40+ Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2024 | Groom Mehendi Design Images

Mehendi has forever been an integral part of desi weddings, for both, the to-be-brides and the grooms! While most Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani brides (read: Desi!) love getting their hands and feet extravagantly decorated with bridal mehndi designs, grooms, on the contrary, prefer to stick to minimalistic groom mehndi designs. Since applying mehndi is considered an auspicious ritual in desi Indian weddings, most grooms get at least a small dot of mehendi put on their palms as an auspicious symbol.

But for those grooms who want a proper, trendy and minimalistic groom mehndi designs drawn on their palms for their special day, we have compiled this list of more than 40 Groom Mehndi Designs 2024 images. Keep on scrolling to find that perfect groom mehndi design you are looking for! 

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2024 – Men’s Mehndi Designs

1. Full Palm Ganesh Ji Mehndi Design For Groom

Ganesh Ji & Zodiac Sign Mehndi Design For Groom
Ganpati Mehndi Design For Men – @henna_stains

Any auspicious occasion in our Hindu culture starts after taking blessings from Ganesh Ji. Here is a groom mehendi design inspired by a beautiful portrait of Ganesh ji! 

2. Small Mandala Mehndi Design For Groom

25+ Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020 | Top Simple Groom Mehendi Design Images
Mandala Men’s Mehndi Design – @whitefrogproductions

Desi girls adore mandala mehndi designs, but our desi grooms can flaunt them too! Mandala designs are well-loved. You can draw your partner’s name or his/her initials in the center of the mandala with mehndi.

3. Ganesh Ji & Zodiac Sign Mehndi Design For Groom

Ganesh Ji & Zodiac Sign Mehndi Design For Groom
Zodiac Signs Mehndi – @sweta_mehendi_art

Another Ganesh ji-inspired groom mehandi design which also has a combination of the bride and groom’s zodiac signs drawn on the other hand. Drawing constellation of the zodiac sign is also a great idea! You can find out such design inspirations online.

4. Bride’s Name Dulha Mehndi Design 2024

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Dulha Mehndi Design – @anupama_upadhya

All desi brides write the name of their to-be husband with henna on their hands. Well these days, even grooms have adopted the tradition of writing their to-be wife’s name on their palms, along with some pretty mehndi design elements around it. This groom’s mehndi design says “Abhi Ka Dulha” which means “Abhi’s Groom”, a quirky yet elegant design – isn’t it? Don’t forget about writing your wedding hashtag too if you have one!

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5. Bride’s Initial Mehndi Design With Floral Elements 

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Initials Mehndi For Wedding – @jhilmilhennaart

The lovely floral elements drawn with henna in this mehndi design accentuate the bride’s initial letter “K”. Such floral elements can be added with any initial!

6. Lotus Half & Half Groom Mehndi Design

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Latest Groom Hand Mehndi Design – @mehndi_riya

The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity. And since marriage in our desi culture is known as a pure union between two people, this lotus mehndi design holds a beautiful significance behind it! The outer elements on the lotus also make-up a heart!

7. Mandala Mehndi Design For Groom With Bride’s Name

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
New Groom Mehndi Design Ideas – @thinktonk

This round mandala design has the bride and groom’s name drawn under it. The groom also has beautiful mehndi patterns drawn on his fingers! You can skip the design on the fingers because the mandala design alone is enough to grab the attention.

8. Full Palm Groom Mehandi Design

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Full Palm Mehndi Design For Groom – @henna_by_miloni

Not all grooms shy away from putting henna on their hands for their wedding day! And if you are one of those grooms, here is one of the exquisite groom mehndi designs inspiration for you. This is totally giving off “Ranbir Kapoor from Channa Mereya” song vibes!

9. I’m Taken Mehndi Design For Groom

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
I’m Taken Quirky Mehndi Design For Groom – @thesnappatch

Add the quirkiness to your men’s mehndi design by drawing text like “I’m taken” on your palm, and if your fiancee’s name starts with the alphabet “M”, this would be a really cool design! It will be a super cool way to announce that you are off the market if you plan to post it on the ‘gram. 😉

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10. Bride & Groom Mehndi 

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Portrait Mehndi Art – @niv_jadhav_mehndi_artist

This groom’s mehndi design inspiration has traditional as well as modern portraits of a bride and a groom. You can even get your own face portrait in your mehndi design! Usually, it’s the brides who get portrait mehndi designs on their palms done, but grooms can also flaunt them because why not?

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Latest Groom Mehndi Designs – @mehndi_artist_sapna

Here is another portrait mehndi design for the sikh grooms! Experienced mehndi artists can easily replicate such designs. You can find one in your city through Instagram or a simple Google search! There are so many talented henna artists out there in South Asian countries!

11. The Proposal Groom Mehndi Design 

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Proposal Mehndi Design – @a_n_art

It all starts with a proposal! Add this beautiful element to your groom’s wedding mehndi design to exude how it all started! Share the tale of your love through your mehndi design.

12. Initials & Heart Half & Half Mehndi Design For Groom

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020
Latest Groom’s Mehndi Design – @neha_mehndi_art

Half and half heart mehendi designs look stunning in wedding pictures! This groom got his to-be bride’s and his initials drawn on either sides of the hearts.

13. #FavouriteTeams Mehndi Design For Groom

Latest Groom Mehndi Designs 2020

Do you and your to-be-wife root for two rival teams? Well, that could certainly lead to some cute fights in the future! But if you want to include the teams you both support in your wedding mehndi, here’s a fun inspiration. 

More amazing groom mehndi designs ideas await you on the next page!

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