7 Tips To Apply Foundation Perfectly

Foundations are one of most popular makeup products that we use today. However, you would be surprised that not many people know how to use them properly. Although it isn’t an exact science, there are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to when selecting and applying foundation. Here are 7 tips that will help you with your foundation:




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Top 10 Summer Makeup & Beauty Essentials That Every Girl Should Have In 2017

Summer season is here in all its glory and to be honest, it’s my least favourite time of the year. I wish that I could just skip the period between March-September and directly jump to October (the month I love the most! 😝). I believe that most of you share the same feelings as me because summers are just terrible – Right? Especially for those who love to wear makeup. Arggh, It takes less than two minutes for my makeup to melt down completely when I step out of my home during the day time.

Do you girls find it relatable? Then you have come to the right place! Because today, I am sharing a list of top 10 summer makeup & beauty essentials that will help you to beat the scorching, summery heat and also make you look FAB! Let’s get started with the list.



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3 Natural DIY Skin & Hair Secrets Of Priyanka Chopra

We have always been under the impression that the secret behind the beautiful skin and hair of Hollywood/Bollywood actresses must be expensive or luxury products. But recently, the very beautiful Priyanka Chopra quashed this “myth” when she shared 3 all-natural DIYs for skin and hair with Vogue. These DIYs are super easy and can be quickly made with the ingredients that are already available at your home itself!



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5 Hair And Skin Benefits Of Argan Oil

Do you have both rough hair and acne at once and a budget to get one treated only? Fret not! Argan oil will not only help your hair only, but it works wonders on the skin as well. It is that one little bottle of magic that can make all your dreams of a beautiful, youthful skin and shiny hair come true. So no need to fill your dressing table with a long list of skincare and haircare products anymore.



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Top 5 Skin Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid (+ Affordable Products That Contain It!)

Hyaluronic Acid (also known as Sodium Hyaluronate) is a very interesting and powerful ingredient found in a lot of skin care products. It’s a vital substance which is naturally found in the human body as well. The role of Hyaluronic Acid in the human body is to provide lubrication to our joints so that they can move smoothly. But does it do anything good for the skin too? Let’s find out together!



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Innovative Beauty Products From Japan That Will Change Your Life Forever

Japanese people are known for making revolutionary beauty products. Some of their products (a “face expander” for example!) may look a little odd to the people from rest of the world but their beauty stores have a lot of hidden gems too! Today we are going to explore innovative beauty products from Japan that are basically just life changing. Let’s get the balls rolling!



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