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Skincare Secrets: Who does not want a glowing, healthy, and soft skin? But the lack of knowledge about what kind of products to use and how to use them correctly always makes it hard to do the needful and the right thing.

Well, we are trying our best to ease your hassles over here! These are the 5 skincare secrets that are super easy to follow, effective, and can be done while sitting at home, Netflix and chilling, and using all the natural ingredients directly from your kitchen.

Here’s all that needs to be done!

5 Skincare Secrets You Need To Know Right Now

1. Moisturizing Your Skin, The Correct Way! 

5 Skincare Secrets You Need To Know Right Now
5 Skincare Secrets You Need To Know Right Now

Moisturising the skin is a very crucial part of your skincare routine. A well nourished skin not only heals the dry patches but actually treats and cures the deep layers of your skin. Using natural rosewater on the face can do wonders as it leaves the face with clean, extra nourished, and moisturized skin that also smells as good as fresh roses.

Adding a few drops of rosewater instead of mineral water, in the regularly used face pack will also do the work equally good. The goal is to take a break from all the moisturizing face creams and let the skin breathe through a natural and effective ingredient.

Another benefit of using rose water is that it’s not only good for the skin but for the pocket too as it is an inexpensive and budget-friendly product. If you still prefer using a proper moisturizer to nourish your skin, we recommend spraying rosewater onto your skin as a toner first. Once it has almost dried out, apply your moisturizer like you normally would. This way, when you moisturize your skin while it is still damp, it feels even softer!

2. The Ice Cube Treatment:

Benefits of Ice cubes for skin
5 Skincare Secrets You Need To Know Right Now

Who doesn’t know that applying an ice-cube onto the skin decreases the skin temperature that helps with relaxing the skin muscle and nerves, thus making the skin glow and feel lighter?

Another benefit of applying ice-cube is that it reduces puffiness under the eye and also minimizes dark circles.

The best part about applying ice-cube on the skin is that it can be done anywhere and anytime.

All that is required is an ice cube that will reduce fatigue and inflammation, restore the glow, lift, tone and tighten your skin, and leave it feeling relaxed and refreshing.

Rub it all across the face for 2-3 minutes and then let the magic happen.

3. The Yolk Magic:

Egg yolk

An egg yolk mask is always a good idea to use as a face mask. They are considered an excellent ingredient for tightening the skin naturally and improving its elasticity.

Whether a person has a dry, oily, or sensitive skin type, egg yolk doesn’t discriminate when it comes to providing skin benefits and helping the skin with its texture.

The fatty acids in egg yolks moisturize the skin but if you prefer applying egg white, it is also a great idea since egg whites contain protein and can remove excess oil from the skin pores, cleanse them, tighten your skin, and let your skin breathe.

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Take out an egg, separate the yolk from it and whisk it thoroughly. Now apply the mixture to the face and let it hydrate and soothe the skin and its pores.

4. Steaming Effect:

Steaming for skin
5 Skincare Secrets You Need To Know Right Now

Steam is considered to be one of the most effective and ancient ways of treating skin problems and using it in place of chemical filled cosmetic products. This is because steam is scientifically the purest form of water and the heat of steam opens the skin pores and lets all the dirt come out, especially the blackheads.

The deep cleaning done by the flow of steam soothes the skin, skin pores, treated the nerves, and also relaxes the face muscles. Taking a break from all the beauty products and cosmetics, and taking steam once in a while rejuvenates the skin and gives it its best shape.

All the pollutants that get collected in the skin’s pores due to heat and pollution get carried away by the steam leaving the skin light, bacteria-free and soft like a baby’s skin.

The ultimate tool to clear your skin and help it in glowing from within.

However, not all of us have the time to undergo the steaming process, which is why CoolSculpting is a modern, quick and effective way that will not only help you get clear and smooth skin but is also going to reduce fat.

This non-surgical treatment is more effective than Sonobello in which lasers are used for removing fat. This process is quite painful which makes CoolSculpting ideal for everyone.

5. The Vital Vitamins:

Essential vitamins for skin
5 Skincare Secrets You Need To Know Right Now

Vitamin C and Vitamin D are considered a must to enhance the appearance of your skin and keep it youthful as well as healthy. Shiny and firm skin is only achievable if a person takes their Vitamin C regularly as this vitamin is the ultimate antioxidant.

Apart from the fruits and vegetable sources of vitamin C, having an intake of a vitamin C tablet can help in achieving good skin results.

Talking about Vitamin D, while vitamin D doesn’t directly help in providing all the skin benefits, it surely does an important thing to keep your skin healthy and safe.

Since the UVA rays and UVB rays from the sunlight damage the skin and can leave a person with skin burns and even skin cancer, sometimes there is no other option than facing too much exposure to the sun, what can be and must be done in this state is having a Vitamin D tablet regularly to save the skin from sun-related problems including skin burn and skin cancer.


Taking care of skin is a very easy and hassle-free job. Just knowing what to use and how all the kitchen products can help in providing all the desired skin goals is enough. An intake of the right vitamins and minimizing the use of harmful cosmetics while applying some natural and skin-friendly ingredients can result in unexpected wonders.


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