The Latest Trends In Indian Suits: Keeping Up With Fashion

The rich cultural traditions of India showcase an incredible story that defines the beauty of present Indian women’s wear. Each design, stitch, and fabric choice here reflects a timeless legacy of Indian clothing.

One of the most loved Indian attires is salwar kameez, which comes with a fascinating history. This garment has undergone various transformations from the Indus Valley civilization and has adapted to the changing trends and regional influences.

Though Indian suits were mainly worn by women in the Indian subcontinent, but now these suits have gained popularity worldwide. With the coming up of fashion trends, these suits have also experienced some changes that allow women to express their personal styles and preferences. Fashion designers experiment with silhouettes, cuts, and fusion elements.

Keeping up with the upgraded fashion trends allows women to blend heritage with contemporary fusion.

Traditional Vs. Contemporary Indian Suits

Traditions have passed down through generations and are mixed with various cultural influences that define Indian history. Due to this, Indian women’s clothing has converted into a mesmerizing fusion of traditional and modern charm. Traditional suits differ across various cultures, areas, and crafting techniques.

But Western Indian suits have seen changing trends driven by fashion designers, customer preferences, and the media. Catering to the needs of modern times, flowing dresses, loose tunics, layered kurtas, and draped outfits have come into the picture. Tailored suits with defined waistlines, pants, jackets, and more offer a sleek appearance. Traditional salwar kameez incorporate brilliant shades, needlework, hand-woven designs, and cultural decorations, but Western fashion includes a wide range of patterns, hues, and prints. If you wish to explore a vast collection of traditional salwar kameez with a modern twist, check out

Trend #1: Fabric Innovations

The Latest Trends In Indian Suits: Keeping Up With Fashion

Indian suits are designed using a wide range of fabrics, spanning from elegant chiffons to luxurious silks. These fabrics not only exude a sense of opulence but also cater to the adaptability and comfort of the garment, considering contemporary climate conditions. Fashion designers also use materials like denim, polyester, rayon, and various blends to craft tasteful designer suits.

Trend #2: Color Palettes

Green organza kurta and Palazzo set

The color palette of Indian suits is equally diverse, where vibrant shades dominate the scene. Modern women love to experiment with shades like red, orange, pink, and more, while there is a section of women who enjoy earthy and neutral tones.

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Contemporary women also love playing with various prints and patterns on their designer suits. While modest patterns are popular, too, contemporary suits also feature a variety of abstract and dramatic designs.

Needless to say, color selection plays an important role in defining the overall look of the wearer. Neutral shades look elegant, while deep tones look attractive.

Women also carry dark shades for traditional events like weddings, festivals, and parties while sober shades are enjoyed more during formal dinners, day events, or simple ceremonies. The final shade selection lies in the hands of the wearer based on her personal taste and preference.

Trend #3: Silhouettes and Cuts

Mint green printed kurta set

Indian suits are deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of the country, but they have embraced modern adaptations with grace. Modern designers play with silhouettes and cuts for the fashion-conscious generation. Indo-Western fusion styles, palazzo prints, jacket-style kameez, short kurtas, capes with kurtas and pants, etc., have gained immense polarity. This fresh and stylish take on traditional outfits also allows women to dress up well as per their body type.

An Anarkali suit looks great on a pear-shaped body while a straight-cut suit with pencil pants looks amazing on a tall woman. Capes and shrugs can be used by heavy women to hide that extra fat while skinny girls can play with layers to add volume to their outfits. These styles flatter different body types, allowing each woman to be happy with her selection.

Trend #4: Embroidery And Embellishments

Traditional angrakha Indian suit set

What makes designer suits unique is the intricate embroidery and embellishments that adorn them. The attention to each detail, from delicate thread work and mirror work to beads, sequins, and stone embellishments, is awe-inspiring. It is amazing to see how these embroidery techniques vary from region to region and culture to culture.

Popular styles like chikankari, zardozi, gotta patti, and kantha capture the true essence of Indian craftsmanship. Because of these embellishments, a simple salwar kameez is transported to a whole new level of elegance. A nicely embroidered and embellished suit can be easily worn for special occasions like festivals, weddings, and cultural events. Look how the peach Anarkali suit by KALKI is turned into a royal ensemble by mirror work and cutdana detailing at the neckline.

Trend #5: Mixing Traditional And Western Elements

Peach chiffon embroidered suit set for women

Wearing Indo-western outfits is like wearing cultural elements with a modern twist. Modern women like to combine modern fashions without giving up on the vintage charm, which is why mixing traditional and Western elements has become popular.

To create contemporary looks with Indian outfits, try experimenting with fabrics. Pair a silk kurta with denim pants to create a trendy fusion look. You can’t miss out on accessorizing your outfits with fashion ornaments, bags, and footwear.

Experiment with different shades like red and gold to come up with unique trends. The best way to come up with an exclusive outfit is by mixing and matching traditional and contemporary prints.

Maintaining Your Indian Suit Collection: 

Pink dhoti style pants kurta set for women

When you invest in Indian suits, you should know how to properly take care of them. Storing your suit collection well can keep them looking beautiful, even after repeated use.

Since Indian clothes are made up of delicate fabrics, you should always dry clean them and try to avoid harsh chemicals. Invest in closet organizers to keep your outfits wrinkle-free and well in place. The best way to store heavy Indian outfits is by hanging them on wooden hangers. You can also use a garment bag to protect your outfit from dust and pests.

Try not to expose the outfit to direct sunlight to increase its shine and longevity. You can also wrap your outfits in mulmul cloth and store them in a dry and cool place. This will protect the fabric from catching dust and insects.


Indian suits symbolize the diversity, beauty, and artistic legacy of Indian culture. These outfits blend tradition and modernity seamlessly. If you wish to enjoy Indian heritage while embracing contemporary fashion, check out some online platforms.

The outfits here come with timeless appeal and have a universal charm. Indian outfits, especially suits, captivate hearts and bring a touch of elegance to individuals all over the world. So next time you wish to make a fashion statement, experiment with the latest fashion trends, and express your own personal style.

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