Summer season is here, and the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about the perfect footwears for this season is usually flip-flops or sandals. They are great footwear if you are going to the beach, but they can be a pain if someone were to...
The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide
No matter what anyone says, your prom is a big deal! It is a night that you look forward to throughout all of high school, and whether you are going on a romantic date, bringing a guy friend, or going stag (which is equally as awesome), you want to... - The One Stop Destination For Indian Ethnic Wear
Being a woman of this generation I always prefer to go with the contemporary style when it comes to fashion. However, there’s nothing constant in fashion world and experimenting with the look and style is not at all my forte. One thing that I am certain about is that...
5 Types Of Silk Sarees & Their Origins
Let's admit it.. When it comes to the fabric of sarees, silk is the most coveted choice of Indian women.India, being the second largest country in the world to produce silk, is a house to many different types of silk fabrics. Almost all the 29 states of India have a...
Winter is coming, which means the days are shorter and the temperatures are colder. When this happens it is easy to simply throw on some tights and a big coat and go with it. However, dressing in the winter does not need to be boring. There are many ways...
How to Get Started in Fashion Industry
There are few industries quite as intimidating as fashion. We’re led to believe, of course, that a career in clothes is all about image. While this isn’t necessarily untrue, it’s easy to forget it doesn’t have to be your image. Fashion is more than what you see on the...
Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul
Are you still wearing clothes that your mom bought you? Have you never escaped the “total frat” look you cultivated in college? Did you make fashion mistakes when you were younger and when you look back on old photos–you cringe?Maybe you’re just looking for something new, to look more...

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