Review | DeBelle Fairness Cream – For An Even-Toned Complexion

Hi people! I introduced y’all to a new beauty brand called DeBelle not too long ago. Today I will be reviewing one of their products and that is DeBelle Fairness Cream. Read on if you’re interested in knowing about it in detail! ☺

DeBelle Fairness Cream

The unique formula enables to attain a fairer complexion and even skin-tone leaving skin soft and supple with the moisturizing effect with UV protection.  Comprising of a blend of cosmetic and natural ingredients such as mulberry, which is rich in anti-oxidants renowned as effective anti-aging agents. This products aids in faster absorption and works better with increased usage. It helps in clearing out dark spots and other blemishes thus rejuvenating the skin.

DeBelle Fairness Cream Ingredients 

DeBelle Fairness Cream
DeBelle Fairness Cream

Price – Rs.158/- for 50gm | Shelf Life – 3 Years | Availability – Buy it on Amazon

My Take on DeBelle Fairness Cream 

Before I start with my review, I want to clarify that for me, beauty isn’t about having a fair complexion. Yes, this product is labelled as “fairness cream”, but it doesn’t mean that the brand (or my blog) is promoting skin colour discrimination in any way.  The cream contains a lot of ingredients which can help you to get a spotless skin, we will come back to that later – let’s talk about its packaging first. ☺

DeBelle Fairness Cream
DeBelle Fairness Cream
DeBelle Fairness Cream
DeBelle Fairness Cream

DeBelle Natural Fairness Cream comes in a cardboard outer packaging with all the information like full ingredients list, price, expiry date, etc printed on it. The actual product is housed in an off white tube which looks very classy! I rarely see any brand mentioning each and every ingredient of their product on the packaging itself, thanks to DeBelle for the transparency! ☺The ingredient list was the first thing that I noticed about this cream and I was surprised to see allantoin and kojic acid there. Both of these ingredients have various types of benefits for the skin. Allantoin helps to calm the skin and also protects it from harmful UV rays. On the other hand, kojic acid is used to reduce hyperpigmentation (melasma). The main ingredient of this cream is Mulberry extract and it’s a really good anti-aging agent. You’d usually find such stuff in high end brands’ beauty products.

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DeBelle Fairness Cream
DeBelle Fairness Cream

The thing which impressed me the most (Apart from the ingredients’ list) is the cream’s texture. As I have oily skin, most of the moisturizers feel very heavy and uncomfortable on my skin, but the Debelle Fairness Cream is very light weight so whenever I use it, It feels as if I have applied nothing at all! The cream also has a mild fragrance which is very pleasing to the nose. On the packaging it’s mentioned that you should use the cream twice a day to get the best results out of it, but I generally use it only once in a day (out of my laziness, I forget to apply it for the second time! ?) and it still keeps my skin moisturized for almost whole day! Dry skinned beauties may feel the need of applying it more than once or twice though. The best thing is that the cream is suitable for all types of skin, but if you have sensitive skin then please check the ingredients list before using this product!

I’m using DeBelle Fairness Cream from like 12-13 days now and I have noticed that it starts to make my skin look healthy and bright as soon as it gets absorbed into my skin. Before applying my Makeup, I like to prep my skin with a moisturizer to get a smooth base. I used the Debelle Fairness Cream with my makeup and it did a great job that way as well. I will definitely recommend this product to all you people who are looking for a moisturizer that doesn’t cost much, yet contains good ingredients.

What I liked about DeBelle Fairness Cream

  • It is very affordable.
  • Comes in hygienic packaging.
  • Contains great ingredients like Kojic Acid, Allantoin and Mulberry Extracts.
  • Doesn’t irritate or cause any breakouts on my skin, but if you have sensitive skin then please do check the ingredients list before using it!
  • Doesn’t feel oily or leaves any stickiness behind.
  • Can help to fade out acne spots and other blemishes. You just need to give it time (of about a month) to get the results. ☺


What I didn’t like about DeBelle Fairness Cream

  • No dislikes so far! You cannot ask for a better cream at this price point!

So readers, what are your thoughts about this fairness cream? Let me know in the comments section below!

7 thoughts on “Review | DeBelle Fairness Cream – For An Even-Toned Complexion”

  1. It seems to be a very nice cream, since you recommended it and says that your skin shows some glow after using DeBelle fairness cream. It is also nice to know that you are reviewing the cream to know how it works, not about having fair skin or not. I do have fair skin, but for me it’s the same as having blue or green skin. I constantly read on blogs people saying “oh, my very pale, incredible pale porcelain skin”, and I don’t follow these blogs anymore. One even told me once “I am much more pale than you”, as a competition! I am not competing on skin, I should have told her. I was shocked. So I am very glad to know that you wrote that, it is even one more point to admire you! Well done!

  2. Hi I’m yasmeen sultana from Hyderabad.. I’m using Debelle fairness cream which I found very effective on my skin in improving complexion.. But from past I’m getting this product.. So please help me out to get this cream… I will be oblige…


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