2 DIY Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Getting rid of under eye dark circles is not an easy task! Yep – you can definitely hide those annoying dark circles temporarily with a touch of concealer, but for a long term solution, you will have to work on finding the root cause behind them and then continue to treat them with the right homemade remedies that actually work.

Not many people are aware of the fact that since the skin around our eyes is extremely thin, it can indicate a lot of underlying internal health issues we may not know that we have. In this post, you will get to learn all about the multiple causes behind dark circles and the health issues that are typically associated with them. Furthermore, I have also shared 2 homemade DIY under eye creams  for dark circles that can get rid of them naturally!

Quick List:

  • Causes of dark circles.
  • Tips to get rid of dark circles with lifestyle changes.
  • DIY under eye creams for dark circles.

Causes of under eye dark circles & under eye bags

As I mentioned – the area around our eyes has the most sensitive and thinnest skin of our entire face. This is why, we gotta take extra care of that specific area to prevent dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. Furthermore, if the area around our eyes doesn’t receive proper nourishment and care on a regular basis, it will develop wrinkles, fine lines as well as other irreversible signs of aging prematurely.

According to leading skincare experts, there can be various reasons behind dark circles and under eye bags, some of them include –

1. Anemia (Iron Deficiency)

DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles | Source
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Iron deficiency in the body – which further leads to iron deficiency induced anemia (ferropenic anemia), causes unflattering discoloration around the eyes.

Our body requires iron to carry oxygen (red blood cells) to various parts of the body. Low amounts of iron in our body leads to reduction in red blood cells (RBCs) count and makes the thin skin around our eyes appear bruised. If your dark circles have purple/blue-ish hues, the chances are, you might be suffering from iron deficiency related anemia. The other symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include shortness of breathe, muscle fatigue, skin pallor and frequent tiredness.

2. Lack of collagen

DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Collagen is an essential protein which is naturally present in our skin. Its job is to provide and maintain skin’s elasticity. As we age, our skin starts losing its natural collagen, making the blood vessels around our eyes look more pronounced. As a result, the skin around our eyes starts appearing dull, worn-out and pigmented. The declining levels of collagen in the skin is one of the main causes behind dark circles in men and women above 30-35 years of age.

To increase and maintain collagen levels in your skin, you can take collagen boosting supplements that are available in drugstores. Aside from that, you should also ensure that you are getting enough sleep everyday as while we are asleep, our body produces human growth hormone that further stimulates natural collagen production.

You can also use collagen infused eye creams available in the market that are specifically made for aging skin.

3. Sleep deprivation

DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Adults need an uninterrupted sleep of about 6 to 8 hours every day to function at their best. Falling short on your beauty sleep can literally snatch away your beauty from you! After pulling an all-nighter, a lot of times, you might have noticed your dark circles looking more prominent than before.

Wondering what’s the science behind this? Well, not getting enough sleep makes the blood vessels present within our skin to dilate which creates dark hues on the skin. Lack of sleep is also linked to creating hormonal imbalance in the body which is also a well-known reason behind pigmentation on the skin. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, you should try to take 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to ensure your body’s and your skin’s well-being. Prioritize your sleep over anything else!

4. Liver Diseases

Believe it or not, but your dark circles can give you significant indications about chronic liver diseases or a damaged liver.

If you experience any additional symptoms like yellow eyes, fatigue, abdominal swelling, red palms, etc then you should get an ultrasound done to get your liver health checked. Liver diseases can also make your body and eye area swell up due of fluid retention, leaving you with puffy eyes and under eye bags.

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5. Dehydration 

Water flushes out the unwanted materials aka toxins from our body, leading to a healthy skin and healthy body. Drink 2-3 of litres of water everyday to keep those toxins out of your body, it will show a positive impact on your skin’s appearance, no toxins in your body = a healthier skin!

Majority of times, the cause of puffy eyes is attributed to high salt concentration around the eye area. Keeping your body sufficiently hydrated will also help in shooing away eye puffiness and under eye bags by reducing water retention.

6. Overexposure to UV Rays

Harsh UV rays emitted by the sun can take a toll on your skin’s health!

Most people believe that sunburns and tan are the only two skin damaging factors of UV rays. Well, guess what? Overexposure to UV rays can give you dark circles too! The skin around eyes being very fragile, is way more susceptible to the damages done by UV rays than the other areas of our face.

If you stay outside in the sun for long durations, you should wear eyeglasses or sunglasses that come with UV protection.

How to get rid of under eye dark circles permanently at home?

By adapting these lifestyle changes, you can get rid of your dark circles permanently at home:

1. Ensure that you get a sufficient amount of sleep every night

About 6-8 hours of sleep each day is a must for an adult!

2. Consume nutritive fruits and vegetables everyday

A balanced diet will keep you healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside.

3. Try not to rub your eyes 

Rubbing eyes too hard results in broken capillaries around the eyes! If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes very often, then you might want to stop it now.

4. Clean your eye makeup properly

If you wear eye makeup, then make sure to thoroughly remove it before you hit your bed at night. Micellar water cleans off makeup easily without stinging eyes. Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Infused Micellar Water is the best product to use for removing stubborn eye makeup in just one go!

5. Wear sunglasses that offer sun protection

Never take your sunglasses off when you are out and about in the sun – especially during summers.

6. Apply an under eye cream daily before sleeping

Topical application of skin nurturing ingredients gives  the skin around out eyes the essential nourishment that it requires. There are tons of under eye creams available on the market that are specifically made to tackle dark circles. But since most of the good under eye creams don’t come at budget-friendly prices, you can make your own under eye cream with the ingredients available in your kitchen!

I am sharing the recipes of two natural homemade under eye creams that you can make for yourself at home!

Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles
1. Coconut Oil & Vitamin E Under Eye Cream
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Ingredients for Coconut Oil & Vitamin E Under Eye Cream  :-

  • 2 tablespoons of Virgin coconut oil
  • A couple of vitamin E capsules

How to make:

  • Take two tablespoons of coconut oil in a saucepan and heat it for a minute.
  • Now take 2-3 Vitamin E capsules, cut their top portion and squeeze out their essence in the saucepan.
  • Mix both of the ingredients well and remove the pan from heat. In this step, you can also add your favourite essential oil or primrose oil to the mixture.

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2. Green Tea and Almond Oil Under Eye Cream
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Ingredients for Green Tea & Almond Oil Under Eye Cream :-

  • A green tea bag
  • Almond oil
  • Shea butter
  • Double boiler setup

How to make:

This DIY is not as difficult as it looks!

  • Firstly, take almond oil and Shea butter in the double boiler.
  • Once both of the ingredients have boiled, cut the green tea bag and pour it over the melted oil and butter.
  • Let the mixture sit on the heat for about 15 minutes. If you have peppermint essential oil at home, then you can add it too, it will help in soothing puffy eyes!

These were the two DIY recipes that will help you to treat under eye dark circles and bags at home! Have you tried any other homemade remedies that have worked for your dark circles?! Do let me know by commenting below!

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DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles
DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

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