4 Best Designer Sunglasses for Women

Best Designer Sunglasses for Women: Every pair of sunglasses has the power to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It can also help increase your confidence with the style that it brings to your outfits.

But if there’s one best reason why we love wearing our sunnies, it’s that it covers our eyes to hide any accidental eye-rolls, or so we can spy on people in a café without looking suspicious.

Jokes aside, a pair of sunglasses is undoubtedly a must-have accessory for all the gals out there. Not only because of its ability to elevate your style but also because of its several functionalities.

On that note, we’ve listed some of the best designer sunglasses that are perfect for you, ladies! If you don’t have these yet in your collection, now is the best time to grab your own pair!

4 Best Designer Sunglasses for Women

1. Best overall: Randolph Amelia

Randolph amelia designer sunglasses for women
Best Designer Sunglasses for Women | Source – Randolph

What name could be more fitting for these aviator sunglasses than that of the most badass female pilot ever lived? That’s right, this model is named after the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart.

It adopts the iconic teardrop silhouette that matches any face shape. That’s why it landed on the best overall sunnies for women.

Not only that. Randolph Amelia also has polarized lenses for cutting down the glare, AGX lenses to reduce eye fatigue, and blue light filtering technology. These features make the sunnies not only a fashion accessory but also a real protective gear for your eyes.

2. Best aviators: Ray-Ban RB3025

Best designer aviators for women rayban
Best Designer Sunglasses for Women | Source – Rayban

Randolph Amelia may have landed that top spot because of its overall qualities but make no mistake. When it comes to the aviator sunglasses, nothing beats the OG!

Ray-Ban is the originator of this iconic frame shape way back in the 1930s so let’s put some respect on its name. Since its invention, the Ray-Ban Aviators has gone through a ton of improvements without sacrificing its classic look.

And the Ray-Ban RB3025 is the final proof. It’s thin, more lightweight but incredibly durable. The timeless double bridge is also still there. So if you want to pull off that classic pilot look, this pair won’t fail you.

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3. Best cat-eye: Auór Paloma

Auor paloma sunglasses for women
Best Designer Sunglasses for Women | Source – Auor.co

If you want to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, wearing a cat-eye is the best way to go. The cat-eye’s vintage charm and classy yet perky look and feel will certainly bring a unique character to your style.

Take the Auór Paloma for example. Its elongated cat-eye shape with smooth rounded edges will certainly give you that air of celebrity glamour to boost your confidence.

Much like the Oroton sunglasses women, Auór sunglasses are also designed in Australia and brought to life with top-notch craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

4. Best oversized: Versace

Versace oversized sunglasses Kendall Jenner
Best Designer Sunglasses for Women | Source – Unknown

When it comes to posh sunglasses and other luxury items, Versace is probably the best in the game.

One proof is their oversized pair of sunglasses with tortoiseshell prints. It has squarish frames which would perfectly complement round faces. If you have one, these big and bold sunglasses will certainly enhance that face shape and sharpen up its curves.

These frames are manufactured in Italy using tortoiseshell acetate which makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear. Also, the bold prints exude a warmth that’s perfect for balmy summer nights!

If you’re feeling a little luxurious this time, or you’re in the mood to splurge some money for elegant and runway-worthy sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Versace sunnies.

But more than its expensive feel and steep price, this Versace pair is rightfully the best-oversized sunglasses in the market right now.

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