Top 6 Benefits Of Washing Face With Cold Water

Benefits Of Washing Face With Cold Water: Temperature of water DOES matter when you wash your face!

A lot of people say that washing your face with hot water opens up the pores while cold water clogs them, but that is just a myth.. So if you think that you are doing any good by washing your face with hot water, then you might be wrong!

Hot water can irritate the delicate skin of your face and make it dry and brittle by washing off the protective oil (aka sebum) which is naturally produced by the sebaceous glands present beneath our skin’s layers. That is why it is recommended that you use cold or lukewarm water to wash your face.

Washing your face with cold water during the dead cold winter season may sound a bit stupid and counterproductive at first! But trust us, once you will experience these top 6 benefits of washing face with cold water, you will never go back to using hot water for your skin again! Keep on reading to know about these 6 magical benefits of cold water for your face.

Benefits Of Washing Face With Cold Water

1. Washing Face With Cold Water Reduces The Chances Of Skin Sagging!

Top Benefits Of Washing Face With Cold Water
Using Cold Water For Sagging Skin

Cold water tightens up the pores and thus, reduces the chances of skin sagging. Regular use of cold water to wash your face will slow down the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. (P.S – Pores don’t open or close because of the water temperature, but they can be tightened with the use of cold water and also, with the use of right face toners!)

2. Washing Face With Cold Water Reduces Face Swelling Or Puffy Face

Cold water for puffy eyes
Cold Water For Puffy Eyes And Face

Ever woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror just to find out that your face and eyes are swollen? Don’t worry, there is nothing that some (cold) water cannot fix! Splash some cold water on your face, the swelling or puffiness will vanish in just a few seconds!

You can also try the cold spoon technique, just place two metal spoons in the fridge for about 5 to 10 minutes and then put them over your eyes for an instant relief from puffy eyes.

3. Washing Face With Cold Water Repels Harmful UV Rays From Hitting Our Skin

Chilled water uv protection
Cold Water against UV Rays

Sounds weird, right? Here is how it works – When we wash our face with cold water, It tightens up our skin’s pores. The tightened up pores protect our face from sun rays to an extent, thus preventing all the possible bad effects of harmful UV rays that can damage our skin.

HOWEVER, this doesn’t give you the free pass to not use a sunscreen! Remember to use a good sunscreen, all day and everyday!

4. Washing Face With Cold Water Soothes Sunburns & Rashes

Chilled water for sunburn

This is a very old trick which people use as an immediate aid for sunburnt skin. Surprisingly, It works on skin allergies too!

You can get to know more about the best home remedies to treat sunburns here.

5. Washing Face With Cold Water Cures Hangover

Cold water for hangover
Cold Water for Hangovers

Had some “extra” drinks last night at the party or while binging on your favourite Netflix show? Just splash cold water repeatedly on your face to reduce the effects of your hangover. Taking a cold shower will also help you to get rid of hangover fast!

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6. Washing Face With Cold Water Slows Down The Aging Process Of Skin

Top Benefits Of Washing Face With Cold Water
Anti-aging Cold Water Benefits

While it is pretty much impossible to prevent the signs of aging after hitting a certain age – unless your anti-aging skincare regime is strong, you can, at least, prevent their premature apppearance! Follow your anti-aging skincare routine religiously and wash your face with cold water daily to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet in your late 20s or 30s!

Some other benefits of using cold water in your daily life –

  •  Cold water helps to stimulate blood circulation all over the body. It wakes up the “lazy cells” of the body and speeds up the healing process(if you have any wounds). It is one of the many benefits of cold bath!
  • You can dry your freshly painted nails by running/keeping your hands in cold water for a few seconds, As simple as that!
  • Some dieticians claim that drinking cold water regularly can help you to lose weight by burning approximately 70 calories every day. This study hasn’t been proven as of now, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it – right?
  • Washing your hair with cold water will make them appear shinier and healthier. It also reduces the chances of frizz and hair fall.
  • Cold water regulates heart beats, lowers the body temperature and helps to reduce anxiety/panic attacks quickly.

Now that you know about the benefits of washing your face with cold water, would you start using cold water to wash your face from now on? Let me know by commenting below! Pin the image below to come back to this post later!

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Fantastico Benefits Of Washing Face With Cold Water

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