Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

You will never find a woman who doesn’t like having pretty nails! But we all know the drill – A pampering manicure and nail art session at the salon is surely relaxing, however, not only it burns a hole in your pockets, but it is also quite time-consuming! Plus finding the perfect nail salon is a headache in itself. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the hygiene factor of the salons has also become a concern for many.

Thanks to the evolution in the nails industry, these days we finally have the right nail polishes and nail tools readily available in the market that can help us to get an at-home, professional-looking, and flawless manicure with ease!

In this post, let’s explore the best gel nail polishes in India that you can try out to get that perfect manicure that you desire!

We have also answered some of the common questions about gel nail polishes/manicures at the end of this post!

Best Gel Nail Polishes in India 2024

What are No-UV Gel Nail Polishes? – 3 Different Types of Nail Polishes in India

We currently have three types of nail polishes available in the Indian market:

  • Regular nail polish
  • No-UV gel nail polish
  • Gel nail polish

Regular Nail Polishes

Regular nail polishes are just normal nail polishes that are most common in the Indian market. You can find them in 3-free, 5-free, or 8-free formulations. My favourite brand for regular nail polishes is Nykaa. They have an exciting range of nail shades in their Nykaa Nail Enamels range, which also includes matte, chrome, and glitter finishes. They have now added a special breathable range as well. The brand keeps expanding their range in every few months with new shades and finishes.

No-UV Gel Nail Polishes

No-UV gel nail polishes are gel-finish nail polishes that don’t require nail UV lamp exposure to cure. They are as glossy as real gel nail polishes. With them, you can get a salon-like gel manicure in the comfort of your home! The best thing about no-UV gel nail polishes is that they can be removed very easily with a regular nail polish remover – acetone or acetone free, both.

No-UV gel nail polishes have a slightly thicker formula than a regular nail polish. They are easy to work with and most of them have a rich pigmentation in a single coat.

Gel Nail Polishes

Gel nail polishes are of course, the ones that require a UV lamp (or sometimes, a special LED lamp) to dry out and cure. They are sold in opaque nail polish bottles as the rays from normal bulbs or sunlight can also dry out their formulation within the bottle! Gel nail polishes are mostly used in salons by professional manicurists.

A majority of gel nail polishes also require a professional’s help for their removal as they need to be removed with an E-file. So in short, if you want a gel nail manicure, you might have to visit a nail salon for the application and the removal. They are a good option only when you need that perfect manicure for a special occasion, like an engagement or a wedding!

In this post, we will mainly talk about the best nail polishes in India that have no-UV gel and UV-gel formulations. Let us start with the best no-UV gel nail polishes in India available online.

Best No-UV Gel Nail Polishes Available In India

Editor Picked Best No-UV Gel Nail Polishes Available In India – Top 3

1. House of Makeup Gel Nail Polishes 

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The emerging Indian beauty brand, House of Makeup, has no-UV gel nail polishes in their collection available in a vast range of colours. They give a luminous finish to the nails and offer a no-chip formula for up to 6 days! They have a 4-free formulation with Vitamin E's enriching properties, that help your nail beds stay moisturized and hydrated.

At House of Makeup, you will find nail polishes in two different finishes - glossy and metallic. They are easy to apply and spread on your nails, thanks to their 480 U-cut bristle brush that let you paint away your tips in a single swipe each time. One of the best parts is that while being affordable, the House of Makeup nail polishes also have a 12 ml quantity of the polish instead of the standard 8 ml quantity that most brands in India offer, whatever the price point may be.

Shade(s) I would suggest - House of Makeup Nail Polish in Cerise, Nitro Coffee, and Sundowner.


  • The House of Makeup has a good selection of nail shades.
  • They are vegan nail polishes.
  • Its formulation is 4-free and contains hydrating Vitamin E oil.
  • The brush applicator is in good shape which helps with an even, one-stroke application.
  • It gives off a plump gel-like finish.
  • The brand has one of the most affordable gel nail polishes in India.
  • They are a cruelty-free brand with paraben-free and other chemical-free products.
  • Bonus point for classy square bottles of nail polishes instead of generic round ones!


  • None, but I would really love it if they add more shades to their range.
2. Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquers
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

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Nykaa is one of my favourite nail polish brands in India! I tried out their Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquer in shade Vegas Roadtrip which was a beautiful deep maroon/burgundy-ish lacquer with slight berry undertones. I loved its pigmentation and the gel-like finish. However, a couple of months after I bought and reviewed the nail polish, I noticed that its formula had become thick and it was starting to dry up. It could have been due to improper storage or maybe their gel nail lacquers are not as durable.

I would recommend trying out their regular nail polish range instead of buying from their salon shine range. The regular nail polish range is cheaper and has more colour options available.

Shade(s) I would suggest - Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquers in Vegas Roadtrip, California Dreams.


  • Available in lovely shades.
  • Priced affordably.
  • It has a nice brush applicator.
  • Cruelty-free.


  • The product dries up too fast- which could be a packaging or formulation issue.
  • Its finish is not as plump and gel-like as other No-UV gel nail polishes in India.
3. Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polishes
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024 | Source

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Lakme's Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polishes have been in the market for as long as I can remember. Their shade range is not as exciting as that of Nykaa beauty, but they have some nice deep shades as well as a couple of glitter ones.

Shade(s) I would suggest - Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polishes in Tomato Tango, Beige Nude


  • Comes in sturdy bottle packaging.
  • Priced affordably. Earlier, they were priced at Rs.400/-, but now the prices have decreased.
  • Easily available online and in offline markets as well.
  • The polishes have an easy-style applicator.


  • The shade range is very limited.
  • Their glossy finish is not as long-lasting.
  • Staying power of the nail polishes may not be as good if compared to other brands.

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4. Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquers
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

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Chambor is an internationally-famous brand which was founded in Switzerland. Their Extreme Wear liquid lipsticks have been the talk of the town since their launch, but their gel nail lacquers are actually this brand's hidden gems! The Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquers are available in over 60 shades that also include their glitter finish nail shades.

The brand claims that these lacquers have a highly pigmented and rich glossy colour. Seeing its flat and rounded-edged brush, I can say that this gel lacquer applies very smoothly in one go. I have used Essence Cosmetics nail lacquers earlier that comes with a similar kind of brush design which I absolutely loved!

Shade(s) I would suggest - Chambor Gel Effect Nail Lacquers in 502, 305


  • Great shade range!
  • Affordable.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • The applicator is nice.


  • Their nail lacquers don't have any shade names, they just have numbers.
5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Lacquers
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

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Just like OPI, the name Sally Hansen also goes synonymous with quality nail polish and nail care products. This brand took a lot of time to get launched in India, but thanks to Nykaa, we finally have access to their products!

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Lacquers are available in over 60+ shades and they are all quite pleasing to look at! The brand claims that their no-UV gel nail polishes are chip-resistant for up to 14 days. You have to apply two coats of their lacquer to achieve the perfect, long-lasting manicure. It is also suggested to use a top coat from the same brand.

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Shade(s) I would suggest - Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Lacquers in Pretty Piggy, Mave-olous.


  • Their longwear and pigmented formulation is pretty decent.
  • The shade range is worth the appreciation.


  • They are very expensive!
6. Ciate London Gelology Paint Pots
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

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What can I say about Ciate's nail polishes, they can be your perfect pick if you want a luxe experience! Ciate is yet another brand which launched in India quite late, but its products are now available online.

You are sure to fall in love with the plumping and intensely pigmented formulation of their Geology Paint pots. Even the lighter shades in this range require just a single coat to achieve optimum pigmentation!

Shade(s) I would suggest - Ciate London Gelology Paint Pots in Mistress, Cookies & Cream, Dangerous Affair.


  • Gives you a luxe feel.
  • Intensely pigmented and high-shine formulation.
  • Most shades require a single coat for optimum coverage.


  • Expensive! (Since Ciate is a luxury brand, it is quite predictable.)
  • The brand has not launched all of its shades in India.

Best UV Gel Nail Polishes In India

As I mentioned in the beginning, UV gel nail polishes are mostly used by manicure professionals. But if you have experience with them (+ A curing lamp!), you can use them by yourself and get a rich gel manicure at home! Or, you can learn how to use them correctly using YouTube tutorials, I am surely going to link one below.

UV gel nail manicures are common in Indian beauty and nail salons. However, the availability of UV gel nail polishes in India is an issue. They are only available in sets and not as individual colours. Here are some UV gel nail polish sets available in India that you can try out!

1. Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish Sets
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

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Gellen is an international brand that has non-toxic UV gel nail polish sets available in beautiful shades. You need two thin coats of their polish to get the right finish - make sure to use a nail UV lamp to cure the polish in between each coat. The polish doesn't form any bubbles, unlike most gel nail polishes.


  • It is quite an affordable option if you want a gel nail polish set. You will get 6 shades in a set and the set's price is equal to an individual shade's price from other brands.
  • They give you the exact finish and longevity as a salon manicure.
  • Available in pretty shades.
  • Lasts easily for more than 2 weeks.


  • You cannot buy them as individual shades.
2. Gelish UV Soak-Off Gel Nail Polishes
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

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Gelish is one of the most popular gel nail polish brands in the USA. They have nail polish kits with a nail UV lamp as well as individual shades that you can buy. Their gel polishes have a soak-off removal formula which is much easier to remove! The brand also has poly gel kits available in India that you can try out if you want to flaunt long nails!


  • Gelish Gel Nail Polishes are the best-rated gel nail polishes in India with the right formulation and finish.
  • Easier to remove than the other gel nail polishes.


  • Very expensive!
3. Azure Beauty Soak-Off UV Gel Nail Polishes
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2020
Best Gel Nail Polishes Available In India 2024

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Azure beauty has a lovely collection of nail shades that would also please glitter nails lovers! Just like the Gelish beauty nail polishes, these professional quality gel nail polishes from Azure also have a soak-off gel formulation that takes a jiffy to remove.


  • These gel nail shades have a pigmented formula.
  • Available to be purchased as individual shades.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Quite affordable - as compared to the other two gel nail polish brands available in India mentioned above.


  • Could not find any!

Gel Nails At Home Tutorial

Additional Information About Gel Nails:
Does gel nail polish ruin your nails?

It is true! Prolonged use of UV-gel nail polishes can be quite harsh on your nail beds! The thick layers of gel nail polishes don't allow your nails to breathe which further leads to dehydrated, weak and brittle nails. In addition to that, UV-gel nail lacquers also increase the chance of nail infections. Furthermore, most UV-gel nail lacquers are not free of the toxic 3, 5 or 8 chemicals that a lot of traditional nail polish or no-UV gel nail polish brands are choosing to exclude.

What are the dangers of gel manicures?

UV-gel manicures may look more attractive than regular manicures, but sadly, they come with these serious risks which cannot be ignored:

  • Skin cancer and premature ageing on the hands due to the use of UV lamp
  • Permanent damage to the nail beds.
  • Fungal nail infections.
Can you do gel nails without UV light?

The answer is - yes! With the No-UV gel nail polishes we have mentioned in this post, you can easily get gel nails without UV light or LED lights at home! They dry/cure like regular nail polishes while giving your nails that shiny UV-gel effect.

We hope you found this post helpful during your hunt for the perfect gel nail polish that you can use at home!

What's your favourite nail shade this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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