7 Stunning Hand Dyed Gowns For Weddings

Classic hand dyed gowns have resurged from the past and they have become a favourite of this year’s spring-summer brides as well as bridesmaids! A lot of SS’19 brides and their bridesmaids are ditching the typical, stark coloured gowns for vibrant hand dyed gowns in their favourite hues!

Donning a hand dyed gown for your big day can make you stand out in the prettiest way possible. So if you are a soon-to-be bride who wants to dress up in a dreamy gown with a pop of colour, or if you want matching vibrant hand dyed gowns for your bridesmaids, then you are at the right place! In this post, we have curated 7 stunning hand dyed gowns for weddings that will make you fall in love with them at first sight!

Stunning Hand Dyed Gowns For Weddings

1. Rose Coloured The Amelia Gown

Rose Coloured The Amelia Gown - Hand Dyed Wedding Gown

Most of the hand dyed gowns that are blowing up on the internet are breathtakingly beautiful numbers from designer Leanne Marshall who makes stunning hand dyed wedding gowns. The Amelia gown by the brand has blush rose coloured hues and watercolour prints. I found its bodice part ultra cute as it is beautifully structured!

Where to buy: Leanne Marshall

2. The Aurora Gown

The Aurora Gown - Colourful Wedding Dress Inspiration

Another stunning Leanne Marshall piece that would certainly make you feel like princess aurora on your wedding day! This ivory gown has gold and grey gradient on the top and a thin silk belt on the waist which is a great element for such an elegant gown. 

Where to buy: Leanne Marshall

3. The Sunset & The Night Skies

The Sunset & The Night Skies - Dip Dyed Wedding Dress Taylor Ann

There are two kinds of people in the world, ones who like waking up to the sight of the dawning sun and the ones who enjoy looking at the sunset and mysterious, dark blue night skies! Well, I am the latter one. 

This unique and beautiful wedding dress you see above is a customized piece by Taylor Ann – an artist and the bride herself! It was inspired by the orange hues of the sunset and dark blue hues of the night skies. After her own wedding dress went viral on the internet, she started colouring gowns for other brides. You can book her to get your gown hand dyed in any colour of your choice.

A customized hand dyed gown in your favourite colours is a great way to express your individuality on your special day.

Where to buy: Taylor Ann

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4. Oscar De La Renta Dip Dyed Gown

Oscar De La Renta Dip Dyed Gown

Singer Camilia Cabello wore this hand dyed gown by Oscar De La Renta to the 2018’s MTA VMAs. Its rich blue colour and the high low pattern made her look very royal yet chic. 

5. The Lola Gown 

The Lola Gown - Blue Wedding Dress For Beach Wedding 

Having a destination wedding by the beach? Get the mermaid vibes into your wedding with a light blue dip dyed wedding gown like this Lola dress by Lucy Can’t Dance. It has delicate lace work on the neck part that will add a feminine touch and beautiful blue gradient on the bottom which would make you a mermaid bride! 

Where to buy: Lucy Can’t Dance

6. Young Mulberry 

Young Mulberry - DIY Ombre Wedding Dress 

A wedding gown made more mesmerizing with mulberry colour! Designed by an Etsy store by the name sweetcarolinestyles, this gown is ideal for all you young brides and bridesmaids. 

Where to buy: sweetcarolinestyles/Etsy

7. The Black Beauty 

The Black Beauty - Black Wedding Dress

Shush anyone who says that black is not a “bridal colour” with this stunning two piece black hand dyed set. It is truly a unique choice for a wedding. It is the perfect pick for the nifty brides / bridesmaids because the skirt bottom is super affordable. You can pair it with whatever type of blouse you are comfortable in, or you can take some inspiration from the picture above and get a full sleeved lace blouse to pair with it. 

Where to buy: ChicBoho

Which of these stunning hand dyed wedding gowns did you like the most? Comment below to let us know! Pin the image below to save this post and share it with the world! 

Stunning Hand Dyed Gowns For Weddings

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