10 Best Chemical Free Natural Body Lotions For Dry And Sensitive Skin In India 2023

Natural Body Lotions in India: Your skin deserves a BFF – a chemical-free and natural body lotion to soothe your skin and instantly nourish it, reducing dryness and itchiness. Restoring softness and suppleness into the skin after a shower is a must, with the use of natural body lotions. However, even though we have a ton of beauty brands available in the market that have excellent body lotions for our skin, most of them are not chemical-free! I have made your task of searching for the best chemical-free and natural body lotion for you with this list.

Keep on reading to know about the best body lotions in India for dry and sensitive skin, enriched with natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals or preservatives.

Best Chemical Free Natural Body Lotions For Dry And Sensitive Skin In India 

1. WOW Shea Butter & Coco Butter Moisturizing Lotion 

WOW’s 24-hour skin moisturization formulation provides deep hydration and nourishment to your skin with rich ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Moroccan Argan Oil, and many more. It alleviates skin inflammations and repairs dry skin and your skin barrier. It has no artificial fragrances added to it, making it best suited for those of you with a sensitive skin type. I love using shea butter and cocoa butter-based body lotions for my skin as I have excessively dry skin on my body. Buy WOW body lotion now for a well moisturized and hydrated skin without the nasties!

This WOW body lotion’s quick-absorbing formula leaves no greasiness behind and gives you silky smooth skin! WOW has a variety of body lotions in their skin science range that you can take a look at.

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2. Mamaearth CoCo Body Lotion With Coffee and Cocoa for Intense Moisturization

Mamaearth CoCo Body Lotion With Coffee and Cocoa for Intense Moisturization

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Mamaearth products are filled with the goodness of natural ingredients. The brand has completely excluded the use of bad chemicals in all of its products! Founded by the husband-wife duo Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh, there is a very inspiring story behind the birth of this brand in India which is loved by all Indians at present times.

The Mamaearth CoCo Body Lotion With Coffee and Cocoa is another one of their many products which are enriched with Cocoa Butter and Coffee. While cocoa butter helps with skin moisturization, its coffee content is beneficial in reducing skin tan and the appearance of crepey or sagging skin.

Aside from that, the body lotion also has a whole amalgamation of other naturally nourishing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, glycerine, and Vitamin E. It comes in easy-to-use pump bottle packaging.

The only downside of this product that I could find is that it only comes in 400ml packaging, while most body lotions come in 200ml packaging too. It would be hard to travel with such a big bottle!

3. Plum BodyLovin’ Hawaiian Rumba Colada (Gel Body Lotion)

Plum BodyLovin’ Hawaiian Rumba Colada (Gel Body Lotion)

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Plum’s BodyLovin’ range has the best body lotions and fragrances, to be honest! I love the vanilla body mist from this range which leaves a sweet, long-lasting fragrance. Talking about this gel body lotion, it has a very lightweight texture that is easy to absorb and has a beachy fragrance. Its formulation is free from nasties so go for it without any worries. You have more fragrances to explore from in the BodyLovin’ range.

Plum Goodness is a cruelty-free and vegan Indian beauty brand that you can trust for your skin blindly!

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4. KHADI NATURAL Peach and Avacado Herbal Moisturizer With Shea/Kokum Butter

KHADI NATURAL Peach and Avacado Herbal Moisturizer With Shea_Kokum Butter

I spot Khadi’s products all the time while surfing Amazon and they always fascinate me because all of them are so budget-friendly!

The ingredient list of this Khadi Body Lotion is quite interesting and beneficial for those who want to get rid of skin tanning. Its main ingredients – peach, avocado, and shea butter, are known as powerful antioxidants that reduce the damage caused to your skin. At its affordable price tag, I think it is a value-for-money product that one must try out for themselves.

This is also one of the best paraben-free body lotions in India under 200.

5. Biotique Body Lotions

5 Best Chemical Free Natural Body Lotions For Dry And Sensitive Skin In India
5 Best Chemical Free Natural Body Lotions For Dry And Sensitive Skin In India

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I am a big fan of face and body scrubs from the brand Biotique! They are my absolute favorite and I keep on repurchasing them because of their affordability.

The brand has body lotions in various variants and also in different sizes. You can choose the variant as per your liking or you can go with the bestselling one on Amazon, which is the Biotique Bio Wintercherry Lightening And Rejuvenating Body Nourisher.

Besides the body lotions, Biotique also has an interesting body care product. It is the Bio Carrot Anti-Aging After Bath Body Oil. Those who prefer using oils to moisturize their skin instead of using body lotions can give this product a try. It is meant to be used after a bath, as per the product description. It contains carrot seed oil which has high amounts of beta carotene – a compound found in vegetables and fruits that gets converted into vitamin A (retinol) after its consumption.

The retinol compound is well known as a powerful anti-aging agent, maybe this is why they have named it an anti-aging oil! This is not something that I would like to try because I am not a big fan of using oils on my skin, but I couldn’t help myself from mentioning it here because I loved its properties.

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6. Khadi Essentials Body Lotion with Rose & Shea Butter

Khadi Essentials Body Lotion for with Rose & Shea Butter

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Those of you who love the divine floral fragrance of roses should give a try to this natural body lotion in India by khadi essentials. It is amalgamated with Indian rose, pure milk, shea butter, geranium oil, and Kokum. This concoction of natural ingredients adds a luminous glow to the skin and makes the skin soft and supple. It has the choicest of natural ingredients to offer for your skin. Try out this Khadi body lotion for your skin if you want nourished skin with the added benefit of brightened skin.

7. Buds & Berries Oil Nourish Shea Butter & Argan Oil Body Lotion

Buds & Berries Oil Nourish Shea Butter & Argan Oil Body Lotion

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Shea Butter and liquid gold (aka Argan Oil) enriched Body lotion by Buds & Berries is a rich formulation for your skin that gives you an intense moisturization without chemicals. It is available in 4 different variants to choose from, all of them with a unique set of ingredients.

8. The Moms Co. Natural Body Lotion

The Moms Co. Natural Body Lotion

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The Moms Co. Natural body lotion is power packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients like shea butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and other such natural goodness for your skin. The brand’s products are safe for everyone including pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

9. Kimirica Earth Persian Lime Body Lotion

Kimirica Earth Persian Lime Body Lotion

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A non-sticky, paraben-free, and hydrating body lotion with natural fragrance notes of lime that makes you feel refreshed. As per the brand, it forms a natural protective layer on the skin and aids in healing dry patches. These are the fragrance notes that the Kimirica body lotion carries:
Top note – Sour, Citron & Orange | Middle note – Sweet lime, Green Notes & Rosy | Base note – Nutmeg, Blackberry & Woody.

10. Boho Botanist Body Lotion Mandarin, Kakadu Plum & Rosemary

Boho Botanist Body Lotion Mandarin, Kakadu Plum & Rosemary

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This Boho Botanist body lotion has lively packaging, aside from its impeccable set of ingredients carefully picked for your skin. It is infused with 12 botanical ingredients and is free of chemicals and preservatives. The formulation is tested by dermatologists and is also pH balanced.

That is it! I hope you all found this list of Chemical Free Natural Body Lotions helpful. P.S. – if you have acute sensitive skin or skin conditions like rosacea, dermatitis, or psoriasis, then please do a patch test before using any of the lotions I have mentioned above. They are chemical-free, but sometimes even natural ingredients can cause flare-ups.

So yes, remember to do a patch test, and do let me know which of these lotions are you planning to try! And if you have any other favourite natural body lotions that are available in India, then I would love to know about them as well!



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