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Heya everyone!Β I don’t know if you guys remember, but few days back, I did a post about my Dresslink wishlist, and guess what?! I finally got a chance to haul all the stuff I had on my wish list!! πŸ™‚ So yeah, Today I’m going to write about my shopping experience with and do some mini reviews of all the stuff I got from there. This review has been pending from last 8-9 days. OK, It’s time to stop procrastinating!!! Let’s proceed with the post, Shall we? - A One Stop Destination For Women's Fashion – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

1.Β Women’s Casual Fashion Long Sleeve V-neck Dress Sexy Stretch Bodycon Long Dress – $3.97 (approx Rs.265/-) - A One Stop Destination For Women's Fashion – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

I wasn’t sure whether this dress would fit me or not while ordering it. I usually wear either M (medium) or L (large) size when it comes to dresses so I ordered it in L size. I tried it on immediately after the package reached me. It fits me pretty well since it’s made up of stretchable material, but I will need to get it fixed on the shoulder/neck part because it keeps slipping off from one side. That’s the reason I didn’t click OOTD pictures while wearing it. The quality of the dress material is AMAZING though! Β Seriously, No one would ever believe me if I’d tell them that I got this dress for only $3.97!!!!!

Rating – 4.5/5*(-0.5 for fitting issue)

2.Β Women’s Leather Cute Mini Cross Body Chain Shoulder Bag – $2.66 (approx Rs.178/-) - A One Stop Destination For Women's Fashion – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

Rs.178.. can you imagine?! It’s pretty impossible to find a good quality hand bag or sling bag for less than Rs.700-800 ($10-12) in India. I won’t compare it to some high-end brand’s bags (Oh I don’t own any of them!) but yeah, it’s beautiful and quite spacious as well. I can easily fit my phone and a small wallet in it. I can also turn it into a handbag, clutch or sling bag since its strap is removable and adjustable! I showed this bag to many of my mom’s friends, they loved it and they were really shocked when they got to know its price!

Rating – 5/5* hands down!

3.Β Dazzling Crown Imitate Pearl Retro Style Chain Necklace – $1.02 (approx Rs.68/-) - A One Stop Destination For Women's Fashion – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

Love love loveddddd this vintage style neck piece! It’d go with just any of my western outfit.

Rating –Β 5/5*

4.Β Sexy Girls Ladies Over The Knee Tight Socks Thigh High Cotton Stockings – $1.18 (approx – Rs.78) - A One Stop Destination For Women's Fashion – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

These stockings are super comfortable! They fit in my (fat) legs perfectly. πŸ˜€ I’d wear them more often during winters since they’re warm and cozy!

Rating – 5/5*

5.Β Same Style With Stars Women Girls Lady Alloy Imitation Pearl Ear Studs Earrings – $0.61 (approx Rs.40/-) - A One Stop Destination For Women's Fashion – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

I own a pair of double Pearl earrings already, but they’re of different pattern and colour. I love this concept of double-sided earrings, they look classy and chic at the same time! I wear mine most of the times. I’m happy to add one more pair to my collection!

Rating – 5/5*

6.Β Lovely Cute Rhinestone Crystal Bowknot Bow Tie Earrings Earring – $1.09 (approx – Rs.72/-) - A One Stop Destination For Women's Fashion – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

These bowknot earrings are so blingy.

Rating – 5/5*

Total price of all the items – $10.53

Shipping Charges – $11.16

Shipping Method – Aramex (with tracking number)

What I like about –

  • They sell high quality stuff that are very affordable! Their prices are like 1/4th of what you’d get in other sites similar to theirs.
  • They have a variety of products for women and kids(I have checked the kids section as well, their stuff is cute!). It’s like an online version of a mall!
  • Their collection of clothes and jeweleries is GORGEOUS and trendy!

What I don’t like about –

  • Nothing, but I wish that they start providing free shipping.. like for orders above $40-$60. I’d buy their whole store then.
  • Rating

Final Words

The quality of the items I got from DressLink was beyond my expectation! I had read many bad reviews of DressLink which were keeping me from shopping with them, but I’m quite comfortable now and I don’t think that I’d ever hesitate to shop with them in the future since my overall shopping experience was GREAT! I’d recommend you girls to check out their site once and order 2-3 stuff.. If you like their quality (which you’d do for sure) you’d be eager to shop with them again and again! They have this separate section called “Flashbuy” where you can get items for prices as low as $0.01! It’s like paying for the shipping only. πŸ™‚

Have a question regarding my shopping experience with Dresslink? Feel free to ask me in the comments below! Happy shopping loves!

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  1. So is the OOTD with the dress possible soon? πŸ˜€ Would love you with the jewelleries and dress. πŸ™‚

  2. Hearing about the website for the first time and yes i am so gonna check them out! OOTD please πŸ™‚

  3. My first comment on Gorgeously Flawed πŸ˜€ , first of all big congratulations girl! Nothing beats the feeling of having your own website.

    Lovely stuff you picked (I know I have said it before πŸ˜› ) , Love that chain necklace and ear rings the most! Wait for my dresslink post πŸ˜‰

  4. Loved the stuff..and that sling bag is an eyecandy πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Dipti.Looks like an awesome haul.Loved the sling bag and the earings.Will definitely check out stuff dear.

  6. Great blog! I like the necklace and earrings especially the bow earrings. I also have a collection of bow earrings but this one is different. I’ll surely buy them. Thank you for sharing this beautiful design of jewelry.

  7. Hi.nice haul.I have ordered some stuffs from dresslink after reading ur blog.but did u pay any custom charges for it?do u have any idea about the custom charging rules for this site?

    1. Hi Madhurima! No, I didn’t have to pay any custom charges. It depends on the total value of your package, usually customs people will charge you if your package value is above $40-$60.

  8. Wow..
    What a lovely post.Did not have the least idea that there is some term that exists known as travel jewellery insurance. This sounds as a treat for women travelling with their expensive jewellery. Using a safe to store jewellery is a great idea. It decreases the risk of one’s jewellery getting stolen.
    Thanks for sharing.Keep Posting & sharing.. πŸ™‚
    Opal Mineaus

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