Frame – The Hottest Jeans Brand

FRAME was established in 2012 by Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, two London based Swedes behind The Saturday Group, the global fashion business and INDUSTRIE magazine. The pair wanted to create jeans, getting together the quality and heritage of denim manufacturing in Los Angeles, with the influence of a London style, cut and fit. FRAME is made in Los Angeles, right from design, to wash house and cut & sew, with the best people in their field coming together to create an unrivaled product.

Frame favorites are the Le Skinny and Le Garcon, our most popular boyfriend jean, with Frames, unique quality being the ripped and distressed. When it comes to FRAME Denim, they really know how making a pair of skinny jeans. Frame jeans are great to wear and its lower rise skinny jean which is slim all the way downwards. Frame jeans have impressive colors, it looks like they have colored them actually. The sewing together is perfectly done all over the jean. You can tell these are a premium pair of jeans just by looking at them. Talking of thistitching, the single thing that sets Frame apart is the little F stitching on the left outer seam of the thigh, the brand’s trademark and signature so you should always be able to distinguish a pair of Frame jeans from that only!



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How To Crack The NIFT Exam To Get Into The Best Fashion Designing Colleges

National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance exam is an examination which is directed by NIFT India. NIFT examination is conducted every year for admission of the students in several fashion designing courses (Both UG and PG).

Students who want to make a profession in designing must clear their entrance exam and get into Top Fashion Colleges in India through NIFT Exam. There are many entrance exams for different colleges across the country, but if you want to join Top Fashion College in India, you must take the NIFT entrance examination.




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Love For Denim

Denims are back like never before. They have invaded the closets in all forms. Bags, shirts rompers, Jumpers, Jodhpur style, shoes, Belts, suspenders. You name it and it’s available.

Soon after the Denim factories were setup and now they boomed into a huge clothing industry. Today denim is proved to be the first choice for the consumer of any kind and is the single most used fabric in the world.



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Top 5 Fashion Trends For Summer 2017

Winter season is almost over in India and now the weather is slowly transitioning towards summers. It’s not exactly my favourite season of the year, the only reason I love it is because I get to wear nice and colourful outfits all throughout the months of summer. Unlike winters, where I have to wrap myself up in boring jackets and sweaters so that I don’t end up freezing to death! ? During summers, I mostly prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable, light and fashionable at the same time. I have been exploring the summer 2017 fashion trends from a while now and I thought of sharing them with you all.

Want to know about the trends that will be “in” during this spring/summer season? Then scroll down below!



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Coloring Trends For Spring’17

One of the perks of style-blogging has been that, you start falling in love all the colors around you!

As a kid my favorite color used to be pink and the number of pinks I had in my wardrobe always annoyed my male cousins! Need a new umbrella? Pink. New frock? Pink! Shoes for birthday? Pink!



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A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide

“Law & Order: SVU” star Ice-T and his volumptuous wife Coco Austin recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. The couple were lucky enough to have a photo taken right at the moment they met (it was at an event/party). While “Ice” says he was first taken “with her teeth” (perhaps they were particularly white and straight?), he noticed (most obviously) her other assets, of which she is best known: her bosom and her posterior. Coco, mother of a year-old-baby (Chanel), who is the star of her Instagram account (and it’s nearly three-million followers), is pretty much universally considered as stunning, drop-dead gorgeous and the definition of a blonde bombshell.

Coco knows her best features and often proudly displays them. She is an inspiration to curvy gals the world over. Embrace your curves, she seems to declare. And there’s no better place to show your best self off, than at your high school prom.


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Cool And Chic Statement Bags

Statement bags became really popular in 2016. They are now a staple in every woman’s handbags collection. I don’t own any of them since I rarely carry handbags, but I find them very cool! Scroll down below to check out some cool and chic statement bags. ?



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