How To Choose A Matching Blouse For Your Saree

India is acclaimed for its rich culture. Our country’s ethnicity stands out from the rest of the world. Even during present times, we Indians are keeping our beautiful traditions alive instead of getting influenced by the western culture. The women of India have been adorning the 6 yards of fabric, the traditional Indian dress known as “saree”, for millions of years now. Women from outside the India also love to don sarees when they are visiting the country as nothing can match a saree’s elegance!

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The Ultimate List Of Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes In India

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” – Audrey Hepburn. A precise eye makeup can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. And to achieve that perfect eye makeup look, you require a good eyeshadow palette that has beautiful eyeshadows with high amount of pigmentation and smooth finish. Today I am sharing a list of best budget eyeshadow palettes in india under Rs.600/- and Rs.1000 category. Keep on reading if you are looking for a budget eyeshadow palette in Indian market!

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The Ultimate List Of Affordable Contouring Products In India (+Contouring Tools!)

The Ultimate List Of Affordable Contouring Products In India

From top Makeup Artists to Beauty Gurus, in the last 3-4 years, everyone has been going crazy about contouring! Many girls (including me!) spend hours and hours watching videos on YouTube to learn the latest tricks to contour face. But the question is, who started the contour-revolution? According to an article on Wikipedia, contouring has been there since 1500-1600, but I believe that it only got popular when the legendary(?) Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of her “during & after” contour face.

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Travel Diary | Khutaghat Dam – Natural Beauty of Chhattisgarh

Hi all, I’m Sorry I didn’t do any post in last 48 hours(or maybe 72 hours now  😛 ). Actually I went on a small trip to other city. The place is called Khutaghat Dam. It’s situated next to Ratanpur temple (Mahamaya Devi Mandir, Bilaspur) and it’s around 200 Kms from my place. Khutaghat Dam is a verrryyyy beautiful picnic spot. I couldn’t stay there for long because we had to pick my dad from station, we stayed there for a while, saw some fishes and crocodile, They were far away tho.
Many people were doing picnic over there, cooking food and playing games in the garden which is in other side of the Dam. If you live around Bilaspur you should visit this place during winters, best time for picnic. It’s a very calm place,  I’ve seen paan shop and a restaurant nearby, didn’t get a chance to try on the food.  I love my state for it’s greenery. I find my peace in these jungles and lakes. I can stay there forever, away from city life ♥
Here are some pictures I clicked on there. It was difficult to see what I was clicking because of sunlight, I tried my best to click good quality pictures with my not so good quality phone camera, Karbonn Sparkle V. All of these pictures are click without flash or touch focus. Below are the pictures of natural beauty of Chhattisgarh.
You can see the island like thing in the middle of the Lake. It’s possible to get to there with boats available on the shores. Picnic in middle of the lake, so exciting! I’m Sorry for the picture quality, I don’t have DSLR.
Here are some more pictures I clicked on the way to bilaspur, there are so many lakes I couldn’t even count them!
I took these photos while sitting in backseat of my car.  Too lazy to go out.  😀
Were you able to spot the temple in the picture above? No? Just look at the picture again, you will notice a small hill-like thing behind the trees, look at the top of it there you will see a white coloured walls, that’s the temple of Lord Shiva. It’s not easy to go there, you can’t Take your vehicle above, you just have to climb to reach . I hope I get a chance to visit that temple! It’s on road which goes to bilaspur.
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