11 Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love

If you want to strengthen relationships or develop your network in the corporate world, gifting your client may be the best approach for your business. Corporate gifts are modern ways of appreciating your clients and showing that you value their contribution to your business’s success.

Client gifts can also be used to market your products and services and build customer loyalty. Consider sending gifts in the categories of celebration, group, promotion, or personalized. Also, use simple offerings such as MeowPrint T-Shirt printing that are affordable and sustainable for your business. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to research what your clients love and design gift packages to compliment them for choosing to be part of your business. Here are 11 corporate gifts your client will most definitely love.

Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love

11 Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love
11 Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love

1. Gift Vouchers

Corporate Gift voucher
Corporate Gift Ideas

Gift vouchers are redeemed cards or tickets bought from a merchant and delivered to your client. Your client can use the gift vouchers to buy products at any of the omnichannels listed on the card.

You can pick a selection of items for clients to choose from and decide the amount you’re willing to spend on each item. For instance, you can select self-improvement books or a DIY project catalog and let the client decide which one to use. 

It’s one way to increase client engagement with your products and services, and you can get instant feedback that’s useful to business growth.

2. Luxury Gift Baskets

Luxury gift basket for clients
Corporate Gift Basket

There’s no rule book you can use to create a luxury gift basket for your clients. However, it’s an opportunity to be creative and throw in local produce, drinks, candy, or corporate gift cards. 

You can outsource such jobs to a corporate gifts supplier to run the errands of collecting the items you want on the list. It’ll save you time as you concentrate on other vital tasks.

3. Charity Donations

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gift Ideas

If you’re building your corporate network, it’s hard to know what your clients love or what they’d like to have as a gift. You might send out gifts that gather dust on your clients’ shelves and eventually in the bin.

Instead, you can ask if they’d like a donation to their charity of choice and support it under your clients’ banner. It’ll leave an indelible mark on the charity and fulfill your goal of sending corporate gifts that your clients love.

4. Virtual Experiences

Corporate gifts
Corporate Gift

Virtual experiences have become the norm in the corporate world since the pandemic struck. It’s one of many ways corporates remotely host events and other digital experiences to keep in touch with everyone.

There’s more to learn and enjoy when you use virtual experiences in the corporate space. For instance, a virtual escape room is an avenue to have meetings or play games to relieve stress, that’s common in the corporate landscape.

5. Corporate Stationery

Corporate stationary

Corporate stationery varies from business to business, and you can customize your corporate gifts according to your client list and operations. You can opt for corporate journals, writing materials, and calendars, among other items that people hold close to their hearts.

In addition, you can send branded mugs of your business and write inspirational or uplifting messages to your clients. It’ll always remind them of you as a brand and may add to customer loyalty. So, research corporate stationery and find more ways to gift your clients.  

6. Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards for clients
Corporate Gifts

Perhaps you’re too busy to send gifts to your clients around the globe, or you’re looking for convenient ways to reach out to your client base. Digital gift cards can be the best solution for your business.

A digital gift card has equivalent functions to a physical gift card and is borderless. Your clients have an opportunity to spend them wherever they live or work. You can use the digital gift card strategy to simplify your gifting system and ensure that your clients get it on time with a few clicks on your smart devices.

7. Holiday Souvenir Gift

Corporate Gift
Holiday Souvenir Gifts

You probably hear people saving to go on holiday, but they never realize that goal due to financial constraints or other reasons. You can decide to pay for part of their holiday trip and encourage them to take some time off to go and enjoy themselves.

Alternatively, if that’s beyond your budget, you can organize a holiday souvenir gift and give it to your client’s attention. You’ll save time and money trying to arrange a holiday.

8. Candles

Corporate Gift
Scented Candle Corporate Gifts

Candles are symbolic items and can be unique gifts people like to have around their living spaces, including their offices. Your clients can use them as a light source or keep a fresh scent around their homes.

Aside from that, you might consider sending them a candle-making kit to spark creativity on the client’s part. If interested, ask them for a virtual party to help them set up the gear and try it out. 

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9. Flowers And Mini Plants

Plants for gifting
Corporate Gift

Flowers or mini plants brighten up rooms and contribute to environmental conservation, which your clients may be passionate about in their lives. You can use such corporate gifts to welcome new clients and thank them for being part of your business. In addition, flowers and mini plants bring the scene of growth, and you can inform your clients of that by writing a small note.

10. Team Experience Day

Team experience day corporate
Team Experience Day

As the pandemic subsides, social distancing restrictions are no longer practiced. You can decide to participate in organized team experiences to meet your clients in person and learn how best to serve them. For instance, you can enjoy mountain biking in a park as you interact with nature.

It’s also an opportunity to reward your clients for maintaining a healthy relationship over the years.

11. Personalized T-shirts

Everyone likes recognition in areas of interest, and the best gift to give you is a personalized T-shirt. You can design T-shirts for corporate events and have them printed and dispatched to your clients in advance. It’s one way to continue your marketing strategy and woe more clients to your business.

Final Thoughts – Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love

In business, corporate gifts are ways you can increase interaction with your clients to enhance your business. There’s an endless list of items that you can include in your gift strategy to ensure clients’ satisfaction. However, you must research your clients’ relationship with your business and develop the best approach to corporate gifts. Look for alternative ways on the internet to create a sustainable system for your gifting strategy. 

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