Review | Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

After using my trusty old Lakme Nail Colour Remover for ages, I decided to switch to something new and bought this Color Show Nail Color Remover by Maybelline. I think it was launched sometime around in the beginning of this year. Their color show range of  nail paints and lipsticks is a huge hit around the world. Let’s see if this nail paint remover is as good!

Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover
Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

The nail paint rage that Color Show created in the beauty lovers’ community, is back with something you would definitely want to get your hands on. Leaving your nails soft, smooth, and pampered, we present to you one of the finest nail paint removers. Maybelline New York Nail Paint Remover:

  • Is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E that nourishes your nails while removing the nail paints.
  • Softens your pinkies and cares for them, leaving a healthy sheen behind.
  • Removes every spec of color, leaving nails free for new application.
Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover
Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

Price – Rs.100/- | Quantity – 30ml | Shelf life – 24 months | Availability – Buy it on Nykaa for Rs.85/-

My Take on Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover
Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover comes in a glass bottle with a stopper and a black coloured cap on top. The stopper already has a hole in it so you don’t have to do it by yourself. Its stopper drops out the adequate amount of the product on the cotton. Biggest con of this product is surely its glass bottle packaging. It is too heavy and inconvenient so I always have to be careful while using or storing it.  Brands should understand that they can use plastic bottles for such products instead of using glass bottles.

Anyhoo, the packaging doesn’t bother me a lot because the product is very efficient in its work. Its smell is a bit irritating, but it goes away once you wash your hands. Nail enamel removers usually dry out the nails / cuticles or leave a white residue behind, but I haven’t experienced any such problem with this one. Sometimes I do struggle a bit to remove nail paint stains from my nails because they get stained really easily whenever I forget to apply a clear base coat. So ladies, always apply a good base coat before applying any dark shade of nail paint, otherwise your nails may get badly stained.

I will definitely recommend this to all of you who change nail paint colours often and need huge amounts of nail paint removers. For Rs.100/- it is a really good deal! You can get it even cheaper during discounts on Nykaa/Habbana.

What I liked about Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

  • Inexpensive.
  • Removes nail paint without any hassle. (I have not tried it with any glitter nail paint because I don’t own one.)
  • Contains Vitamin E.
  • Doesn’t dry out the nails/cuticles.

What I didn’t like about Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover

  • Comes in a glass bottle so you have to be careful with it.
  • I’m not a big fan of its smell.

Hope you all found this review helpful. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends! Belated happy Diwali to all of my readers and thanks to everyone who wished me on my birthday. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review | Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover”

  1. I love using nail paints, currently using Lakme one and quite satisfied with its results. This one looks like a great alternative. Nicely reviewed.

  2. That’s an affordable option to try out 🙂 I guess everyone till date is either stuck to those Lakme nail-paint removers or Elle 18 ones :’D

  3. I like Maybelline and I think this must be a great nail polish remover! I notmally take mine off at my manicurist and didn’t ask her the brand she uses, but maybe I should – this is an important product! Hope you have a very nice week!


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