Wrinkles 101 – Types and Myths Surrounding Them

We do not stay young and beautiful throughout our whole life. Wrinkles and different marks appear on our skin as we age. If you search on the internet, you will find numerous articles on skin aging and wrinkles. But, we should not believe everything we read on the internet.

Most of the content shown on the internet is not verified. Thus, different myths about wrinkles ade spread. In this article, we will find out about all the truths behind those myths related to wrinkles and skin aging.

What are wrinkles, and how do they form?

Before discussing different wrinkle myths, we must understand how wrinkles appear on our skin. Our skin gets its firmness and structure from elastin and collagen.

As we get old, the production of these two proteins decreases. Any type of skin damage can lower down the number of skin proteins. Thus, our skin loses its shape and elasticity. It doesn’t bounce back like before. As a result, different types of wrinkles and fine lines form.

What are the major types of wrinkles?

1. Superficial lines

These lines appear at the very beginning. We can treat them easily with anti-aging products.

2. Dynamic lines

These lines appear in the corners of our lips and eyes. Most people also call these laugh lines. These wrinkles appear because of excessive facial expression. But if your face is relaxed, they do not appear.

3. Static wrinkles

These wrinkles are deep-set in our skin. We can see them when our face is relaxed. For example, our under-eye wrinkles and forehead wrinkles are static.

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What are the myths regarding wrinkles and what are the truths behind them?

1. One magic solution

Among all other wrinkle myths, this one is most heard. Many of us think that there is one magic ingredient that can fix all types of wrinkles. But this is not true. No single product can remove all kinds of fine lines. If you want to get firm skin, you must follow a skincare routine that has several steps.

Cleansing, moisturizing, using masks, everything is included in this routine, and every part plays a significant role in keeping your skin healthy. So, you must have all the products that will improve the look of your fine lines. Vitamin A, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Hydroxy acids, Peptides, and Omega Fatty acids are some of the most effective ingredients.

2. Using more products

Wrinkles 101 - Types and Myths Surrounding Them
Wrinkles 101 – Types and Myths Surrounding Them

Getting rid of wrinkles is a slow process. You must follow your skincare routine for years to get the best results. If you are thinking about using more products will give you instant results, you are mistaken. This will damage your skin further. You must be patient and determined to stick to your routine. Never apply too much product on your skin for better results.

3. All sunscreens are good

Wrinkles 101 - Types and Myths Surrounding Them
Wrinkles 101 – Types and Myths Surrounding Them

The UV rays of the sun are the major reasons behind skin wrinkles. The UVA and UVB rays damage our skin and break down its collagen. They can also cause skin cancer. So, applying sunscreen whenever we go out is mandatory. But not all sunscreens will protect our skin. The cream you use must contain broad-spectrum protection properties that will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Thus, your skin will not get wrinkled early.

4. Age and wrinkles

Wrinkles 101 - Types and Myths Surrounding Them
Wrinkles 101 – Types and Myths Surrounding Them

Most of us think it is too late to cure wrinkles which is a myth. It is never too late to start a skincare routine. Regardless of how old you are, you can start using anti-aging products and keep your skin healthy. As we get old, the natural healing power of our skin decreases, but never lose your hope. You can always start using the right products and get good results.

5. Genetic role

Wrinkles 101 - Types and Myths Surrounding Them
Wrinkles 101 – Types and Myths Surrounding Them

Your eye colors, skin tone, and even body type can get influenced by your family, but your skin type does not depend on your family. So, if you are thinking your mother has good skin, so whatever you do, your skin will stay healthy, you are very wrong. This is also true for those who no matter how much care they take for their skin, will end up with wrinkles as their family has some. Your skin is ultimately yours. Your appearance is entirely dependent on the way you treat your skin.


So, these are some of the commonest myths about wrinkles. If you want to treat your wrinkles with medical help, you can visit New Medical Spa USA. They have amazing specialists and advanced tools that will help you to get back your young and healthy skin. You must enjoy your life. You must learn to be comfortable in your skin and embrace every phase of your life.

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