Review & Swatches | PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Gorgeously Flawed. Today I will be reviewing a lip product from a brand called PAC. It is an emerging brand from India. PAC is an abbreviation of “Professional Artist Cosmetics“. Most of their products are targeted for professional makeup artists. The product I’m reviewing today is a lip liner from their auto lip liner range and the shade I have is “Watermelon“. Scroll down to know about it in detail!

PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

PAC auto lip liner is a unique formulation which is waterproof & long-lasting. A lip liner which is going to help your lipstick to last longer than you expected. The vitamin C & E content in the lip liner is going to keep your lips nourished & moisturized at the same time. Top Tip: PAC auto lip liner can be used as a pure lipstick & the lip liner.

Price – Rs.285/- (excluding delivery charges | Quantity – 0.35g | Availability – buy it here (delivery charges are the lowest over here)

P.S. – If it’s a TLDR (too long, didn’t read) type of post for you then please jump to the likes and dislikes section.

My Take on PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

I already did a small review of this PAC auto lip liner on my Instagram, but I love it so much that I decided to do a detailed review on it! ☺ It comes in a retractable, twist-up pencil form and it doesn’t needs to be sharpened. The colour of the pencil matches the shade of the lip liner.

PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon
PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

I’d call watermelon a strawberry pink or watermelon-ey pink shade, if that makes any sense! It looked darker in one of the selfies I posted on my instagram because of the camera’s settings. Well cameras can never really pick up the exact colours and that’s why I’m always concerned about the swatch pictures I post on my blog. If you buy this shade and it looks different to you in real life then please don’t kill me! I’m trying my best to take good pictures for the blog.

PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon
PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon (looks little lighter in real life)

OK, let’s forget about the crappy pictures I click and focus on this lip liner. I bought it in late July from Amazon. I was excited to try PAC’s products ever since I started reading their reviews online. This brand has been creating a lot of buzz in the Indian makeup world from the past few months. They’re most famous for their professional quality makeup brushes and lip pots. I think they have 4 different kinds of lip products, that includes lip pots, auto lip liners, color lock lip liners and lip crayons. The auto lip liners range has about 7 shades, ranging browns to pinks to reds. I chose watermelon because I was longing to buy a strawberry-red or strawberry-pink lipstick.

PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon
PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

I was a bit disappointed with this product because when I applied it initially, it broke 2-3 times during the application and I was so damn confused about why is this happening to me. I hate it when any of my retractable pencil break because it leads to wastage of the product. I managed to find a solution for this problem by prepping my lips with a lip balm before applying this lip liner. What I do is, I apply some lip balm on my lips before I begin with my makeup routine and once I’m done with it, I blot the lip balm on a tissue paper and then apply a single coat of this lip liner because it gives an opaque finish just in one go!

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If you apply the lip liner without blotting the lip balm then the liner will just slide off and won’t stay for a longer period of time, but if you apply it just like the way I’ve mentioned, then it will stay put for 7 to 8 hours easily. Yeah, it WON’T BUDGE at all! After meals, you might see a veryveryvery tiny bit of fading on the inner corners of your lips, but it’ll be almost unnoticeable. Oh and I forgot to mention that it gives a completely matte finish. Initially, it is creamy matte but it settles to full-matte finish within half an hour or so. It’s also kind of transfer proof if you’ve not used a lot of lip balm underneath it!

What I liked about PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

  • Inexpensive.
  • Stays on for good 7-8 hours easily.
  • Leaves a nice pinkish tint even if it has faded.
  • The shade selection is awesome, though they need to add more of them.
  • Most importantly, it IS a lip liner which can be used solely as a lipstick!

What I didn’t like about PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

  • It breaks easily if you aren’t careful enough.
  • Two words – DELIVERY CHARGES! #PACPlease

I hope you all enjoyed my review of this PAC lip liner. Please do let me know what do you think about this particular shade! And if you want me to review any of the PAC’s products then do tell me in the comments section below! I will try my best to get it and review it for you! ☺

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  1. I liked to know this PAc lip liner; the color is nice, the lasting power too, retractable is also good, the points you gave too, but you are right, breaking this way is not very nice. But I think that it seems to be good! I hope you have a very nice weekend!


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