Review | Acnes Creamy Wash – Acnes Face Wash Review  

Do you envy people who have naturally flawless and acne-free skin? You are not alone buddy! Getting rid of acne is hard for sure. But if you use proper skincare products that are especially meant for acne, then you definitely can eliminate them to an extent!

Today I am here with an acne clearing face wash by this Japanese pharmaceutical brand, Mentholatum Acnes. I shared one more Acnes face wash review (Acnes Fairness Wash) on the blog which has the same, acne clearing concept as this Acnes Creamy Wash, just the ingredients are different.

Scroll down below to know if this “creamy” acnes face wash actually works!

Acnes Creamy Wash – Acnes Face Wash Review

Review | Acnes Creamy Wash - Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin
Review | Acnes Creamy Wash – Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin
  • Clarifies acne: The strong and effective ingredient IMP* helps remove 99.9**% of acne-causing germs, prevents future breakouts and helps clear skin, while also softening the skin.
  • Controls oil: This oil-controlling mechanism, helps remove excessive oil and sebum to deliver shine-free skin.
  • Purifies Skin: Exfoliates dead skin intensively by allowing water to combine with oil/dirt and washing them away, hence purifying pores to reveal clearer skin.

Acnes Creamy Wash Ingredients 

Review | Acnes Creamy Wash - Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin
Review | Acnes Creamy Wash – Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin

Price – Rs.95/- | Quantity – 50gms | Availability – Buy it on Amazon // Nykaa. Also available in offline markets/medical stores .

My Take on Acnes Creamy Wash

Review | Acnes Creamy Wash - Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin
Review | Acnes Creamy Wash – Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin

The Acnes Creamy Wash comes in a travel friendly tube packaging with a flip cap on top. It is a creamy and thick face wash which is free of parabens, SLS and other harsh chemicals. It claims to clear acne and control excess sebum on the skin. I put it to test for a few days before I finally decided to share its review here. The packaging mentions that you should use it twice a day to see effective results out of it. But since I rarely use face wash in the daytime, I have mostly used it once during evening / night time.

Review | Acnes Creamy Wash - Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin
Review | Acnes Creamy Wash – Daily Face Wash For Acne Free Skin

The smell of this Acnes face wash is kind of medicinal and I don’t really like it much, but thankfully, it doesn’t stay there for long!  All this while when I was testing this face wash, I noticed that I wasn’t getting any acne or whiteheads which is very surprising for me. I usually have 2-3 acne all over my face and a few whiteheads near my nose. 95% of  the times, I also have small bumps on my forehead very frequently. They are neither acne nor whiteheads, they are just a result of clogged pores caused by dead skin cells or residue of makeup/skincare products (that’s what my research says!).

This face wash, I am telling you, it has vanished all those tiny bumps from my forehead area! I am not getting acne anymore either. I just got one of them near my eyebrows a couple of days back, It would have been gone by now if I was using this face wash properly.

Currently, I am not using any “new” skincare product except this one. I even stopped using Acnes Sealing Jell just to find out if this face wash is actually working on its claims and I guess it is totally doing that. The acne marks which I had prior to using this face wash are also fading little by little. I am going to use it religiously until the whole tube is over – which might take a month or so since the quantity provided is great. If it continues to show its magic on my skin just like it is doing it at the moment – then it is directly going to be on my permanent-repurchase list!

What I liked about Acnes Creamy Wash
  • Affordable.
  • Cleanses the skin deeply.
  • Free of parabens and other harsh chemicals.
  • Clears out acne and prevents breakouts as well.
  • Keeps the skin oil-free for long.
What I didn’t like about Acnes Creamy Wash
  • Can be a little harsh and drying for people with dry skin if it’s not followed by a proper moisturizer.

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  1. I really need to get this ASAP ? as i have acne Prone skin so its difficult for me to keep my skin clear ? thanks for Review ?? is this face wash is available in medical store ?

  2. My skin is typically oily but considering that the climate still isn’t super warm yet I’d wait for summers to give this a try.

  3. I have acne prone skin and I have tried out so many anti acne products only a few seems to be staying true to its claim. This is sounds impressive! 🙂

  4. I m you this Acnes creamy wash mentholatum.but I’m sometimes I feel little pain in my face .what the meaning of this.plz your help

  5. Hi Dipti, thanks so much for your review. I have had pimple prone skin since adolescence upto now at age 40!. Over the years I have used many different products that has resulted in severe facial acne scars. I’ve been using acnes creamy wash & acnes sealing gel for 3 days now and seems to be working for the pimples. But I’d like to know about the acnes scar gel do you know if this really helps remove scars?

  6. My skin iss dry and acne prone….
    Not on regular basis but sometimes it gets bumps…
    Its good for dry skin or not??
    I used a little bit but after one use my skin become much dry..


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