5 Features To Look For In A Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Pregnancy safe sunscreen: There are five key factors that contribute to the safety of sunscreen use during pregnancy and nursing. These factors include the specific UV filters used in the sunscreen, their quality and grade, the natural content of the product, the absence of parabens, and the exclusion of artificial fragrances.

To ensure that sunscreen is safe for use during pregnancy and nursing, it is important to consider these factors.

Features To Look For In A Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

1. UV Filters:

The US FDA recommends only using zinc and titanium-based mineral UV filters in sunscreen during pregnancy and nursing. This is because chemical filters can be absorbed into the body, and the long-term effects of this absorption are unclear. Certain animal studies have shown that these chemical filters may cause endocrine disruption, which is why they are no longer recommended for use during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

2. Nano vs Non-Nano UV Filters:

While physical sunscreens may contain nano-based products, it is preferable to use non-nano mineral sunscreens, as there is a possibility of absorption with nano-based products. Non-nano mineral sunscreens are safe for use during pregnancy and nursing.

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Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

3. Natural Content:

Sunscreen products with high natural content are the safest option during pregnancy and nursing. So choose a mineral sunscreen with high natural content during pregnancy.

4. Parabens:

It is best to avoid parabens in sunscreens, as they may cause endocrine disruption. This is especially important during pregnancy and nursing, as a safe sunscreen should not contain any parabens or phthalates.

5. Synthetic Fragrances and Colours:

Some synthetic additives, such as fragrances and colours, may not be approved for use during pregnancy. Pregnancy-safe sunscreens should not contain any synthetic additives, such as artificial perfumes or colours.

It is highly recommended to review these factors when shopping for pregnancy-safe sunscreen. Alternatively, you can save time and choose SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road mineral sunscreen from by Dermatology, which is a trustworthy pregnancy safe sunscreen that meets all the criteria discussed above, allowing you to spend more precious moments on your “me time.”

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