3 Natural DIY Skin & Hair Secrets Of Priyanka Chopra

We have always been under the impression that the secret behind the beautiful skin and hair of Hollywood/Bollywood actresses must be expensive or luxury products. But recently, the very beautiful Priyanka Chopra quashed this “myth” when she shared 3 all-natural DIYs for skin and hair with Vogue. These DIYs are super easy and can be quickly made with the ingredients that are already available at your home itself!



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5 Hair And Skin Benefits Of Argan Oil

Do you have both rough hair and acne at once and a budget to get one treated only? Fret not! Argan oil will not only help your hair only, but it works wonders on the skin as well. It is that one little bottle of magic that can make all your dreams of a beautiful, youthful skin and shiny hair come true. So no need to fill your dressing table with a long list of skincare and haircare products anymore.



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Love For Denim

Denims are back like never before. They have invaded the closets in all forms. Bags, shirts rompers, Jumpers, Jodhpur style, shoes, Belts, suspenders. You name it and it’s available.

Soon after the Denim factories were setup and now they boomed into a huge clothing industry. Today denim is proved to be the first choice for the consumer of any kind and is the single most used fabric in the world.



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What’s In My February Fab Bag | The Pucker Up!

I get all excited whenever I see a courier person waiting for me on the door! ? Receiving and opening a parcel always makes me happy dappy doo. Today in the morning, I received my this month’s Fab Bag which is basically the second Fab Bag of my life! ? I loved my January’s Fab Bag so much that I had to order it again this time, especially since they were giving us an option to choose an exciting new product for February’s The Pucker Up bag. To know what product I am talking about, just keep on reading!



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Top 5 Fashion Trends For Summer 2017

Winter season is almost over in India and now the weather is slowly transitioning towards summers. It’s not exactly my favourite season of the year, the only reason I love it is because I get to wear nice and colourful outfits all throughout the months of summer. Unlike winters, where I have to wrap myself up in boring jackets and sweaters so that I don’t end up freezing to death! ? During summers, I mostly prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable, light and fashionable at the same time. I have been exploring the summer 2017 fashion trends from a while now and I thought of sharing them with you all.

Want to know about the trends that will be “in” during this spring/summer season? Then scroll down below!



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