12 Best Shampoo Bars in India [2024 Updated] – Zero Waste Solid Shampoo Bars

Best Shampoo Bars In India: Conscious beauty choices can make a huge, positive impact on our planet earth. Research shows that more than 552 million plastic bottles of shampoos are thrown into landfills yearly – and this data is from the USA alone.

Let’s just take a second to think about how much plastic waste we generate collectively in India and worldwide with shampoo bottles. We are not talking about plastic water bottles, soda bottles, or any other form of plastic collectively, the data is about 552 million shampoo bottles alone!

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Top 5 Best Natural Hair Oil in India 

Flaky scalp, dandruff, split ends, hair fall, and lice are some common hair problems. Pollution, stress, and chemical & heat treatments are the reasons behind these problems. To get a healthy scalp, all you need is good hair oil. But these days, almost every hair oil contains harmful chemicals. So it’s better to choose a … Continue Reading

Top 8 Hair Experts In Dubai To Visit For Hair Treatment

Hair experts in Dubai: Hair experts from all over the world try to impress their clients with their skills and expertise but it is the utmost need of the hour that one should satisfy their customers with loyalty and respect which is a rare thing nowadays. Keeping in mind this thing we conducted a social … Continue Reading

Is Keratin Shampoo Good for Your Hair? & Should You Use It Everyday?

Keratin shampoo is just a type of hair care product that cleans the hair while also strengthening it. According to the manufacturers, it helps to control frizz and makes the hair less susceptible to breaking. Members of the hair care business are divided on whether it is genuinely effective, with some stating that effects may take some time to appear if the product is effective. Even though it is intended to work for all hair types, it is mainly pushed for people with curly or frizzy hair. Depending on the particular formulation, this hair cleanser may be a health hazard in rare cases.

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7 Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits We Didn’t Know About!

Long and lustrous locks are the pride of every woman. It takes a good deal of effort to maintain their health and natural shine, with environmental, physical and mental factors taking toll very visibly on your hair.

I have tried all kinds of experiments with my hair: coloring, perming, “special” hair products filled with “shine enhancing” chemicals and serums. But after multiple trials and errors, I now know that organic, natural products not only suit me well, but also boosts its health.

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