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Few days back, I did a post about my second package which I received from my favourite people, i.e the Skin18 team ? Today I’m going to do a quick review of one of the 5 products which I received from them and the product is Luke Mugwort Nose Strip. Lets head straight to the review! - Luke Mugwort Nose Strip – Luke Mugwort Nose Strip - Luke Mugwort Nose Strip – Luke Mugwort Nose Strip

Product Features

  • Clean pores, Remove blackheads on nose, Minimize and tighten pores
  • Sooth skin relieve irritation tighten pores after cleansing
  • Pore cleanser
  • Remove dirt and unclog pores
  • Comes in variety of flavors Charcoal, Mugwort and Lemon Tea Tree
  • Mugwort is good for combination, normal skin. If you have sensitive skin, please try to use Lemon Tea Tree or Charcoal instead. This nose strip might not be good for those who are sensitive with ragweed, sage, honey, latex, etc. [Sic]


Vitamin E & Aloe Vera extract to sooth skin, licorice root extract to relieve irritation and hamamelis virginiana to tighten pores after cleansing.


How to use & Cautions - Luke Mugwort Nose Strip – Luke Mugwort Nose Strip

Price – $0.60 | Quantity – 1 sachet with 1 treatment strip / 1 box with 10 pcs of strips | Availability – Available on - Luke Mugwort Nose Strip – Luke Mugwort Nose Strip

My Take

I don’t have any noticeable blackheads or whiteheads on my nose, but I do have an oily nose which looks awkward and shiny. ?  So it was my first time using a product which is meant to clean the pores and remove whiteheads/blackheads on nose. When I used this strip (which kinda looks like a bandage!) I took a selfie, sent it to a few of my friends and told them that I broke my nose – just to prank them! They were not amused when I told them that it was just a prank! ? Anyways, It’s very easy to use this strip, all the instructions and cautions are printed on the back side of the sachet. I used it after washing my face with just water. I kept my nose wet and wiped the rest of my face with a towel. The strip comes attached to a clear plastic liner, you have to gently peel it off from the plastic and apply it on your nose. I don’t know why, but this strip smelt very weird, a lot like burnt plastic! My mom and dad could smell it even though they were sitting few meters away from me! Thankfully, the smell goes away once you remove the strip from your nose. I kept it on for about 15-20 minutes, then removed it carefully since it had started to feel stiff and uncomfortable. It pained a little when I removed the nose strip, but the pain was bearable! I didn’t notice any blackheads on the strip, but my nose appeared cleaner and felt softer, compared to the rest of my face. 😛 I have (invisible)facial hair so maybe this strip pulled all of them off my nose and made it feel softer! It’s been like 5-6 days since I used it, but I can still see and feel the effects on my nose! 😛


What I Liked About Luke Mugwort Nose Strip :-

• Cleans and removes dirt/oilyness on nose.

• Comes handy. You can use it anytime & anywhere – that’s the speciality of Korean Skincare products!

• It’s very affordable. Many brands nowadays are offering nose pack stuff, but they ain’t as affordable as this strip.


What I Didn’t Like About Luke Mugwort Nose Strip :-

• Smells weird

• Doesn’t work on blackheads


  • Rating 3.5

Final Words

Overall, a good product which reduces the dirt and oil on nose. I can’t say if it works on black heads since I was sent only one sachet, if I had used 2-3 of them then maybe my opinions would’ve been different!


Have you tried any nose cleansing strip like this one?! Let me know in the comments below! Subscribe to my blog for more such reviews⇩