3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips

The real reason why our lips get dry so easily as compared to the skin on the rest of our body is because the skin on our lips is incredibly thin! Besides that, the skin on our lips doesn’t contain any sweat glands, which means that they don’t have any way to stay moisturized naturally. Hence, it becomes more important for us to take extra care of our lips daily by using lip balms and lip scrubs from time to time. I have reviewed tons of lip balms in the past, but this time, I thought I should share some interesting DIY lip scrub recipes with you guys which can help you to get that luscious pout with just simple, natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen! So here are 3 easy homemade lip scrubs DIYs that serve different purposes.

3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips

DIY Cinnamon Lip Scrub | Lip Plumping Scrub

3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips
3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips

Applying cinnamon on the lips can feel really uncomfortable for a while. Beauty is pain.. Sigh! But cinnamon can make your lips look fuller and plumper instantly.

There cannot be a better way to get plump lips naturally than using cinnamon oil on the lips, either by mixing it with a carrier oil or by making a lip scrub DIY with the recipe below!

You will need:

Take all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix them until they are well combined. Apply the mixture directly on your lips and use your fingertips to exfoliate them. After using this plumping lip scrub, Your lips will instantly start to look bigger and fuller, all thanks to cinnamon essential oil! The sugar will get rid of dead skin cells from your lips, making them feel baby soft.

DIY Lemon & Honey Lip Scrub | Lip Lightening Scrub

3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips
3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips

There are a lot of factors that can cause pigmentation or discoloration of the lips. Some of the main factors that cause lip pigmentation are melasma, smoking, using bad quality lip products, habit of licking lips, etc. It is not that easy to get rid of lip pigmentation completely, but with a good “lip care” routine, you can lighten your lips a bit.

To make lemon and honey lip lightening scrub, you will require:

  • 2 tablespoons of Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey or Coconut Oil
  • Half Lemon Juice (you may also use 3-4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil instead of this)

For this quick and yummilicious lip exfoliator, you can either use honey or coconut oil as a base, it just depends on your preference! Honey will make it more mouthwatering and tempting I bet! ? Use this lip scrub twice a week to see proper results. Don’t forget to apply a hydrating lip balm after using the scrub. Another very important tip to prevent or treat lip pigmentation is to use a lip balm with SPF to protect them from the harmful UV rays.

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DIY Crushed Peppermint Candies & Coconut Oil Scrub | Cooling & Moisturizing Lip Scrub

3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips
3 Yummy DIY Lip Scrubs To Try For Luscious Lips

A lip scrub that can exfoliate the dead skin cells, moisturize the lips and provide cooling effects at the same time? Hell yeah! ? I saw this fun DIY in a Facebook video, I don’t remember which page had posted it otherwise I would have definitely given the credits for this DIY to them! ?

Who knew peppermint candies that are usually considered as mouthfreshners can also be used to get pouty lips?

You will need just two ingredients for this lip scrub; 

  • Peppermint Candies (quantity depends on their size! ?)
  • 1-2 tablespoon of Coconut Oil

Put the peppermint candies in a zip lock bag and crush them using a heavy object. Make sure that its texture remains a little coarse otherwise it will not be that effective if it becomes too powdery. Once the crushed peppermint candies are of the right texture, mix them with coconut oil. Your cooling and moisturizing lip scrub will be ready! This one is quite different from the usual coconut and sugar scrub for lips. ?

Share your favourite DIY lip scrub recipe with me in the comments below!

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