5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know

Ageing is the phenomenon that drives many people into caring for themselves. Whether it’s looking after their skin or maintaining a better diet, people will always make an effort to delay that stage. However, ageing is inevitable, and with it, the signs of ageing.

The most commonly observed symbol for ageing is the appearance of wrinkles on an individual’s face. The small laugh lines that follow our smiles and the crinkles that deepen our eyes cause concern for many. As it follows, most of the knowledge regarding wrinkles, especially within the commoner, is passed down through myths and superstitions.

Like the belief that laughing gives you laugh lines which are, of course, far from the truth. At emeds pharmacy, we are committed to helping you understand your day-to-day medicinal needs and problems thoroughly so that you can benefit from the best treatments in the best way possible.

With that said, here are 5 things about wrinkles that you need to know

1. All the trips to the beach can age you:

5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know
5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know

Contrary to a very well known myth, your wrinkles aren’t a result of too much facial exercise or too much laughing. Sun damage is responsible for around 90% of the ageing process. UV rays penetrate the layers of the skin and damage essential factors that contribute to your youthfulness.

When you’re not wearing sunscreen, there is no filter between your skin and the sun’s rays. As a result, these radiations can damage your skin fibres with more force. People who spend their time in the sun without protection tend to age faster. That’s why people like truck drivers, construction workers, etc., might show heavier signs of ageing than people who work indoors.

Thus, wearing sunscreen is imperative if you’re hoping to maintain flawless skin as you age.

2. If your face is ageing, so are your bones:

5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know
5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know

Of course, ageing isn’t a process that only shows across your face, it can affect all parts of your body differently. For example, your wrinkles may be a sign of weak bone density. People with deeper wrinkles lack a more significant amount of collagen protein.

This protein is also a vital component of our bones. Thus, the two problems can be correlated. This is true in many studies—especially those regarding women who have entered menopause. When the amount of estrogen or collagen proteins decreases, the onset of wrinkles is faster and excessive.

Many people turn to better diet plans or hormone replacement therapy to keep the problem from getting too exhausting.

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3. Smoking damages more than your lungs:

5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know
5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know

Smoking is an unhealthy habit, but the extent of damage it can inflict is yet to be understood well, especially within the everyday person. Nicotine, the chief ingredient of a cigarette, is a strong chemical that weakens the lungs.

Nicotine also reduces the oxygen reaching your skin. All parts of your body need healthy amounts of oxygen to function. When the oxygen levels reaching the skin fall, skin tissue may begin to break down or deteriorate.

Cigarettes have other harmful ingredients as well that damage the proteins of the face. Thus, smoking can lead to the early appearance of wrinkles.

4. A dirty pillowcase doesn’t just ruin your sleep:

5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know
5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know

You’d probably think a pillowcase is perhaps the last suspect when it comes to ageing. But that’s not how it goes. Fabric pillowcases tend to gather a lot of bacteria. When we sleep, this bacteria travels to our face and begins to cause problems. These problems could look like acne, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles.

Many people have noted that they have more wrinkles on the side of their face that they tend to sleep on. This goes to show how dirty pillowcases and wrinkles are linked.

Dermatologists suggest going for silk pillowcases because silk does not gather much bacteria. Washing your pillowcases thoroughly and regularly is also extremely important.

5. If your face looks weak, your heart might too:

5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know
5 Creepy Things About Wrinkles That You Need To Know

Research has found a link between wrinkles and heart disease. A particular kind of wrinkle develops around the ear of many individuals. This wrinkle is a symbol of heart disease. When people with this specific kind of wrinkle underwent a CT scan, they mostly showed signs of heart disease.

It is known as Frank’s sign and is a means of diagnosing heart diseases. So, if you notice a crease around your ears, maybe it’s time to visit your doctor.

Grasping the shock of ageing with grace:

Ageing is a natural process. However, no matter how much you try not to think of them, the wrinkles will appear at a certain point in your life, and they won’t disappear.

So the most appropriate response is to prepare and make sure your skin is healthy enough to fight the ageing process for as long as possible so that when the lines do show, they don’t look too bad!

The most critical steps are protection against the sun. Your diet and environment also play an essential role. Steering clear of pollutants and other toxic or carcinogenic materials and, above all, avoiding stress will put you in the clear. With a few crucial changes to your lifestyle, you’ll be ready to deal with ageing and its hassles.

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