7 Tips To Apply Foundation Perfectly

Foundations are one of most popular makeup products that we use today. However, you would be surprised that not many people know how to use them properly. Although it isn’t an exact science, there are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to when selecting and applying foundation. Here are 7 tips that will help you with your foundation:




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Top 10 Summer Makeup & Beauty Essentials That Every Girl Should Have In 2017

Summer season is here in all its glory and to be honest, it’s my least favourite time of the year. I wish that I could just skip the period between March-September and directly jump to October (the month I love the most! 😝). I believe that most of you share the same feelings as me because summers are just terrible – Right? Especially for those who love to wear makeup. Arggh, It takes less than two minutes for my makeup to melt down completely when I step out of my home during the day time.

Do you girls find it relatable? Then you have come to the right place! Because today, I am sharing a list of top 10 summer makeup & beauty essentials that will help you to beat the scorching, summery heat and also make you look FAB! Let’s get started with the list.



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Review & Swatches | Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick – Rust Lust

All that madness about liquid matte lipsticks isn’t over yet! Whenever a brand launches a new range of liquid lipsticks, the makeupholics from around the world go gaga over it. Same thing happened when our beloved, SUGAR cosmetics launched their range of liquid matte lipsticks called “smudge me not“. Being a lipstick lover that I am, I became really excited to try these lippies out when they were first launched. I heard a lot of good things about them, but I didn’t believe that they are actually SMUDGEPROOF until I tried one of them by myself and got totally blown away with the formula!



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5 Best Dupes For Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette

The Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced is just everywhere on the internet! People are going totally crazy over this limited edition palette and honestly, it’s so pretty that anyone can fall in love with it. But as they say – good things come with a huge price and so does this stunning sweet peach palette. It costs whooping $50 USD and is out of stock most of the times. That’s why, today I am here with some of its close dupes or alternatives – whatever you might call them. So if you want to get your hands on an eyeshadow palette that has similar type of shades and doesn’t cost a bomb, then keep on reading!



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Revealed | Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection

All the single makeupholics now have a reason to be happy and cheered up on this Valentine’s Day – the credit goes to Kylie Cosmetics!

Kylie Jenner, The famous American reality television personality has announced a new collection from her own makeup line which is going to be all about the Valentine’s theme. She revealed the whole collection on her Snapchat account. Let me give you guys a quick look of this stunning collection by her brand!



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