Top 7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019

If you are a saree hoarder or if you have a new found love for sarees, then you might be looking for ways to spice up your saree collection and try out some trending saree styles that would amp up your ethnic look. The year 2019 has brought in a ton of new saree trends that would please indowestern fashion lovers as well as those who love the pure traditional Indian touch in the sarees. If you combine them with stylish small hoop earrings, then you have got the perfect look!

In this post, let’s take a look at the top 7 trending saree styles you should try in 2019.

7 Trending Saree Styles You Should Try In 2019

7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019

1. Ruffled Saree

7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 - Ruffled Saree

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Ruffled sarees, also referred as frill sarees, are really in from the last couple of years and we are hoping that their trend is here to stay!

They have the perfect touch of indowestern appeal and they look great in all kinds of occasions, be it a cocktail party or a festival.

Top ethnic fashion brands like Inddus, Tikhi Imli, Colors and Aks on Myntra have a stunning range of affordable ruffled sarees online in India that you may want to take a look at.

2. Organza Saree

7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 - Floral Organza Saree
7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 – Floral Organza Saree | Source – Issa Studio

One ethnic trend that is topping the charts this year is the trend of organza sarees! They have been around since forever, but they have recently started getting popular.

Organza fabric is very light weight and easy to carry, hence, if you are not used to wearing sarees or if you feel uncomfortable in them, you should surely try out an organza saree and add one to your wardrobe ASAP! They have a comfortable feel and a glam look, both at the same time.

3. Chanderi Tissue Saree

7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019
7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 – Chanderi Tissue Saree | Source – Diaries Of Nomad

Chanderi silk is a serene and stylish fabric that brings traditional and modern vibes together. Just like the organza fabric, chanderi fabric is also very lightweight and easy to carry. Since we are talking about 2019’s saree trends, we cannot not talk about the gorgeous chanderi tissue sarees that are in vogue right now.

Diaries of Nomad, a gypsy brand from India, has a lovely selection of 9 yards of beauties made with glam chanderi tissue fabric. The sarees have zero embroidery or any other kind of embellishment on them, yet, they are breathtakingly gorgeous due to the shiny fabric of chanderi tissue.

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4. A Funky Print Saree

Audrey Hepburn Saree
7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 – A Funky Print Saree | Source – Suta

You may have seen women sporting blouses with funky and eye-catching prints of famous stars or goddesses on the back.

Suta, an Indian design house that makes stunning ensembles with a mix of traditionalism and contemporaneity, has this beautiful saree with a print of Audrey Hepburn on the pallu. And let’s just admit it, who would not want to have such a simple yet gorgeous saree with Hollywood’s greatest icon’s print on the pallu? It is an ultimate chic piece from the brand that any woman with a love for indowestern sarees would want to have in her collection.

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5. The One Minute Saree

Dhoti Saree
7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 – The One Minute Saree | Source – Pasha India

Want to flaunt sarees without going through the hassles of draping them properly? (And of course, sans the fear of your saree getting undone in public!)

Then these trendy “one minute” sarees or the palazzo/dhoti sarees will be your friend! Just wear them like you would normally wear a jumpsuit or a dress and that’s all! They give you the comfort of western clothing and look very traditional as well.

Check out the collection of one minute sarees by Aks that are my absolute favourite.

Global Desi, a brand of India’s top fashion designer Anita Dongre, also has a couple of ready to wear pre-stitched palazzo and dhoti sarees that are worth a look.

6. Cowl Style Saree

Cowl Style Trendy Saree 2019
7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 – Cowl Style Saree | Utsav Fashion

Cowl style pre-stitched sarees have beautiful pleats on the front that enhance your curves. They look more like evening gowns and less like pre-stitched sarees. With a cowl style saree, you get the best of both worlds!

7. A Solid Satin Saree

Solid Satin Saree
7 Trending Saree Styles For 2019 – Solid Satin Saree | Source – @faheen_panjwani

The trend of satin sarees is back – yet again! And this time, it is the trend of solid satin sarees which is winning the hearts!

Shiny and glam fabric of satin can help you make a statement with your saree look effortlessly. You can take inspirations from blogger Farheen Panjwani’s video for the most unique ways to style your solid satin saree.

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