5 Stylish Glitter Mehndi Design To Make Your D-Day Shine

5 Stylish Glitter Mehndi Design To Make Your D-Day Shine

For a bride, her wedding day is one of the most important days of her life, especially her outfit and makeup. What makes Indian wedding makeup different from others is its use of Mehndi.

Glitter Mehndi is a new type of mehndi that uses old traditional styles and jazzes it up with glitter of different colours.

Here are 5 different types of glitter mehndi design to use on your wedding day!

1. Geometric style mehndi

This style of mehndi comes from the Middle-East and is full of geometric symmetry. This mehndi consists of small and big squares, triangles, rectangles and such more complicated shapes used to complement each other, or repeated many times to create a trance-like image. This design can also be filled with flowery designs, or shaded in with bright glitter colours to add a sense of shimmer, or a festive element to the design!

2. Bracelet style mehndi

Bracelet style mehndi designs are becoming increasingly popular these days and are just the right amount of mehndi to add an element of traditional beauty and grace! It is a type of style in which mehndi is designed on your wrist making it look like a beautiful bracelet. You can also make this design on your finger as a ring, or on your ankle as an anklet. This style of mehndi is not only good for wedding days, but also for a casual look! The type of design for this style is typically stylish cursive strokes, some of which are made with gaps inside them to fill using gorgeous colourful glitter mehndi cones!

3. Floral or lace design

This is one of the most commonly used glitter mehndi designs in India. It’s mostly made of flowers with intricate design in them to fill up all the remaining space between lines. These flowers are often filled with glitter mehndi of different colours from the same colour family, adding an element of shading! The design also houses different sizes of strokes; thick strokes that stand out or thin strokes that are used to give a lacey effect.

The same bridal mehndi designs mentioned can be using normal henna cones. They would give you a traditional bridal look!

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4. Hanging star mehndi design

Hanging star is one of the most unique and easy glitter mehndi designs for hands. To accomplish this, all you have to do is draw any design of mehndi on your hands but leave symmetrical spaces and gaps in between. These organized gaps will make the design look like hanging stars. It is mostly done on only half the hand leaving the other half as it is. However, using glitter mehndi, one could make a mirror image of the mehndi on the other half of the hand, adding a gorgeous and ornate element to the style!

5. Elbow length mehndi design

This is another style of mehndi that is very common in traditional India, especially on wedding days. In this design you can use any of the styles of mehndi mentioned above and make them all the way up the elbow so your entire forearm is covered in mehndi. This also adds an element of repetition and familiarity in pattern, which makes the style strong. In fact, if you alternate the same patterns with normal mehndi and glitter mehndi, each pattern will stand out more and look unique!  This style might take up a lot of time, effort and product, but the result is worth it!

A little tip, though! Make sure you use moisturizer, to ensure your skin is hydrated and can effectively absorb the glitter mehndi!

Happy designing!

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