12 Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019

Saree trends evolve from time to time and so do the blouse design trends! A perfect blouse can enhance the gracefulness of your 9 yards of beauty and make your look standout from the crowd.

You can step up your #SareeGame with a glamorous blouse inspired by this year’s trending blouse designs that can elevate your saree’s whole look! To save you from the dilemma of hunting for a blouse design that will be trending all year around in 2019, we are sharing these 12 unique and trendy blouse designs inspirations that you can try out. Keep on scrolling and get some inspirations for blouse designs before you get your new saree’s blouse stitched from your tailor!

Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019

Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019


1. The Blingy Blouse Inspired By Pradaini Surva

12 Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019 - gold blouse design
Blingy Blouse | @pradainisurva

A gold-beige blingy blouse like this one worn by ever so gorgeous model Pradaini Surva should be a key piece in your ethnic clothes collection! It can go well with just any kind of saree, be it a plain saree or a partywear one. And moreover, it is currently in trends too!

2. Simple Spaghetti Blouse & Sheer Cape

12 Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019 - Latest indo-western blouse design
Simple Spaghetti Blouse With Sheer Cape | @lavendertheboutique

Spaghetti blouses with a sheer net cape are mostly paired with a lehenga skirt, but they look totally fab even with a saree! You can either get the sheer net cape stitched to your plain spaghetti sleeves blouse or you can get it stitched separately so that you can wear it *above* your saree pallu.

Deepika Padukone Inspired Cape Blouse Design For Saree
Deepika Padukone Inspired Cape Blouse Design For Saree

Something like this in the image above!

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3. The Tiered Sleeves Blouse Design

12 Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019 - latest blouse sleeves design 2019
Tiered Sleeves Blouse

Shilpa Shetty Kundra always gives us fashion goals with her style. This tiered sleeves blouse design will give your saree an indo-western look. With this tiered sleeves design, we have a whole new twist to the old-school bell-sleeved blouse designs.

4. Off-Shoulder Blouse With A Touch Of Class

12 Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019 - off shoulder blouse for saree
Off-Shoulder Blouse | @bespokeblousesdesigner

Off-shoulder blouse designs are not something new, they have been constantly in trends since the year 2016. And so far, it looks like their trend is not going to die down anytime soon! Top Bollywood celebrities are still sporting this trend in glamorous ways.

If you are yet to catch up with the trend of off-shoulder blouses, fret not! Check out this classy off shoulder blouse inspiration from @bespokeblousesdesigner. You can make this design more comfortable to wear by getting spaghetti sleeves stitched to it!

5. Cascading Back Neck Design With Cut-out

12 Trendy Blouse Designs For 2019 - New trendy blouse back neck designs for pattu saree
Cascading Back Neck Blouse Design | @bespokeblousesdesigner

Planning to wear a silk saree to your brother or BFF’s wedding and want inspirations for an elegant yet stylish blouse design? Try out this cascading back neck design with a small cut-out detail that gives it the essential glam touch.

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6. Reverse U-Shaped Back Neck Design

 | @bespokeblousesdesigner
Reverse U Back Neck Blouse Design | | @bespokeblousesdesigner

Say goodbye to those old-school U or V shape back neck designs for blouses, we are currently lusting over the now-trending reverse U and V-shaped back blouse designs! You can attach pretty latkans to the Reverse U/V shape back and further enhance its look.

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7. Pearls Make Them Better

Pearls Back Blouse Design
Pearls Back Blouse Design | @sariforthenari

A lot of blouse designers are ditching strings or latkans on the back of the blouse for pearly strings or necklace-like chains. You can glam up just any simple blouse that you already have by attaching 2 to 3 pearl strings on its back, giving it a modern look instantly! It will barely cost you ₹20-50 to buy these pearl strings.

There are a lot of different types of blouse back jewelery available in the market too.

8. The Beaded Beauty With Cut Outs

Beaded Front Neck Blouse Design
Beaded Front Neck Blouse Design | @niaa_boutique

Want a blouse design with a detailed neckline? Take a look at this candy coloured beauty that has teardrop shaped cut-outs on the neckline, embellished with pastel coloured beads! You can also opt for gold beads or pearls to embellish your cut-out neckline blouse.

9. Net Puff Sleeves Blouse

Net Puff Sleeves Blouse
Net Puff Sleeves Blouse

Pretty puff sleeves blouses are a huge trend from the 80s and 90s era. They came back into the trends recently when a lot of south Indian brides started opting for silk puff sleeves blouses to pair with their pattu sarees.

I came across this picture of the stunning Kiara Advani in a powder blue net sleeves blouse and I totally fell in love with its contemporary design! The choli part of this blouse is heavily embellished with zari embroidery, However, the sleeves are kept very simple with a sheer blue fabric that is puffy on the shoulder part and has kind of a lap over sleeve design.

10. Bandage Top

Bandage Top Blouse Design
Bandage Top Blouse Design | @justblouses_official

For the lovers of fusion-fashion, this kind of bandage crop top blouse design would be the perfect pick! Beware, this blouse design might steal all the attention away from your saree!

Bandage Top Blouse Design
Bandage Top Blouse Design | @justblouses_official

This glittery bandage top has more of that indo-western appeal than the plain fuschia pink one. You can buy a sheer glittery fabric like this one from the market and get a bandage top style blouse stitched with it, it will be a versatile western blouse piece in your stash. If you are a bride-to-be, you can wear this kind of blouse for your mehndi, sangeet, haldi or even cocktail night!

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11. The Crop-Shirt Blouse

Crop Shirt Blouse Design
Crop Shirt Blouse Design | @justblouses_official

You may have seen a lot of Bollywood celebs rocking that indo-western look by pairing their cotton sarees with full-sleeved shirt as a blouse. But have you ever seen such a unique crop-shirt blouse before? You can repurpose your old striped shirt to make a crop-shirt blouse like this one!

12. Unique Back Neck Blouse Design

Unique Back Neck Design For Blouse
Unique Back Neck Design For Blouse | @bespokeblousesdesigner

This unique back neck design has two triangle flaps and a boat-shaped cut-out. This kind of unique design would look the best with colourful embroidered blouse fabric.

Which of these designs caught your eyes the most? Let me know by commenting below!

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