Review | Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

Before I started reading beauty blogs, I used to think what’s the purpose of having different types of moisturizers for day and night time – aren’t they all the same?! Thanks to all the beauty blogs out there, I have learnt about so many skincare related things through them. Now at least I know how important it is to use a night cream if you want to wake up with a healthy looking skin! That’s why I got myself this very affordable night cream from Himalaya Herbals and today I will be writing about my experience with it! Keep on reading if you want to know about it in detail.



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My Day And Night Time Skincare Routine For Winter (everything under Rs.300!)

Having a proper skin care routine is really important for maintaining youthful skin. You can start your skincare routine at just any age, but the earlier you start is always better! All you need to do is find the right type of products that would suit your skin. The products you’re going to use don’t necessarily have to be from high end brands because we have many great options from affordable brands too! Here are some of the products that I have been using  (or have used in the past!) in my skincare routine for winter. P.S. – all of them are under Rs.300! 🙂



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Review | SoulPure Buttermilk Carrot Bastille Unscented Soap

Soulpure Buttermilk Carrot Bastille Unscented Soap

I am always excited to try out products from newly launched brands. And when the products are 100% natural and paraben free, it’s like icing on the cake for me! Today I’m here with one such natural product from a startup brand called “Soulpure“. This brand makes handcrafted soaps with many different types of ingredients. The soap which I have is made with carrot puree and buttermilk. Scroll down to know more about it!


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