Review | Paper Boat Drink – Chilli Guava

Paper Boat Drink Chilli Guava Flavour Review

Paper Boat is a brand which needs no introduction! Launched in 2013, This brand has been winning hearts of many people with their authentic Indian drinks and super creative advertisements which will replenish your childhood memories. Like really, whenever their ads come up on T.V, I always watch them with all the seriousness no matter how busy I am because they hit right in the feels! ☺

Few days back, I received a package from them which made me super surprised. The package contained their newly launched “chilli guava” drinks which came in a cute sack bag. I wanted to write a review immediately, but couldn’t due to my exams. Now since I’m done with them (yeah literally done with them!!!! ?), you guys will see a lot of pending reviews here in next few weeks. ? Today’s post is going to be all about this drink from Paper Boat, read on to know how I like it!

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