8 Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try!

Internet is full of crazy stuff! I see so many bizarre beauty hacks doing rounds of Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter every now and then. I have personally tried a couple of them which actually worked for me, but some of them are so intimidating that I can’t even imagine trying them!

Here are some of the beauty hacks that may look very exciting to try, but their outcome may not be as great. So avoid them at any cost!

8 Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try

1. Heating Eyelash Curler Prior To Using It


I have seen many YouTubers trying this hack and it seems that it actually works! But do you know how dangerous it is?! It can damage your lashes and make them weaker if you keep using this hack again and again. You can also end up hurting your eyes if you’re not careful enough! So much risk just for the sake of beautifully curled lashes? Instead of trying this hack, you can buy yourself a heated eyelash curler. It is much easier and safer to use!

2. Using Sugar As A Lip Scrub

Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try | Lip Scrub | DIY Lip Scrub | Sugar Lip Scrub
Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try

The skin on our lips is very delicate, compared to the skin on the rest of our body. If you use sugar directly on the lips (without mixing it with anything else) to remove dead skin cells, then there’s a high chance that you might end up with irritated lips! The best way to scrub your lips is by applying a lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips and then gently using a baby toothbrush over it.

3. Using Color Pencils To Line As Eyeliner 

Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try | Color Pencil As Eyeliner
Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try

OK, You must be thinking that who in the world would use colour pencils (which are meant to be used on papers) as eyeliner? Yes my dear friend, there are people who’ve done this! Last year, so many of YouTubers started to make tutorials by using Crayola color pencils as eyeliner that the brand actually had to come forward and make this statement –

“Although our products are nontoxic, we do not recommend using them to make eyeliner, lip stick or other make-up, and strongly discourage their use in this manner. The products were never intended to be used on the skin or face in this manner. Make-up goes through specific and rigorous testing because it is intended to be used on the skin. Because they were never meant to be used as make-up, our colored pencils or crayons have not been tested in the same way and should not be used as a cosmetic. They are not designed, tested or approved for this purpose.”

4. Using Melted Crayon As Lipstick

Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try | Crayon Lipstick | DIY Lipstick | Melted Crayon Lipstick
Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try

This, again, works like a charm, but you shouldn’t be doing it! Brands make and test makeup product in a whole lot different way. We can’t just use anything and everything as makeup only because it says that it’s nontoxic.

5. Using Tape For Perfect Winged Liner

Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try | Source – TheBeautyDepartment

I’m not completely against this one. You can use Scotch tape (after putting it on your palm a few times to lessen its residue) to do a perfect winged liner when you are in a hurry, but you shouldn’t do this on a daily basis because it’s not good for the skin around your eyes.

6. Using Toothpaste On Acne

Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try | Toothpaste On Acne | Homemade Acne Treatment | How To Treat Acne
Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try

I have tried this hack, not just once but thrice! And it failed all three times. ? It reduces the size of the acne, but also burns the whole area around it and leaves a permanent red-purplish scar! -facepalm- (P.S – I had only used a small amount of the toothpaste and it was the right one)

It’d be better that you let your acne heal on its own rather than using hacks like this. Some people prefer to use baking soda over this. I don’t know if baking soda works on acne, but maybe it’s a safer option!

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7. Using Tape As A Temporary Facelift

Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try | Temporary Facelift | Easy Facelift | Wrinkles Removal | Wrinkles hack
Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try

Yes, tape does provide a “temporary face lift”, but is it good for your skin? I guess NOPE.

8. Clown Contouring

There is no “danger” involved in this hack, it is just that it doesn’t work at all! It will make your face look funny! 😝 Watch the video above by HudaBeauty and see how the makeup queen herself failed to achieve the perfectly-chiselled look with clown contouring technique.

That was it for now. Hope you people enjoyed this list of “Beauty Hacks That You Should NEVER Try!”

If you know about any such hacks that are downright weird or don’t work at all then please do tell me in the comments section below! ☺ I will see you all in my next post. Till then, please keep loving GorgeouslyFlawed.  I am trying to bring you guys a new exciting post every day! ❤