8 Best Sheet Masks in India [2024] – Tried & Tested

Best Sheet Masks in India: I have always been a huge fan of Sheet Masks, a kind of K-beauty gem that was hard to find in the Indian markets until a few years back. Fast forward to the present, almost all major skincare brands in India have launched their sheet masks range, and now we have some popular Korean beauty brands available in India too.

The reason why I love sheet masks with so much obsession is because they are quite convenient to use. Just slap it onto your skin and relax, whether you are watching a movie on Netflix or you are on the go – the sheet mask will pamper your skin while you get things done. A good sheet mask sits comfortably on your skin, the essence it is dipped in penetrates deep into your skin’s layer and nourishes it from within.

Furthermore, sheet masks give your skin the dewy, fresh, and youthful look that no other skincare product can in a span of just 20-25 minutes. Unlike those facial masks that you have to wash off, sheet masks are mess-free and hassle-free!

With this post, we will be talking about the best sheet masks available in India that you can try out to make your skin appear like your favourite K-drama stars!

Top 3 Editor Picked Best Sheet Masks in India

Let us start with the list of the 8 best sheet masks in India!

Best Sheet Masks in India 

1. Nykaa Sheet Masks

Nykaa sheet masks
Best Sheet Masks in India

Nykaa was the first Indian brand to launch its range of Sheet Masks. Although they are manufactured in Korea, a lot of their sheet masks use traditional ingredients inspired by Ayurveda that are known to enhance our skin. They have crafted each sheet mask to target different skin concerns, and it is great knowing that they have used our Indian heritage – Ayurveda, to formulate these sheet masks.

I have tried almost all the variants of Nykaa sheet masks if I can remember, they usually have a buy 5 get 5 offer on the sheet masks and that gives you the perfect opportunity to grab all the Nykaa face sheet masks with the ingredients that catch your fancy!

My favourites are Acai Berry + Pomegranate and Rice Water + White Tea sheet masks from the Nykaa Skin Secrets sheet masks range.

2. Luxaderm Biocellulose Sheet Masks 

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Luxaderm is a brand that became famous for its foot-peeling masks. However, their sheet masks available in two variants – Exfoliate and Detox, are hidden gems from this brand. They are one-of-a-kind, bio-cellulose sheet masks that you would rarely find in India. Unlike the typical sheet masks that are made out of some fabric that is not biodegradable, the Luxaderm Sheet Masks are made out of fermented coconut gel which is 100% biodegradable and natural. The fermented coconut gel holds more hydration for your skin and is more powerful in delivering the nutrients of the essence into your skin’s layers, unlike the other sheet masks.

These sheet masks are ideal for individuals with oily skin as well because they have exfoliating and skin-detoxifying properties. I won’t miss out on the chance of highlighting the fact that both of these Luxaderm sheet masks contain allergen-free fragrances, which is not the case with other sheet masks available in India! If you have sensitive skin and is allergic to fragrances in skincare products, you can give these sheet masks a try!

Moreover, it is a certified plastic negative brand and a PETA-certified brand too.

3. The Face Shop Sheet Masks

The face shop sheet masks
Best Sheet Masks in India

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The Face Shop is a globally famous affordable Korean beauty brand, so it goes without saying that their face sheet mask range is loved by millions of skincare enthusiasts across the world. They offer the cutest sheet mask kits and combos as well, I received one on my birthday from a friend and I absolutely loved it. I would suggest trying out their “The Solution” sheet mask range if your skin needs some extra pampering. Just like Nykaa, they too run many offers on their sheet masks in India within the Nykaa app.

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4. TONYMOLY Sheet Masks

Tony moly sheet masks
Best Sheet Masks in India

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TONYMOLY is also a Korean beauty brand and they are mostly known for its adorable makeup products. It is hard not to fall in love with their products’ packaging. The brand has a limited number of sheet masks available in India, however, they all are loaded with potent ingredients for the skin. Do check out the budget-friendly sheet masks in India from TONYMOLY on Amazon India and Nykaa.

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5. Garnier Sheet Masks

Garnier sheet masks combo
Best Sheet Masks in India

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Garnier = instant nostalgia!

Garnier is that skincare brand that has been there with us since our teenage years! If you are a millennial or a Gen Z, your first moisturizer was probably from Garnier. Remember the Garnier Bright Complete moisturizer that we all may have used at some point in our lives?

Garnier jumped into the K-beauty skincare trend with their Skin Naturals sheet masks. The Garnier face sheet masks are available in 6 variants. Check out the Pure Charcoal and Vitamin C variants in this range for detoxifying and brightening up your skin.

6. Ponds Sheet Masks

Ponds sheet masks
Best Sheet Masks in India

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Ponds was quite late in entering the world of sheet masks, but it is good to see another OG Indian skincare brand coming up with a K-beauty product range. They have 5 variants of sheet masks priced at just Rs.75 each, making them the cheapest sheet masks available in India. If you are budget conscious, you can definitely try out Ponds Sheet Masks. While their ingredients are not that impressive, their affordable price tag gives them a brownie point.

7. Lakme Blush & Glow Sheet Masks

Lakme blush and glow face sheet mask range
Best Sheet Masks in India

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Lakme Blush & Glow Sheet Masks are a range of skin-enriching sheet masks dipped in 100% pure fruit extracts. Even their packaging itself looks so refreshing and irresistible. You can watch their TVC below to have a look at their product!

Just like the Ponds Sheet Masks, Lakme Blush & Glow Sheet Masks also don’t have any kind of USP in terms of their ingredients. However, they are also priced affordable. So if you like using sheet masks quite often, these are the two brands you can go for!

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8. Mamaearth Sheet Masks

Mamaearth bamboo face sheet mask
Best Sheet Masks in India

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I feel overjoyed whenever an Indian brand innovates skincare products that are not only safe for our skin, but for our mother nature as well. Mamaearth Sheet Masks are Bamboo based, which makes them environment friendly.

The sheet masks are free of parabens, silicone, petroleum, and other harsh chemicals. While the sheet mask material itself is biodegradable, unfortunately, they don’t have any recycling program for the outer sheet mask which is made of plastic.

Either way, their sheet mask range seems enticing to me and their Ubtan sheet mask definitely stands out from the rest.

Which sheet mask range in India do you like using the most? Share your favourites with us in the comments below!

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