7 Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits We Didn’t Know About!

Long and lustrous locks are the pride of every woman. It takes a good deal of effort to maintain their health and natural shine, with environmental, physical and mental factors taking toll very visibly on your hair.

I have tried all kinds of experiments with my hair: coloring, perming, “special” hair products filled with “shine enhancing” chemicals and serums. But after multiple trials and errors, I now know that organic, natural products not only suit me well, but also boosts its health.

I have personally felt the wonders of a good hot oil “champi”—head massage in the Indian tradition—on my own weather-beaten hair. It increases blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating hair follicles and boosting hair growth. It also relieves the headaches of a busy day!

Different hair oils have different properties and effects on your hair. One of the best hair oils that is packed with super nutrients for your tresses is hibiscus oil.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Hibiscus hair oil for your natural hair!

7 Benefits of Hibiscus Hair Oil 

1. Stronger Hair Roots

Strong hair roots with hibiscus hair oil
Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits

The flowers and leaves of the hibiscus plant are rich in flavonoids & amino acids. These are invigorating ingredients that enhance effective blood circulation to hair follicles. This helps your hair strands get anchored strongly into your scalp. Hibiscus hair oil benefits can be accentuated with hair packs containing fenugreek, henna, onion seeds or amla, for an extra edge to your hair.

2. Longer, Stronger, Shinier Hair

Hibiscus hair oil for long hair
Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits

Amino acids in hibiscus boost keratin production—an important building block of your hair. Apply hibiscus oil regularly to get long, strong tresses! The oil also has an infusion of mucilage fiber, a gelatinous substance that maintains elasticity and reduces brittleness of hair strands. This helps to reduce breakage and damage of your hair due to pollution, heat treatments and improper diet.

3. Bye-bye, Dandruff!

Natural hair oil for dandruff
Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits

Hibiscus flowers contain vitamin C, a mild acid that very gently cleanses the scalp of dandruff buildup. In Ayurveda, high Kapha dosha may aggravate oily dandruff, while excess Vata gives rise to dry dandruff flakes. Hibiscus oil has antimicrobial agents that keep dandruff-causing yeast at bay. Apply Hibiscus hair oil overnight and wash off with a gentle, organic cleanser and feel the freshness in your scalp almost instantly!

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4. Raven-black Hair, Naturally!

How to get black hair naturally with hibiscus hair oil
Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits

In Ayurveda, Hibiscus has been said to be “pitta shamaka”, that can cure hair problems caused due to high “pitta dosha” including damage of hair follicles due to accumulated heat, premature thinning and greying. Red hibiscus flowers are a great store of natural dyes, nutrients and antioxidants, that enhance the natural colour of your hair.

The ayurvedic properties of the hibiscus hair oil help to lower the excess heat in your scalp, keeping premature greying at bay forever!

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5. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning with hair oil
Deep Conditioning With Hair oIl

If you have dry, frizzy hair with split ends, hibiscus oil is the solution for you! Add the emollient, moisture-locking properties of hibiscus hair oil with the deep conditioning quality of pure coconut carrier oil and see your hair shine with a natural frizz-free bounce!

6. Regulates Sebum Production

Control scalp sebum production
Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits

The scalp contains sebum-producing glands in the hair follicles that keep it lubricated. The ayurvedic factor of Kapha can sometimes get elevated due to hormonal imbalance, physical stresses and/or environmental changes. This may cause the sebaceous glands on your scalp to over-secrete this natural sebum, making your hair greasy and sticky. Hibiscus oil application balances the activity of oil glands, helping to keep your scalp fresh and non-sticky.

7. Natural Sunscreen for your Scalp

Natural sunscreen for hair
Natural Sunscreen For Hair & Scalp

Hibiscus oil has often been recommended to treat excessive vata dosha, in which your scalp retains body heat excessively. Hibiscus is great at cooling down the body; at the same time it has such properties that keep your scalp protected against UVB rays.

Hibiscus is a plant that is very hardy, easy to grow and beautifies any garden. If you have this tree in your garden, you have a virtually perennial all-round hair protector. It addresses a ton of issues of your hair in a natural, cruelty-free manner.

Preparing hibiscus oil is absolutely easy- peasy, lemon squeezy! Just boil red hibiscus flowers discarding the pollen-bearing pistils, and a couple of its leaves in a carrier oil of your choice. Or you can also buy hibiscus hair oil online.

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