Review | Terra Real Vegetable Chips – The Healthified Version Of Chips!


Chips (or Crisps!) make the best snack option and stomach fillers between meals. Especially on the days when you’re too lazy to get up and cook something for yourself, you can just grab a packet of chips and you are sorted. Whenever I have chips packets lying around in my house, I end up binge-eating all of them. Yep, I have a major chips addiction and I know that I’m not the only one out here who has it.

We all know that chips aren’t the healthiest snack option for us, but it’s hard to get over the addiction. – isn’t it?  😜 That’s why I have always wished for a healthified version of chips, and now I have found a brand which produces scrumptious, yet healthy real vegetable chips! The brand is called TERRA. I got a chance to try out 3 different variants of their exotic vegetable chips and today I will be reviewing them for all the chips-addicts over here. Keep on reading if you want to know about them in detail.


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Indian Handcrafted Sarees For Women That Are Still In Vogue


India is known for many exquisite productions which include theatre group, cinema, Ayurveda, yoga, cuisines, travelling, and designer ethnic dresses. But the most trending thing that make every woman of India enthral into the sophisticated elegance of Indian handcrafted sarees. These sarees showcase the heart of textile art of India in its every spirit. Be it any silk, tant or online Banarasi sarees, the classy echelon of women group who understand raw artistry find these designs alluring and perfect for street fashion as well.


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Top 8 Alternatives For Shaving Creams (+ some shaving tips you should know!)


I have been scared of blades and razors all my life. It’s only recently that I said bye-bye to my battery operated shaver and bought myself a razor to get rid of unwanted hair. I saw a lot of YouTubers giving thumbs up to Gillette Venus Razor so I made mind to try it out. Girls (or people in general!) these days are switching to shaving for cost related reasons and feasibility.


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Top 5 Natural Essential Oils That Work Mystically For Hair And Scalp

Top 5 Natural Essential Oils That Work Mystically for Hair and Scalp

Having a strong, silky, shiny, and lustrous hair is every girl’s dream. Beautiful and strong hair not only enhances your personality but will also act as a great source to enhance your beauty. It is, therefore, important to know how to nourish your hair in a proper way. Have you tried all the best available hair oils or hair care products but not satisfied with the result? Well, then you may be probably missing out something natural i.e. the essential oil.


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Review | Patanjali Apricot Face Scrub


Patanjali’s beauty products are either a hit or a miss. I’m a big fan of their hair cleansers and face washes, but their neem aloe vera face pack was a total bummer. I still have it, but I have stopped using it all together because it just wouldn’t work for me! 🙁 At least, their Apricot Scrub has won my heart and that’s why I’m not sad about the face pack anymore. 😝  Keep on reading to know why I love it


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