Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

Natural beauty products carry numerous benefits with them. They are always the best and the safest option to pamper our skin with. Many brands claim that their products are chemical free, but most of them still contain artificial preservatives that can be bad for those with sensitive skin. Today, I am going to review a very exciting 3-in-one product from Skincarevilla Shop which is all natural and preservative free. It is the Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser and it can be used in 3 different ways! Read the post below to know about my review of this 100% natural skin nourishing and exfoliating product.

Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser
Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

Ingredients: Oats, Almonds, Rose Petals, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Carrier Oil

Price – Rs.275/- | Quantity – 50gms | Shelf Life – 6 Months | Availability – Available to order on Skincarevilla / Skincarevilla Shop Instagram / Facebook

My Take On Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

The Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser comes in a cute little transparent tub with a screw top lid. Its packaging is light weight and travel friendly. The product is in dry form so you don’t have to worry about any spillage. Overall, I love the packaging and I feel that it can be reused to store so many other things once the product is over!

Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser
Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

To use the product, take about half a tablespoon of cleanser onto your palm or a bowl and mix it with water. Make sure to keep the consistency thick otherwise it won’t be feasible for you to scrub your face with it. As soon as the cleanser gets mixed with water, it imparts a lovely fragrance of almonds which makes me want to eat the product! No joke, this product smells really incredible and edible. ?

Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser
Review | Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

The texture of this Oats Almond Cleanser is extremely soft yet, it is just perfect for proper exfoliation of the skin. If you are someone with dry or sensitive skin, then you will surely fall in love with this cleanser for two reasons. Firstly, because it is completely free of chemicals and secondly, because it is non-gritty so it won’t irritate your face at all. Dry skinned beauties may use the cleanser by mixing it with milk or oil instead of water to make it moisturizing. The cleanser can also be left on the skin for a couple of minutes as a face pack, doing so will derive you more benefits out of the natural ingredients it contains. Once the cleanser has dried on your skin, you can use circular motions to scrub it off.

Currently, my skin is in a terrible condition. I have acne all over my face so I am avoiding the use of commercial face scrubs because they can be too harsh on active acne. But this one, I am telling you, it is nowhere close to being harsh. As I stay in AC most of the time, the skin around my nose and on my forehead tends to get a little flaky and dry (which is surprising!). This scrub gently gets rid of all that flaky-ness, dirt and oil build up, leaving my skin baby soft and supple. I don’t feel like applying any moisturizer after using this as a scrub, I just spritz the Kronokare Flower Power Toner on my face and that is it.

What I liked about Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser

  • Inexpensive.
  • Smells great.
  • Since the product is in dry form, it can be customized according to your skin’s needs. No matter what skin type you might have, you are going to love it! It is safe to be used on all skin types, but if you have extremely sensitive skin then it is recommended by the skincarevilla shop that you do a patch test first!
  • Made with all-natural, organic ingredients and zero chemicals or artificial preservatives.
  • Contains moisturizing and skin brightening ingredients like oats, rose petals and almond oil.
  • Contains grapeseed oil which is a non-comedogenic carrier oil that treats dark spots, acne and fights aging.
  • It is a 3-in-one product because it can be used as a face pack, scrub and cleanser.
  • It mildly exfoliates the skin and makes it feel fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Can be ordered easily, drop a message to their instagram or Facebook page! You can pay for your order through NEFT and PayTM.

I hope that you all found this review to be helpful. Show your love to Sonali by following her on Instagram and get updates about new Skincare Villa Shop launches, discounts, giveaways and a lot more. Check out my previous post where I shared a full list of Skincare Villa products and their prices. Happy shopping!

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