeric oil, which serves as anti-bacterial and anti-tanning. Menthol, for soothing coolness.

DeBelle Fairness Talc
DeBelle Fairness Talc

Price – Rs.85/- for 100 grams, Rs.189/- for 400 grams | Availability – Available on Amazon, You may also purchase DeBelle Fairness Talc from their website

My Take

Talcs make you feel fresh and smell good for hours! I’m not a huge fan of talcs, but my mom uses them a lot. I like to use them during summers only. This DeBelle Fairness Talc has a very refreshing smell. It contains Menthol so it gives you a little cooling sensation when you put it on your skin! I cannot explain how exactly it smells like, it is kinda floral and sweet! I don’t know about the fairness claims this product makes, but if it contains turmeric oil, it might be good. Its packaging is just like typical talc bottles.

DeBelle Fairness Talc
DeBelle Fairness Talc

Now I’m going to tell you girls how you can use it in your makeup routine! If you ever run out of your pressed powder or makeup setting powder, you can set your makeup with this talc instead! You can also use it to bake your face (nope, Not literally “bake” your face. I’m talking about the makeup technique called “baking”). Most of the people/makeup gurus use loose powder or translucent powder for baking purpose, but a talcum powder can be used for it as well!  Just take a damp beauty blender or any makeup sponge and pick some talc on it, then apply it on the area around your eyes, below your contour, chin and bridge of the nose. It will not only highlight all of these features of your face, but also control oil/sweat! After a few minutes, you can dust it off with a fluffy makeup brush and taaadaaa, your face is baked now!

What I liked about DeBelle Fairness Talc

  • Smells awesome and refreshing.
  • Doesn’t cost much.
  • Quantity is great too.

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