New Blouse Designs 2023 | Latest Blouse Design Inspirations For 2023

A trendy and stylish blouse is what makes your Saree-OOTD look unique! You can give an all-new twist to your old sarees by pairing them up with blouse designs that are in vogue right now. Being experimental with blouse designs and pairing them with the right kind of saree is an art to learn if you love to don sarees in new and quirky ways.

With this post, we have compiled a list of 60+ new blouse designs 2023. Whether you love basic, graceful blouse designs or ultra-glam ones, we have got you covered with all kinds of latest blouse inspirations that are going to be in trends this year. Keep on scrolling to explore these fun blouse designs and save the ones that catch your eyes!

New Blouse Designs 2023 – Latest Blouse Design Images & Inspirations


1. Blouse Design With Pretty Back Detailing

Back Blouse Design Inspiration
New Blouse Designs 2023

This simple yet graceful blouse design has a pretty lace and stones detailing on the back that make it an accent piece! Pair it up with a simple cotton saree and it would still exude a charm!

2. Blouse Sleeves Design With Frills

Short sleeves blouse design
New Blouse Designs 2023 | bespokeblousesdesigner

Sarees with frilled borders are very much in trends these days! And so are the blouses that have frills on the sleeves. It is subtle yet pretty detailing that is making the blouse’s sleeves look unique.

3. Peplum Top Inspired Blouse

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Designs 2023

Peplum tops, especially the cropped ones, make a perfect clothing piece you can wear as a blouse and give your saree look an indo-western appeal! This green peplum pattern inspired blouse has made use of net fabric on the bottom for a chic look.

4. Embroidered Blouse Front Design

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Front Designs 2023

Are you planning to wear a low-pallu draped saree for an upcoming event? Then you would definitely want to pick a blouse design like this one with an embroidered front design.

5. Criss-Cross Back Blouse Design

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Back Designs 2023

Call it a bandage blouse or criss-cross blouse design, its glam factor will remain the same! A gorgeous back blouse design that would work with all kinds of sarees!

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6. Off-shoulder Blouse With Balloon Sleeves

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Sleeves Designs 2023

Do you have an off-shoulder top that you want to style differently? Turn it into a saree blouse! This off-shoulder top paired with a saree has balloon sleeves which is making it look much more modish.

7. Elaborated Blouse Design With Danglers

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Bridal Blouse Designs 2023 | kamaalicouture

Calling all the 2023 brides and the bridesmaids, this one is for you! This elaborate, or should we say, “extra” blouse design has intricate embroidery with stunning danglers that might take all the attention away from your saree and to your blouse.

You can add this kind of danglers to any of your existing blouses as well.

8. Frilled Blouse Design

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Designs 2023 | anu_designs_and_fashions

This is another example of a frilled, or should we call it ruffled blouse sleeves design that you might want to get designed for your saree! Don’t miss its lace detailing on the neck that is adding an extra star to its look.

9. Bridal Blouse Design With Kundan Work

New Kundan Blouse Designs 2020
New Kundan Blouse Designs 2023 | mytrousseau

You are sure to fall in love with this blouse design at first sight! It may be a piece from the brand’s bridal collection, but who says other women cannot flaunt it?

10. Deep Neck Blouse Design With Golden Lace

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Front Blouse Designs 2023 | bespokeblousesdesigner

Forget about backless blouse designs, deep neck blouse is the new sexy! What we love the most about this new blouse design is its unique cut on the front.

11. 3/4th Sleeves Blouse With Danglers

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Designs 2023 | meraki _the_luxury_boutique

Do you have a boring 3/4th sleeves blouse sitting somewhere in your wardrobe? Well, it is time to revive it with pretty danglers! You can glam it up by yourself by getting some laces and gold chains.

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12. Window Pane Blouse Designs

Window pane blouse designs never go out of fashion! These are some of our best picks for window pane blouse designs for 2023.

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Designs 2023
New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Designs 2023
New Blouse Designs 2020
New Blouse Designs 2023

13. Strap Sleeves Blouse With Potli Buttons

New Blouse Designs 2020
Unique Blouse Sleeves Design 2023

A basic strap sleeves blouse can be glammed up easily with cute potli buttons detailing. This kind of new blouse designs would look the best when paired with breezy cotton or Georgette saree.

14. Spaghetti Sleeves Embroidered Blouse

New Blouse Designs 2020
Spaghetti Sleeves Blouse Designs 2023 | suruchiparakh

The embroidery work on this spaghetti sleeves blouse is what we would call “perfection”! Handcrafted by India’s one of the prominent designers Suruchi Parekh, this blouse is a must-have for all the brides-to-be who want to sport an unconventional blouse for their wedding ceremonies or post-wedding dinners!

15. Tie-Back Blouse Design

New Blouse Designs 2020
New Back Blouse Design Inspiration 2023 | saankri_label

Tie-back blouse designs are common, what makes this particular design unique is the usage of delicate net fabric to create the tie-back bow design.

16. Front Blouse Design With Bow

New Blouse Designs 2020
Blouse Front Design Inspiration | labeldhanaandspandhana

One more elaborated front blouse design that would be ideal for you if you are planning to wear a low-pallu saree drape! It screams elegance and grace, doesn’t it?

17. Jacket-Style Blouse That Overlap Saree Pallu

Give your saree a high-class, designer appeal with a jacket-style blouse that would overlap your saree’s pallu! Here are some designs you can take inspiration from!

Jacket-Style Blouse
Jacket-Style Blouse Design
Jacket-Style Blouse Design
Jacket-Style Blouse Design | radoss_by_shubhashree

18. Fringes Back Blouse Design Inspiration 

Fringes Back Blouse Design Inspiration 
Fringes Back Blouse Design Inspiration | revathy_tailoring

Every clothing piece becomes better with colourful thread fringes! If you have a backless blouse, use this design as an inspiration to revive it beautifully with two-toned thread fringes.

19. Radish Shape Back Blouse Design

Radish Shape Back Blouse Design
Radish Shape Back Blouse Design

20. Deep Back Blouse

Back Blouse Design Inspiration 
Back Blouse Design Inspiration

This deep, almost V-shaped back blouse design has little tassels on the bottom, right where your blouse hook will go.

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