6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style: The fashion industry has now become a labyrinth of different styles, cuts and colors. You can play with several permutations and combinations to build up your own style which is unique and exclusive to you alone.

But this can be very confusing especially when you don’t even know where to start and what your inner calling of fashion is. Well, if you’d ask any fashion expert or consult any fashion article, it would be clear that you first need some essentials or staple items to make a solid ground for other styles.

This is the reason why minimalistic style is coming back with a bang! Women want to refresh their wardrobe but with as little space used as possible. There are a lot of minimalistic staple items that every woman needs to invest in like women high waist pants, tank tops, trench coats, pencil skirts and slip dresses.

The misconception about minimalistic style is that it’s rudimentary, boring and run-of-the-mill but sorry to burst your bubble, this is not true at all. In fact if you look at OG style icons their style statement has always been minimalistic like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

I know, nowadays people are getting their style inspirations from Instagram influencers and bloggers who are trying to sabotage fashion esthetic just for the sake of views, attention and followers by promoting substandard brands.

But if you want to stay relevant for years to come and look your chicest, coolest and classiest then you need to have these staple minimalistic items like white slip dress. Minimalistic style is very chic and swanky if done right, so let’s show you some of these fashion pieces that can boost your confidence and make you feel oh-so-cool.

Here are 10 minimalistic items that you need to invest now, so let’s check them out!

Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

1. Classic White Shirt

6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style
6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

A white shirt is a classic wardrobe essential that you can pair up with any outfit to make it chic, relaxed and cool. Although it’s a very basic piece, it is very essential to make outfits shine as a white shirt looks cool with a leather jacket, women’s high waist pants, wide legged trousers and matching pant suits as well.

You can grab a couple of these white shirts in silk, satin, or ribbed material in tank tops, crewnecks and relaxed fit to make your outfits fashionably cool.

2. Perfect Fitted Jeans

Slim fit jeans
6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

A pair of perfectly fitted jeans is a wardrobe essential that every woman needs. A perfect pair of jeans is comfortable, looks flattering on your shape and can be paired up with different styles.

Mom jeans are loved universally while classic straight cut jeans are another loved style. Jeans come in several washes like dark blue, black, white, light blue or dark indigo. Invest in a couple of good pairs of classic jeans that you can mix and match with a white shirt, a silk blouse, a coat and comfortable sneakers.

You can also enhance the glamour of fitted jeans with the right pair of shoes. You can’t go wrong with wearing classic black boots, a polished blazer, and a wool beret with black jeans. During summer, you can throw in wedges or flat sandals. You can even go casual with your favorite sneakers! 

Check out the best sneakers, sandals, boots, or heels that you can pair with classic jeans online or at brick-and-mortar shoe stores near you. Brand House Direct Shoes recommends buying shoes made of high-quality standards for maximum comfort and style, such as ones with cushioned innersoles, durable outsoles, and padded collars.  

3. Oversized Chunky Knits

Chunky knit sweater
6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

An oversized chunky knit is a minimalist winter wardrobe must-have that you’ll come across all the time on Instagram worn by celebrities and influencers.

These oversized knits are super comfortable, chic, powerfully sophisticated and oh-s-warm and cozy. You can pair them up with knee-high boots and wear the knit as a dress or you can pair it up with women’s high waist pants.

The oversized knits come in all kinds of materials although the cashmere ones are truly an investment as they regulate the temperature of the body, you can also opt for knit ones that look amazing and do last a couple of seasons.

When shopping for the perfect oversized knit collection, inspect the tags for the materials used. Choose a suitable material for you according to how the fabric feels, your style, and the clothing’s intended function. 

Some sweaters have high percentages of polyamide and polyester in them. While durable and inexpensive, they are less breathable, making them naturally warm. Synthetic materials provide oversized knits with shape and stretch, but they sometimes compromise comfort. Hence, choose sweaters that are made of at least 75 percent natural fibers for optimum quality, comfort, and durability.

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4. Slip/shirt dresses

6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style
6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

Shirt dresses are becoming a staple closet item due to their high comfort and style quotient. These shirt dresses are easy to style yet look amazing with adding just a small accessory like a belt around the waist or fabric bow.

You can pair these shirt dresses with different items like booties, sweaters, coats, scarfs and chunky necklaces to make a statement. Look classic and minimalistic with trending shirt dresses when paired with the highest quality and most comfortable pair of shoes. 

Slip dresses are also very much an essential minimalist clothing option as it’s generally made of good quality silk or stain in plain solid colors which makes it far less busy but very soft, sexy and cool. Pair a white slip dress with stilettos to look like a boss-lady!

5. A Quintessential, Flattering Coat

6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style
6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

If there is one piece you want to invest in and start your journey of minimalistic style wardrobe then it is a quintessential, flattering coat in a color or style that best suits you. This coat can be a trench coat, a wrap-around style coat or a buttoned coat.

This outerwear is the best winter item that you can invest on as it has the ability to go with any of the above mentioned items seamlessly yet create one distinct look that can be a powerful head-turner.

A well-structured coat in a color that best suits you like a black, white or beige can pair well with a plain white tee, jeans and booties. Simple yet classic!

6. Accessories

6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style
6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

Most people have this misconception that in minimalistic style accessories have no place but that’s completely untrue. In fact accessories are very important when it comes to nailing the minimalist style.

They add the perfect amount of bling, color blocking and excitement to the outfit. Chunk gold earring, large rings, a leather tote bag, necklaces, bracelets and anklets all are welcome in the minimalistic style.

If you think that adding a lot of them would take away from the simple yet classic look you want to achieve, then you can choose between earring, necklaces or bracelets depending on the cuts or style of your dress.

Conclusion – 6 Essential Items to Build your Classic Minimalistic Style

Minimalistic style is great for everyday as well as for formal occasions only if you have a mix of some staple high-quality pieces as well as some different styles that you can mix and match together.

So build your own sort of style and play with the staple items to know your truer minimalistic calling.

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