Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring For Her Hand Shape

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, most women have one particular thing in mind: the shape of the diamond that will suit their finger best. The best thing to do is choose the shape that flatters her hand overall. It’s like picking clothes that are best for her body shape – different diamonds look better on different hand shapes and sizes. Use this guide to find your future fiancé’s best-fitted engagement ring.

Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring For Her Hand Shape

1. Short Hands

If she has short fingers and square palms, choose a smaller diamond. Tiny, shorter hands look great with smaller sized rings and stones because everything looks in proportion. Take a look through our collection of the best custom made engagement rings Sydney has to offer to find the perfect match.

It is worth noting that smaller sized diamonds look bigger on shorter hands than they do on longer, wider, or thinner hands, so her diamond won’t look dinky. Also, stay away from bulkier cuts for her petite fingers. Great shapes to choose include pear, oval, marquise, small round, and princess.

2. Long Hands

A bride-to-be that has rectangular palms and longer fingers has a great deal of options, since long fingers can go well with a variety of different diamond shapes. The most popular options are usually princess and round diamonds, but if she seems to be less traditional, an emerald may be the way to go. Brides with long fingers let you explore options that are usually a little off the beaten track, like oval cut, asymmetrical-set options. Other great shapes for long hands include cushion, Asscher, and oval. Long hands should stay away from pear, marquise, and radiant cuts.

3. Wide Hands

A woman that has broad palms along with wider fingers has more room for a bulkier diamond. If your fiancé fits this hand shape, you should aim to find a cut that allows for minimal skin to show on either side of the diamond, since this will make her finger look slimmer. Stay away from dainty diamond shapes that will look far too frail for her strong finger. Fortunately, ladies that have wider fingers have a lot more room to play around with. She can really pull off larger carat sizes, bold cuts, and even a rock cluster. Great shapes to choose include radiant, round diamonds with clusters, pear, oval, princess, and marquise set on a horizontal. However, you should avoid emerald and marquise cuts.

4. Thin Hands

If your lady has narrow fingers and oval palms, you’re in luck – just about any diamond shape works! So, you can concentrate on choosing something based on her fashion preferences and sense of style. If she has a classic style, try a princess or round cut. If she is more edgy, go for an emerald cut. Don’t make the mistake of buying too many carats for her thin hand. Instead, consider proportion.

Great shapes for thin hands include cushion, emerald, round, pear, oval, and princess. Try to stay away from heart and radiant cuts.

Essentially, the diamond that will be most flattering on her finger is the one that is presented with love and meaning!


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