18+ Gorgeous Eid Al-Adha Mehndi Designs 2019 | Mehndi Design Images For Eid Ul-Adha 2019

Eid Al-Adha, also known as Eid Ul-Adha, Bakri Eid, or the “festival of sacrifice”, is an Islamic festival celebrated each year somewhere around the month of July or August. The festival also marks the end of the religious pilgrimage – Hajj, that takes followers of Islam religion to the mosque in Mecca.

It is celebrated as a feast and with grand get-togethers for families. Amidst the feast preparations and prayers, women who love doling up for the festival get their hands adorned for this one with latest Eid Al-Adha mehndi designs. With this post, we are sharing some inspirations for the trending Eid Al-Adha mehndi designs with images – for this upcoming festival which is falling on the 11th and the 12th of August. Keep on scrolling to see the latest eid ul-adha mehndi design images! 

18+ Gorgeous Eid Al-Adha Mehndi Designs | Mehndi Design Images For Eid Ul-Adha 2019

1. Shaded Roses Mehndi Design For Eid Ul-Adha

Roses Eid Mehndi

Rose mehendi designs give a retro vibe to your look! The queen of flowers is always on trends when it comes to mehndi designs. Try out this appealing shaded roses mehendi design for eid 2019 for a fusion touch to your look. 

2. Ethnic Motifs Palm Mehndi Design For Bakri Eid 2019

Full Palm Eid Mehndi Design

3. Unique Diagonal Mehndi Design For Palm

Eid Diagonal Mehndi Design 2019

4. Intricate Patterns Palm Mehndi Design For Eid 2019

Full Palm Mehndi Design For Eid

5. Black Mehndi Designs For Eid Al-Adha 2019

Black Henna Design For Eid
Black Henna Mehndi Design For Eid

Black henna cones are useful for creating last minute mehendi designs! It stains your hands immediately and looks as gorgeous as normal henna. So if you are a busy woman who didn’t get the chance to get her Eid Ul-Adha mehandi design done on time, grab your black henna cone and try out either of these two pretty designs. 

6. Moon & Religious Patterns Mehndi Design For Eid

Eid Special Mehndi Design
Eid Special Moon Mehndi Design
Eid Themed Mehndi Design

The festival of eid calls for moon and religious patterned mehendi design that go with this festival’s theme! I have shared more such designs on my post about mehndi designs for Eid Ul-Fitr which I shared earlier this year. 

7. Full Palm Mehndi Design With Shaded Elements 

Shaded Palm Mehndi Design For Eid Al-Adha

8. Simple Palm Mehndi Design For Both Hands

Eid Mehndi Design For Both Hands

9. Freestyle Mehndi Design On Palm

Eid Ul-Adha Mehndi Design Images For 2019

10. Modern & Minimalistic Eid Al-Adha Mehndi Designs 

Simple Modern Mehndi Designs For Eid Ul-Adha
Minimal Eid Ul-Adha Mehndi Design Images For 2019
Minimalistic Eid Mehndi Design

Women with modern, minimalistic and kinda out-of-the-box taste for mehendi would love trying out these two very unique Eid Al-Adha Mehndi designs. 

11. Two Different Mehndi Designs For Both Hands

Bakri Eid Unique Mehandi Design

Got your eyes on two different palm mehendi designs and want to flaunt both of them? I say – why not! Get inspired by these two mehndi designs that are complementing each other very well. 

12. Round Mehndi Design with Beautiful Patterns on Wrist

Eid Ul-Adha Mehandi Designs

13. Glove Style Eid Al-Adha Mehndi Design

Glove Mehndi Design For Eid

Glove style mehandi designs make your fingers and hands look longer as well as thinner. Furthermore, they look really pretty if you are wearing a full-sleeved kurta with them. 

14. Stunning Back Of The Hand Eid Al-Adha Mehndi Designs

latest Eid Ul-Adha Mehndi Design Images
Eid Back Of The Hand Mehndi Design

Eid Back Of The Hand Mehndi Design

15. Shoulder Mehndi Design For Eid


Planning to wear a sleeveless outfit for eid that will show off your shoulders and arms? Then this exquisite shoulder mehendi design should be your pick.

How To Book A Mehndi Artist For Eid & Other Occasions? 

You can find a lot of amazing mehndi artists from your city through Instagram and Facebook. They usually need to be booked days before an event, but if you are lucky, they might have a slot available for you! If you are based in India, you can try out portals like UrbanClap and WedMeGood to book your mehndi artist. 

18+ Eid Al-Adha Mehndi Designs 2019


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