An Essential Guide To Caring For Your Expensive Leather Bag

Leather bags are timeless pieces that add a touch of elegance to any outfit. They are generally expensive due to the materials used and the production process. Nevertheless, the cost is worth it for most people, as they look sophisticated and classy.

An expensive leather bag requires proper care to make it last for years. It’ll be a waste to let a costly item break due to poor maintenance.
Maintenance applies to brand-new and old items. This guide lets you know how to restore your old bags to life and care for your new ones.

Restoring An Old Bag

Weekender from Von Baer
Weekender from Von Baer

A well-cared-for leather item can last a lifetime, but neglecting it can cause the material to crack, fade, and even rot over time (Source:

There are plenty of ways you can restore an old leather bag. The best is bringing it to a leather specialty store and letting them do their magic. Depending on how old the bag is and how much the damage is, the process can take two to six weeks.

Alternatively, you can try to fix it on your own. You can put in a leather conditioner, mix polish colors, and then apply. You have to repeat the steps a couple of times before you achieve the desired result.

You then need to do regular maintenance to avoid the leather from fading again. While restoring your leather bag can be a thorough process, it’ll make every cent of your purchase count.

Caring For Your Leather Bags

Listed below are some ways to care for your expensive leather bag:

Use A Leather Cleaner

Leather bags get dirty and dusty over time. You can clean them with a soft cloth or brush. Using a leather cleaner is recommended. It contains ingredients that can protect and nourish your bag and keep it in its best condition. Using water or wet wipes isn’t an option as it could leave off watermarks.
Using a commercial leather cleaner is better than making DIY products. While the latter helps you save, they may not be the safest option for your leather bags.

When using your leather cleaner, apply them in a soft circular motion. Use a damp cloth to remove excess solution. Do this every six months to keep your bags in their best shape.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Like your skin, leather bags must be moisturized. Not conditioning the leather can cause the surface to dry, peel, and crack. It can ruin the entire bag’s appearance and may even be unfixable if you ignore it for too long. To preserve your leather bag’s appearance, apply leather conditioner monthly.

Ensure that you purchase quality leather conditioner for your bag. You can apply it with a microfiber cloth to maximize its effectiveness.

Avoid Overfilling

Leather can stretch. While you may want to bring as many items with you, overfilling your leather bag can ruin its quality. Overloading can cause your leather to elongate and lose shape. You can opt for bigger bags to avoid straining your leather. You can check work bags and see which fits your wardrobe best and can carry everything you need.

Similarly, you should avoid filling your bag with heavy items. The excess weight can drag your bag down, causing the leather to stretch. The extra weight can break your bag. Your bag’s straps and handles may not be sturdy enough to carry the load.

Remove Stains Promptly

Once you spot any stains in your leather bag, you should remove them immediately. Letting stains sit on your bag too long can make the spot permanent. At this point, you may need to bring your bag to a specialist to return it to its original appearance.

If your leather bag has food or blood stains, sprinkle chalk powder on the affected area. Let it sit for at least 24 hours, and dust off. It should help remove or minimize any stain on your leather bag.

Alternatively, you can apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and blot. Don’t rub it, as it can spread the stain; instead, pat it carefully.

Practice Proper Storage

Storing your leather bags isn’t just about placing them anywhere inside your home. Improper storage can make your leather dry and break.

You should insert your leather bags inside their original dust bag to keep them away from dirt. You can also place them inside a clean pillowcase. Refrain from using plastic as they don’t promote ventilation. You can also add a pack of silica gels to minimize the excess moisture.

You should fill your leather bag with stuffing to retain its shape. You can use the stuffing that comes with the bag or use a cotton fabric. Avoid using newspaper as the ink can transfer inside your bag.


With the price of leather bags, taking extra care of them is a must. You need to take additional steps to care for your bags. Clean and condition them every few months. You should also store them correctly to keep them in their best shape. With regular care and proper storage, you can add to your collection of handbags and ensure that everything looks fantastic.

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