Review | L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Supreme Emulsion

I have a problem.. a problem that probably all the beauty bloggers face.

..or maybe it is just me, I don’t know.

Not trying to keep any suspense here.. My problem is, I cannot repurchase a beauty product.

I just cannot.

Even if I love that particular product, I feel like trying out a different one always – as soon as the one I am currently using is over.

Reason? By doing so, I get to experiment with a whole new product which I can later review on my blog for my readers, that is like hitting two birds with one stone!

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Review | DeBelle Moisturizing Lotion – For Smooth, Soft & Younger Looking Skin

The skin type on my face changes frequently due to weather. But the skin on the rest of my body always remains dry and the reason is my negligence. A lot of times, I forget to moisturize my skin with a body lotion once I am out of the shower. Skipping the use of a good body lotion makes my skin feel extremely dry, rough and itchy. This is why I prefer to purchase body lotions which provide intensive moisturization and hydration for long. My mom also has extremely dry skin so we both are always in hunt of heavy duty body lotions that do not feel greasy and still keep our skin healthy and moisturized! DeBelle Cosmetics, a beauty care brand from India has recently launched a natural Moisturizing Lotion which can be used on the face and body, both.

I have previously tried and reviewed 3 of the DeBelle Cosmetics products on my blog. All three of them won my heart within just a single use and undoubtedly, they all got 5* ratings from me. Want to know if I share the same love for this newest launch – Debelle Moisturizing Lotion? Then keep on reading my review!

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Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

Natural beauty products carry numerous benefits with them. They are always the best and the safest option to pamper our skin with. Many brands claim that their products are chemical free, but most of them still contain artificial preservatives that can be bad for those with sensitive skin. Today, I am going to review a very exciting 3-in-one product from Skincarevilla Shop which is all natural and preservative free. It is the Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser and it can be used in 3 different ways! Read the post below to know about my review of this 100% natural skin nourishing and exfoliating product.

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Refresh Your Skin With These Homemade Rice Face Packs

Don’t let dead cells, dust and oil make your skin look any less beautiful than it should be. Go for these simple homemade exfoliation rice face packs and pamper and refresh your skin with ease!

Dead cells is a problem that people of all skin types face, and often find hard to get rid of, without the expensive and long drawn procedures. The chemicals and other artificial ingredients present in the branded products also make such face packs unsafe for regular use. All things considered, going for a homemade face pack with all natural ingredients might just be the answer you are looking for. Preparing for a rice powder exfoliant can be a great idea because of the multiple benefits that come with using rice powder for the skin. Rice powder purifies the skin and makes it soft and smooth.

It cleans up the dead cells and skin flakes deeply, reduces the pores on the skin and refreshes your skin in the process. There are a number of recipes that can be followed when trying to make a rice face pack and we shall take a look at a few really effective ones in the following segment.

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Just Launched | Skincare Villa Natural & Handmade Skincare Products

Hi everyone! Today, I am going to share something very special with you guys. 🙂 From my previous posts, you guys must be knowing that I have been blogging for a few years now. It has been an awesome journey so far and the best part is, I have met so many people throughout this journey. All of my blogger buddies are just beyond amazing! I am so happy that I get to interact with them regularly and get to learn about new things.

One such person I met, only through my blog, is Sonali. She is not just my blogger buddy, she is more like an elder sister to me! 🙂

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7 Tips To Apply Foundation Perfectly

Foundations are one of most popular makeup products that we use today. However, you would be surprised that not many people know how to use them properly. Although it isn’t an exact science, there are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to when selecting and applying foundation. Here are 7 tips that will help you with your foundation:




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3 Natural DIY Skin & Hair Secrets Of Priyanka Chopra

We have always been under the impression that the secret behind the beautiful skin and hair of Hollywood/Bollywood actresses must be expensive or luxury products. But recently, the very beautiful Priyanka Chopra quashed this “myth” when she shared 3 all-natural DIYs for skin and hair with Vogue. These DIYs are super easy and can be quickly made with the ingredients that are already available at your home itself!



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